Analysis of Cosmetic Products

Analysis of Cosmetic Products

by Amparo Salvador, Alberto Chisvert

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Analysis of Cosmetic Products advises the reader, from an analytical chemistry perspective, on the choice of suitable analytical methods for production monitoring and quality control of cosmetic products. In the format of an easy-to-understand compendium of published literature on the subject, this book will enable people working in the cosmetic industry or in research laboratories to (a) become familiar with the main legislative and analytical literature on this subject and (b) learn about and choose suitable analytical procedures for production monitoring and control of cosmetic products, according to their composition.

The first section of Analysis of Cosmetic Products covers various definitions and concepts relating to cosmetic products, current legislation in different countries and specific legislation on ingredients. The central body of the book addresses analytical methods for monitoring and quality control of cosmetic products with the fundamental objective being to enable reader's access to scientific reviews carried out by experts in analytical chemistry. The final section contains a small review of the alternative methods to using animals for cosmetic product evaluation.

Key features: Offers a general view on: cosmetic product legislation, alternatives to using animals for assessing safety and efficacy of cosmetic products, official methods for cosmetic product analysis. Provides a detailed and up-to-date overview of the published literature on cosmetic analysis: toilette and skin-care products, sunscreens and related products, dyes and decorative cosmetic products, perfumes, preservatives. Revises the published analytical procedures specific to the different analytesand cosmetic samples including sample preparation, analytical techniques to be used, particular methodologies, etc.

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Publication date: 11/20/2017
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About the Author

Amparo Salvador is a Professor in the Department of Analytical Chemistry and heads the Research Group for the Analytical Control of Cosmetic Products at the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. She has authored more than 170 scientific publications and is an expert in a number of analytical technologies, including atomic and molecular spectroscopy, flow injection techniques, chromatography, sample preparation methods, and green analytical procedures.

Alberto Chisvert is an Associate Professor in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. Prof. Chisvert is the lead research supervisor within the Research Group for the Analytical Control of Cosmetic Products. His primary areas of interest are liquid and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry, liquid-phase and solid phase microextraction techniques, bioanalysis, and cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and environmental analysis. With co-author Amparo Salvador, he has written more than 70 publications specifically related to the analysis of cosmetic products and has conducted four major research projects for the Spanish Ministry of Science. He is a member of a committee for the standardization of analytical methods for cosmetic products which provides advisory recommendations to the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, the National Association of Perfumes and Cosmetics (Spain), the European Committee of Standardization, and the International Organization for Standardization.

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Foreword     xi
Acknowledgements     xiii
List of Contributors     xv
General Concepts and Cosmetic Legislation     1
General Concepts and Cosmetic Legislation     3
General Concepts. Current Legislation on Cosmetics in Different Countries   L. Gagliardi   S. Dorato     3
Quality Control of Cosmetic Products. Specific Legislation on Ingredients   B. Fernandez de Cordova Manent   E.F. Gonzalez Abellan     29
Main Ingredients in Cosmetics. Analytical Methods for Monitoring and Quality Control     43
General Overview on Analytical Methods for Cosmetic Ingredients     45
General Review of Official Methods of Analysis for Cosmetics in Different Countries   L. Gagliardi   D. De Orsi   S. Dorato     45
General Review of Published Analytical Methods for Cosmetics   A. Salvador   J.G. March   M.T. Vidal   A. Chisvert   A. Balaguer     72
UV Filters in Sunscreens and other Cosmetics. Tanning and Whitening Agents. Analytical Methods     83
UV Filters in Sunscreens and other Cosmetics. Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods   A. Chisvert   A. Salvador     83
Monitoring and Quality Control ofSunscreen Photostability   S. Scalia     121
Tanning and Whitening Agents in Cosmetics. Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods   A. Chisvert   A. Balaguer   A. Salvador     128
Colouring Agents in Decorative and other Cosmetics. Analytical Methods     141
Colouring Agents in Cosmetic Products (Excluding Hair Dyes): Types of Decorative Cosmetic Products   B. Valet   M. Mayor   F. Fitoussi   R. Capellier   M. Dormoy   J. Ginestar     141
Colouring Agents in Cosmetic Products (Excluding Hair Dyes): Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods   A. Weisz   S.R. Milstein   A.L. Scher     153
Hair Dyes in Cosmetics. Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods   A. Chisvert   A. Chafer   A. Salvador     190
Preservatives in Cosmetics. Analytical Methods     211
Preservatives in Cosmetics. Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods   S. Polati   F. Gosetti   M.C. Gennaro     211
Perfumes in Cosmetics. Analytical Methods     243
Perfumes in Cosmetics. Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods for Fragrance Ingredients and other Related Chemicals in Cosmetics   A. Chisvert   A. Salvador     243
Analytical Methods to Determine Potentially Allergenic Fragrance-Related Substances in Cosmetics   A. Chaintreau     257
Electronic Noses in Perfume Analysis   R.M. Negri     276
Surfactants in Cosmetics. Analytical Methods     291
Determination of Surfactants in Cosmetics   M.C. Prieto-Blanco   P. Lopez-Mahia   S. Muniategui-Lorenzo   D. Prada Rodriguez     291
Actives for Skin-Care Products. Actives for Personal Hygiene and Other Toiletry Products. Actives with Specific Claims. Analytical Methods     323
General Skin-Care Products   P. Cuadrado     324
Personal Hygiene. Other Toiletry Products (Excluding those Mentioned in Previous Chapters)   M.T. Vidal Gandia   Z. Leon Gonzalez   M. Lopez Nogueroles   G.A. March Rosello     328
Actives for Hair Products (Excluding Hair Dyes)   A. Salvador   A. Chisvert   C. del Canizo Gomez     332
Actives for Dental Whitening   A. Torrens-Tomas   P. Montoro-Martinez     340
Botanical Extracts   A. Benaiges   P. Guillen     345
Vitamins   C. Casas     364
Bioactive Ingredients in Cosmetics   I. Vivo-Sese   M.D. Pla     380
Analytical Methods for Actives used in General and Specific Skin-Care, Personal Hygiene and other Toiletry Products (Excluding those Mentioned in Previous Chapters)   A. Balaguer   A. Chisvert   J. Sisternes   J.G. March   A. Salvador     390
Safety and Efficacy Evaluation     421
Alternative Methods to Animal Testing for Cosmetic Products Evaluation     423
Safety Evaluation   M. Herraez Dominguez   O. Diez Sales     423
Efficacy Evaluation   A. del Pozo   A. Viscasillas     462
Subject Index     475

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