An Invitation to the Supernatural Life

An Invitation to the Supernatural Life

by Michele Perry

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An Unlikely Missionary Dispels the Myth That
Miracles Happen Only in Africa

Michele Perry may be an unlikely person to start a missionary orphanage in war-torn Sudan. Born without her left hip and leg, she is no stranger to overwhelming impossibility. She's learned from childhood to rely fully on God, who constantly surprises her--and she and her Sudanese children, more than one hundred of them, have witnessed him moving in miraculous and wondrous ways again and again.

Here she shares some of these amazing, inspiring stories. More than that, she shows how readers can genuinely, fully experience God in their everyday lives--whether in Africa or at home, wherever they are. She helps them understand what he looks like, what it means to hear his voice, what it's like to see a vision, and how to recognize the holy in the ordinary. With these practical keys, believers will be able to open the floodgates of life changing, supernatural encounters with God.

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ISBN-13: 9781441259974
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Michele Perry is the pioneering director for Iris Ministries Sudan, founded in 2006 under Rolland and Heidi Baker. She also founded Converge International in 2007 and has spent the last fifteen years ministering and speaking around the world. A native of Florida, Michele studied at Baylor and has previously served in Bangladesh, India, and the inner cities of the US. She is also an artist, photographer, and poet and resides in Southern Sudan.
Michele Perry is the founding field ministry coordinator for Iris Ministries in Southern Sudan under Rolland and Heidi Baker. Born without her left hip and leg and other birth defects, she endured 23 surgeries by age 13. A native of Florida, Michele studied at Baylor and has previously served in Bangladesh, India, and the inner cities of the U.S. She is also an artist, photographer, and poet. Michele wrote most of Love Has a Face on an old computer by a kerosene lamp in a bullet-hole ridden shell of a building in Southern Sudan. Her writing was punctuated by the occasional AK-47 shot.

Table of Contents

Foreword Bill Johnson 11

Acknowledgments 13

Introduction: The Language of Invitation 15

1 Invited In 19

2 Seated in Heavenly Places 41

3 Gateways to Encounter 65

4 Ten Myths about the Supernatural Life 85

5 Growing in the Supernatural 107

6 When All Goes Silent 129

7 Walking Like Enoch 149

8 In Storms and Darkness 169

9 The Councils of the King 191

10 Holy Lightning Rods and Burning Signposts 217

Epilogue: The Enoch Compact 235

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An Invitation to the Supernatural Life 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
MKRhodes More than 1 year ago
This book is such a gift! Michele's writing is beautiful and smooth. Her sweet spirit comes right through the pages! If you're wanting "something more" I really believe you'll be blessed by Michele's book! I read this to my 9 year old daughter ...who LOVED it...and then I begged my mom to buy it. Its one of those books you want to buy a case of so you can give it out to everyone you love. Thanks Michele for such an amazing gift!
Ann-NYC More than 1 year ago
The title of the book is perfect, "An Invitation to the Supernatural Life". I expected to like the book, but it was far more than I anticipated. Do you ever wonder if it might be possible to connect more deeply with God? Do you hunger for a more meaningful life? Do you get frustrated when your daily demands pull you away from spiritual activates? Read this book – it will give you a new perspective. I was delighted to find that the book had both solid content and engaging stories, and on top of that it is written beautifully. By the end of the first chapter I had already laughed and cried and prayed. What more could you want in a book? Michele seamlessly weaves together her personal story, including both her encounters with God and her work with orphans in South Sudan. She is not naïve and sentimental about them, rather she shares the astounding stories of their own faith, and the amazing grace they extend to the very people who have traumatized them. As she says herself, she is an unlikely candidate to be a missionary in South Sudan. Yet the very things that make her journey implausible are immensely encouraging and inspiring. I catch myself thinking, “well, if Michele can do thus and such, surely I can do something beyond my own comfort zone and current capabilities.” I am torn between telling all my friends to buy the book right away, or keeping it a lovely secret so I can buy everyone a copy for Christmas.
Teresa_Konopka More than 1 year ago
Whenever I read books like these that focus on the "supernatural" and "visions" and "revelations," I always try to go in with a discerning mindset. Fortunately, I thought this book did a pretty good job. When angels were mentioned, the author said not to pray to them or worship them. When the book of Enoch was quoted, Perry was clear to note it as history and not as part of the canon of Scripture. I wish she would have mentioned how--due to the time-frame of how late the book of Enoch was written--the book of Enoch has little historic credibility as being written by Enoch himself. But I digress. Perry also talks of her encounters in other countries during mission work. She is even candid on her personal struggles and medical issues as a child. I particularly liked the parts where adopted children were discussed. That touched my heart. For what Perry talks about, she is mostly spot-on. Are her visions real? I have no idea. I didn't see them. What I did like, though, was how she said that when she saw Jesus, He was not Caucasian but looked Middle-Eastern. I liked that. Yeshua was a Jew, so that is good to hear. Overall, this is a fun book for learning about the supernatural. It won't tell you everything about the heavenly realms, but it's a good starter book for those interested in the "supernatural life."