An Introductory English Grammar

An Introductory English Grammar

by Norman C. Stageberg


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ISBN-13: 9780030899195
Publisher: Harcourt College Publishers
Publication date: 01/01/1977
Pages: 459

Table of Contents

1. The Production and Inventory of English Phonemes. 2. Assimilation and Other Phonetic Processes. 3. Spelling and Pronunciation. 4. Stress. 5. Pitch Level and Terminals. 6. Internal Open Juncture. 7. Phonotactics. 8. Morphemes. 9. Words. 10. Processes of Word Formation. 11. Inflectional Paradigms. 12. Parts of Speech: Form Classes. 13. Parts of Speech: Structure Classes. 14. Noun and Verb Phrases and Grammatical Functions. 15. Basic Sentence Patterns. 16. Parts of Speech: Positional Classes. 17. Modification. 18. Usage. 19. Language Variation: Historical, Regional, and Social.

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