Anal Violation Rough and Reluctant First Time Anal Sex

Anal Violation Rough and Reluctant First Time Anal Sex

by Vivian Leigh

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Beth is bent over a bed, bound hand and foot, and she can’t remember how she got there. When a candle gutters to life behind her, she sees a man reflected in the mirror, but she’s never seen him before in her life. Everything has a price, and she’s about to pay… with her body.

Warning, this short story is for adults only. It contains sexual humiliation, bondage, submission, brutal oral sex, and rough anal sex.


It wasn’t the darkness that bothered her. It was what she feared lurked in it. The ropes didn’t help, either. Beth tried to pull her wrists and ankles loose, but there was no give in the rough material. It scratched at her skin, and she stopped before she rubbed herself raw.
“Hello? Scott? Are you there?”
Something grunted behind her, but it didn’t sound like her husband. It was deeper, darker.
“Scott, I’m sorry, hon. I promise I won’t go shopping like that again.”
A rough hand slapped her across the ass, stinging her with its ferocity. Tears welled up at the corners of her eyes. She could let that go. She deserved it.
“Honey, I’m sorry. Untie me, okay?”
A light flickered in the darkness, illuminating a tiny bedroom. The bed itself was small, a twin. Sprawled over it like she was, her head wasn’t far from the edge, and the mirror was only a couple feet past it on the wall. A man stepped into view behind her, his image reflected in the mirror. It wasn’t Scott. He was bigger, more muscular, and the fat bulge in his g-string was massive. Beth’s jaw dropped open. What did he have in there, gym socks?
The man stared at her, impassive. He reached back and slapped her across the ass again. Her whole body rocked with the blow. Her round ass cheeks shook like jelly. A wide handprint glowed pink on her milky white skin.
“Who are you?” she asked, panic rising in her throat.
“My name doesn’t matter,” he thundered. “You husband hired me to teach you a lesson.” He stepped up, grabbed a handful of her still-tender cheek and squeezed.
Beth gasped. It burned like a bee sting. “Ow!”
“It’s supposed to hurt. He wanted you to remember your bargain.”
“I do! I remember. I told you, I promise I won’t ever spend so much again.”
The man twisted her flesh, sending a fresh lance of agony through her. “Tell me about the bargain.”
“I… I can’t.” She panted, trying to catch her breath. “Stop. It hurts.”
Her tormentor laughed. His voice rumbled and shook her, but he released his grip. “Tell me the bargain. He says you must understand it in your bones.”
“I won’t go over my limit. If I do, he gets to punish me however he wants.”
“And you agreed to this?”
“We signed a contract. He laughed at the time. Said he’d make me pay in bed.” She stared at mirror, at his rippled stomach, his hard pecs. God, but he was piece of flesh.
He scared the shit out of her, but her nipples were hardening. Beth’s cheeks flushed. Am I getting aroused?
“Did the contract specify who would administer your punishment?”
She gulped. “No…”
“Then you have agreed to what you are about to receive.”
“What? No, I agreed—”
He slapped her ass again, leaving her gasping. “You agreed.”
He went to a set of drawers she hadn’t noticed and rummaged through them. The flickering light didn’t show much in the room. Plain white walls and set of heavy curtains that matched the bedspread, all uniformly dark. They could have been navy or burgundy or just plain black. Whatever they were, she’d never seen them before her in life.
How did I get here? Did Scott drug… It hit her. He’d brought her a glass of wine last night, and chatted with her while she’d drunk it, just to be sure. He hadn’t even mentioned the credit card bill.
The man came back, a black dildo in his hand.

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