an Trodai: Laoghaire

an Trodai: Laoghaire

by John Breen Wren


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Historical Fiction / Action Adventure
The second installment in the 'an Trodai' trilogy.
The fall of Cennetig mac Lorcain in 951 AD in a battle against the High King of Eirinn, Congalach Cnogba, began the succession of three of Cennetig's sons to thrones. Latchna followed his father as King of Thomond and less than three years later, Mathgamain mac Cennetig assumed the throne when Latchna was killed. Mathgamain and his brother, Brian, defeated Ivar of Limerick in 967 AD in the Battle of Sulcoit and Mathgamain took the title, King of Cashel. In 970 AD Mathgamain deposed Mael Muad mac Brain and took the title of King of Munster. Mael Muad resumed his kingship of Munster after murdering Mathgamain in 976 AD and Brian mac Cennetig now led the Dal gCais. In 978 AD, Brian defeated Mael Maud in the Battle of Bealach Lechta and began his rise to power.
The 'an Trodai' saga continues with Daigh and Saraid raising their three sons in Medieval Ireland. Ceara, Daigh's grandmother had a dream in 893 wherein she was visited by a dark figure of a woman, who threatened to take her then unborn son and all his sons after him to become great warriors.
Neither Scolai nor Daigh were taken, but both became warriors for the Dal gCais. In 944 at the Battle of Gort Rotachain, Scolai was killed and Daigh severely wounded. Able to get around with a limp and an occasional crutch, Daigh became a full-time farmer as he and Saraid raised their sons, Garbhan, Laoghaire and Tanai. One will die, one will become a farmer and one will become a great warrior, fighting alongside of the future High King of Ireland.
This fictional story follows real events and people of the late tenth century in southeast Ireland.

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ISBN-13: 9780988937154
Publisher: John B. Wren
Publication date: 08/24/2016
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.38(d)

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