An Introduction to the World's Oceans

An Introduction to the World's Oceans




An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 7/e is an introductory oceanography text intended for students without a background in mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, or biology, and it emphasizes the role of basic scientific principles in the processes that govern the ocean and the earth.

A major objective of this text is to stimulate student interest and curiosity by blending contemporary information and research with basic principles to form an integrated introduction to the sciences of the oceans. To accomplish that, the author team has rewritten many chapters, rearranged others, and added new and updated material to all the chapters.

To keep the text as current as possible, the authors have spent much time reading the ever-increasing literature from the analyses of satellite data and the results of large-scale oceanographic programs. From these they have selected material that illustrates new technologies and clarifies the principles of oceanography.

In An Introduction to the World's Oceans, more emphasis is placed on the physical and geological aspects of the oceans than on the chemical and geochemical properties, because the latter disciplines require more specific background knowledge. An ecological approach as well as descriptive material is used to integrate the biological chapters with other subjects. "Practical Consideration" sections continue to emphasize the relationships existing among people, ocean resources, and the marine environment. The overall emphasis is on oceanography as a cohesive and united whole rather than a collection of subjects gathered under a marine umbrella.

Furthermore, the authors continue to make each chapter stand asindependently as possible, so professors may use the text in the chapter order that best suits their classrooms.

These video clips will be brief (one- to two-minute clips). There will be a total of about 2 hours and 12 minutes worth of these short clips. Clips will be available for each chapter of the text and will come from the following videos: � Images on a Coral Reef/Collecting La Jolla Canyon/Coring the Deep Seafloor/Monitoring Coastal Waters � The Indian Ocean Experiment � Living Among the Penguins/Images of Life in the Sea/Earthquakes in the Holy Water � Drugs from the Sea/Oceanography in the Forest/El Nino on the Horizon � Sound in the Sea/Lights in the Sea/Waves through the Earth No other company is able to offer the Scripps videos.

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ISBN-13: 9780072528077
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 11/28/2003
Pages: 514

Table of Contents

The History of OceanographyPrologue: The History of Oceanography1 The Water Planet2 Plate Tectonics3 The Sea Floor and Its Sediments4 The Physical Properties of Water5 The Chemistry of Seawater6 The Structure and Motion of the Atmosphere7 Circulation and Ocean Structure8 The Currents9 The Waves10 The Tides11 Coasts, Beaches, and Estuaries12 Environmental Issues and Concerns13 The Living Ocean14 Production and Life15 The Plankton: Drifters of the Open Ocean16 The Nekton: Free Swimmers of the Sea17 The Benthos: Dwellers of the Sea FloorAppendix A: Scientific (or Exponential) NotationAppendix B: SI UnitsAppendix C: Equations and Quantitative Relationships

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