An Unsuitable Bride (Blackwater Brides Series #3)

An Unsuitable Bride (Blackwater Brides Series #3)

by Jane Feather
3.5 10

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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An Unsuitable Bride 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Ariesgrl More than 1 year ago
Alexandra Douglas has just learned the news of her father’s death, but there are even worse things to come. The lawyer gives her the unfortunate news that since her father divorced her mother, he declared her and her invalid sister, bastards. All of his fortune has been left to his current wife. Knowing she needs the money to pay for her sister’s care, Alexandra devises a plan to gain back her portion of the money. Peregrine is in town visiting an old friend, when he stumbles upon the old lady librarian. Sensing that there is more to this woman than her disguise reveals, he makes it his quest to get to know the truth, while hiding his own secrets. Readers will immediately feel as though they stepped back in time from the very first page. Jane Feather does an excellent job of writing detailed accounts of dialect relevant to the times. Her main character, Alexandra, is forced to go undercover to regain her rightful inheritance, not out of greed but out of need for her sister’s care. Readers learn a lot about her mysterious ways through the delicate manner in which she treats the library books. She is obviously smart enough to deceive the family, but not smart enough to keep away from Peregrine. Readers who have not read the first two books in the trilogy will feel as though they missed some information, but they will quickly understand what previously happened. This storyline focuses on justice and righting wrongs, no matter the consequences.  Notes: This review was written for My Sister's Books. This review was originally posted on the Ariesgrl Book Reviews website.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LadyScarlet More than 1 year ago
I loved the Hero in this one. He was kindof a refreshing change. So laid back, charming and head over heels in love. My only issue with this one is that I couldn't see why he fell so hard so quickly. There interactions up to that point didn't seem to warrant such affection or attraction. However, once she was revealed to him and they started plotting together it became more apparent so all was forgiven!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would recommend reading the series if you enjoy stories about a family's ability to reap good from less than ideal circumstances. I am a fan of series books because I meet the characters from the next story, and each of the key characters comes to life over the span of the series. I have enjoyed reading many of Jane Feathers' books over the past 10+ years. She writes a good story, full of interesting characters and story plots. If you read for pleasure and look for a good entertaining story about life and romance in another time ... Ms. Feathers delivers and keeps me coming back for more. (My family cat is named Lady Feathers!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The ending of this book left me disappointed. The author spent a great deal of time covering the strained relationship between Alexandra, the heroine, and her mother. She also played up the villainy of Alexandra's cousin and his wife. Plus, she fully developed Alexandra's relationship with her sister and her need to care for her welfare. All of these subplots were left unfinished. This book needs three more chapters, in my view. The book has a decent romance but poor plot resolution. The first book in the series is the best.
Avid_ReaderLL More than 1 year ago
As with the second book of the series, this book was a disappointment with a disappointing ending as well. It's made worse since this is the final book of the trilogy. The book starts slow and takes too much time building up the romance, but then speeds up to a pace so fast I felt that a lot of things were left hanging at the very abrupt end. Alex spends a lot of time thinking of her mother and then we have a scene where they see each other, but never are given a confrontation between the two. So, what was the point? The same with her horrible relatives. The story is built up that you can't wait for their comeuppance, but it never really occurs. The book just ends - seems like if you've already written over 400 pages another chapter or two to resolve things wouldn't matter. I think the first book in this series was really the best one and the only one worth the time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Alexandra Douglas is a very smart young woman. After finding out that both she and her invalid sister will be denied their inheritance, she concocts a daring and dangerous scheme that will correct the situation. She goes, in disguise, to take the money back from the cousin that refused to give it to her when her father died. Alexandra Douglas is also a very stupid young woman, putting herself at great risk in a scheme that could ruin her at best, and find her at the wrong end of a hangman's noose at the worst. I loved Alex's daredevil and fiery personality, but at times she seemed so dead set on taking caring of things herself, that she just made everything worse. Peregrine, or Perry, Blackwater is the last of the three Blackwater brother to find an unsuitable bride to meet the demands of his Uncle's will. When he meets the intriguing librarian, Alexandra "Hathaway" at Combe Abbey, he has no idea that he's found just the girl he is looking for. He uses his inquisitive and persistent mind to set about finding out the truth about the librarian, he can tell there is more to her than most people see. What he discovers is nothing near what he expected as he begins to fall in love with the mysterious young woman that can play so many different parts so well. This book got off to quite a slow start. There was so much to develop in Alex's past and her current disguise and made up personality that the real romance didn't come into play until about half way through. There was so much involved in Perry finding out the truth about Alexandra that it almost became a bit overdone. But once the story took off, it took off at a sprint. As Alex's plans begin to crumble around her, Perry finds himself coming to her rescue with help from a surprising source. Even though Alex didn't treat Perry very well at times (it made me want to reach into the book and shake some sense into her), he remains true and loyal, determined to keep her safe and make her his. After a slow beginning, the fast paced finish was quite a shock. I had a hard time putting the book down after I got half way through - and then suddenly it was all over. I wish the pace had been a little more spread out. The book is the third, and final, book about the Blackwater Brides. I think I will be putting the first two on my reading list so I can see more about this intriguing family and the women they love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago