Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures: The Drew Peterson Saga

Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures: The Drew Peterson Saga

by Dr Dan Budenz


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Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures: The Drew Peterson Saga by Dr Dan Budenz

This book is not all about Drew Peterson. I wanted to write a book that would be an answer the question "What five books in your family library do you wish to pass on to your children and grandchildren?" Hopefully someday I will write one. In this book I will exhibit tough love and play Devil's advocate with many monsters and monstrous events. I will present my findings and analysis of all that may threaten you and your family.

As a cure for families we recommend that all of us move beyond the monstrous ego and money-oriented selfishness of "Modern Medicine," "Modern Banking," "Modern Justice," "Modern King Government," and "Modern Me." I advocate we thread old-fashioned family values into the solutions and cures of new Smart Systems™. Our "modern" institutions need serious rehab in order to assist, not just one but, all members of today's family with respect care and love. Today's technology confirms our corporate motto:


We have called for an annual international week of Sobriety and Serenity each January 5th through the 12th as a small pathway to change and a way to remember and heal families in pain. I apologize in advance to families covered too briefly in this book. It is impossible to express the sorrow one feels when a loved one dies or disappears. I empathize your loss.

Make sure you develop your own family support treatment team that includes proper medical, recreational, dietary, work, fiscal, spiritual, psychological and physical life areas. Involve the proper professionals as you apply the family change therapies recommended in this book or online rehab. While we use and teach tough love techniques, we believe the focus of this therapy needs to be on the illness or disease of our loved ones - never against any person. We pray the recipients of tough love in this book find peace and serenity in their life. We know we can all enjoy some good belly laughs in the future as we continue to support each other and our families. We hope the weaving of cases; common sense psychology of the California Recovery Model and 'Secrets of Rehab' are educational, as well as, entertaining for you. Please note that this book presents only a few rehab secrets and introductory recovery techniques. Visit our ever-expanding website and online rehab for this "tip of the iceberg" effort towards helping you and your family.

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First Chapter

Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures

The Drew Peterson Saga
By Dan Budenz


Copyright © 2010 Dr. Dan Budenz
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-3535-2

Chapter One



Despite three shows addressing and scrutinizing Drew Peterson's role in the tub death drowning of his third wife, Kathleen Savio and the disappearance of wife number four, Stacy Cales, Dr. Phil has concluded, "I don't see any evidence." However, in another portion of his third Drew Peterson show, Dr. Phil sarcastically emotes with a smirk on his face, "You can probably guess what I think."

This book will analyze several monsters and monstrous events of our lifetime and recommend family cures. It will propose interventions to tame these monsters and provide therapeutic techniques leading to whole family cures. It is critical that all who wish to live in a free society learn about the real monsters lurking in the shadows of our day-to-day family living. We need to protect our loved ones and ourselves from these monsters and anticipate the monstrous events to come.

The Drew Peterson case in this book coincides with my lifelong experiences working with high profile patients and, in too many instances, the extreme injustices that are way too common in our outdated judicial and criminal justice systems. Our reverse evolutionary media madness also requires analysis and therapeutic interventions as well.

Things go haywire in our justice system when opinion journalism, malicious prosecution, impaired professionals and media madness unite to form perfect storms. It doesn't seem to matter anymore if integrity and accurate reporting give way to insane story telling. The once thin line between news reporting and news entertainment has largely disappeared.

Two quick release books about the media convicting Chicago Sergeant Drew Peterson as a multiple wife killer were published early. From prior experience, I knew an early publication would be very negatively biased against the newly crowned media monster, Drew Peterson. Anyone associated in any way with Peterson or his family would receive similar bias. Joseph Hosey saw fit to champion my predicted story telling in "Fatal Vows - The Tragic Wives of Drew Peterson." I have enjoyed my brief interactions with both authors.


I recommended to Attorney Joel Brodsky and Drew Peterson early on to commission their own quick release author. Armstrong worked with the team in order to debunk a few of the silly, hyped-up stories that naturally grow out of cases like this one. Derek Armstrong was selected, and I can now expose him as the chosen author, to work with Attorney Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson and the defense team. His book is titled, "Drew Peterson Exposed." The defense team hoped there would be enough money from book sales to help offset the massive legal fees to come.

I recommend the reading of both books - one anti-Peterson and the other pro-Peterson. However, if you care about truth in our society and cherish our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, please keep an analytic and open mind. Understanding and comprehending events surrounding this case and others may one day keep you and your family from becoming a crime statistic. I will attempt to provide a more balanced and up-to-date rendering of the Drew Peterson saga in "Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures".

However, this book is not all about Drew. I will weave other cases and situations into the mix. I know you will be as surprised, as I was, by the secondary stories that sprung out of this project.

Please allow me a moment of presumption of innocence. Small town USA is not unlike its big city cousins in the enthusiasm it displays for locking up innocent citizens. Innocent Americans are being wrongly charged and maliciously prosecuted on a daily basis. Anyone, at anytime, can have false or misleading charges filed in a flash, can take away ones reputation, freedom, family and career or business.

The line has been crossed. Our justice system like most other 'too big to serve' government entities are competing with the private sector. Civil disputes are now becoming criminal cases as well. Too many mentally ill, alcohol and drug addicted and other brain damaged citizens, along with a flood of true innocents, have become manufactured criminals.

The mushrooming punishment factory we call the criminal justice system is hungry for new inmates. Seven states have established "Innocence Panels" to begin sorting out the thousands of innocents that are currently imprisoned for having committed no crimes. Florida is one of the latest in forming an Innocence Panel. The founding team included over 70 activists, lawyers and judges. One innocent inmate was recently released due to DNA evidence after 35 years of wrongful incarceration! Can you imagine for a moment that the next innocent to do serious time will be you or a loved one? Decades of 'tough on crime' legislature have painted us into the proverbial corner. This culture has helped spawn career sociopaths posing as 'dedicated and hard working' prosecutors. Beating up on innocents or harassing political targets has become par for the course.

For three decades I have witnessed the system create criminal acts against innocent citizens so preposterous it looked more like a well choreographed series of plays controlled by an evil puppet master than anything remotely related to justice. This sham prosecution is not the justice imagined by our founding fathers. It is certainly not American justice. Jails and prisons are not the answer to nonviolent indiscretions. The mentally ill, alcohol or drug addicted and innocents should not be caged. It makes the informed want to shout, "Mr. President, tear down these walls - Let my people go!"


After spending thousands of hours in separate decades with Drew Walter Peterson, I can report with confidence that those of us who really know him can jokingly confirm he has killed some good times. Why then is it a stretch at all that the media and public having only been partially informed about his character and personality would choose to believe that he killed his third and fourth wife?

"As a professional police officer I would draw the same conclusions." Drew himself confides, "I can certainly understand why the world believes I am guilty." I want to support the growing Drew Peterson, 'He probably did it' society for two main reasons that I will reveal much later in this book.

I will weave the Drew Peterson criminal case garnering worldwide fascination with a separate smaller town criminal case that I have also been intimately involved in for almost a decade. Don't think for a moment that you have seen the worst out there yet. Criminals, monsters, monstrous events, terrorists (both in house and abroad) threaten your safety and that of your family more than you can ever begin to imagine. I hope to educate the reader on the identity of some of these monsters and provide some simple 'Secrets of Rehab' and clinical 'Family Cures' to lessen the future impact of the monsters and monstrous events all of us will face.

Please be open and alert to what I have to share. I hope to challenge, have fun with and educate you. I believe it could save you or your family someday. Please be aware also that your life is very short and we need to enjoy it right now. Don't wait for life goals to be met, a therapist to cure you or a miraculous life event to make you happy. Be happy now with what you have. I believe happiness is innate and can be tapped immediately with professional guidance.


If the Lord granted me the use of only three words other than "Enjoy the Journey" from this day forward to help my readers, patients, family and friends moderate all the monsters and monstrous events to come, I would have to choose "Walk in Gratitude." I'm still an amateur at it myself, but some days I surprise myself and really nail it.

During my 30-year career as a psychotherapist and family advocate, I specialized in the treatment of brain disease and what I like to classify now as "Family Cures". My staff and I particularly liked to treat affective disorders, forensic pathology, codependency and addictive illnesses. I stop often throughout each day to be mindfully grateful for the opportunity to walk with and help people with problems.

It didn't matter who the patients were: skid row, homeless, blue collar workers, doctors, lawyers, high-profile business leaders and politicians, celebrities and the occasional 'monster' always received equal concern. A high quality individualized treatment plan was developed with tremendous caring for rehabilitating the whole family using a highly developed team.

I plan to unveil in this book some of our 'Secrets of Rehab' now being made available on my website and low cost online rehab program. These secrets can help anyone find individual and family happiness right this moment. Have Fun was the first therapeutic contract for our patients. Equally important, it became a cherished employment agreement for all my valued staff. I hope you have fun reading this book despite the serious and tragic content.

I am grateful for all the therapy techniques and methods developed over several decades by working with my wonderful staff to help patients and their family members recover. There is tremendous joy assisting patients to achieve their desired mental health goals and mentoring them towards their freedom from the monsters of an addiction or criminal lifestyle. I have used many unique whole family intervention and treatment methods not only for patient care, but also for employee assistance programs, corporate interventions, corrections, consumer advocacy, entertaining others and gratefully my own growth.

Even at the most hopeless of times, these methods assist one's spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical, financial or family survival. In California, we pioneered and achieved the 'cure' rates now claimed by a few Malibu/LA area rehab centers. However, we routinely achieved the results for the family, as well as, the identified patient.

The Malibu 'cure' you need to realize refers to a freedom from the compulsion and craving to drink or use drugs. It also deals with 'fixing' potential underlying problems that trigger self-defeating thinking or continued addictive or mental brain disease.

When used in addiction programs most professionals despise the use of the word 'cure'. Addicts love to hear there is a way to return to the safe use of their destructive substance of choice. There is no cure yet that allows an alcohol or drug addicted person to be able to use their favorite substances in moderation for very long. Overindulgence and loss of control has no true cure to date. Aberrant fly by night treatment programs that are usually also anti 12 step programs come and go.

The word cure remains more of an extreme marketing technique rather than the safe return to the bosom of early use and experimentation. When you first begin using drugs, you have had your run of peak pleasure and comfort. Everything following is mostly downhill. Denial keeps you from knowing that truth. Anyone or anything that claims an addict can escape the present pain and capture the pleasure of early use today is a snake oil salesman and artist of sham. It is the permission to use drugs and alcohol again that most of my patients are seeking when they first decide to 'get help' or 'get cured.'

I cut my teeth on superb program models like Grant Hospital, Hazelden and DePaul. These three quality Midwest Hospitals were long established models that led to the eventual development of the Betty Ford Center. Dan Anderson provided tremendous support for the Betty Ford Center when he was still president of Hazelden. I had the tremendous opportunity to discuss the development of the center with both Betty Ford and Dan Anderson separately and on one occasion both at the same time. The Betty Ford Center eventually hired one of my former patients and student as their Clinical Director!

The first secret of rehab that often leads to a solid and sustainable family cure is when one or more family members achieve continuous periods of total abstinence from alcohol, drugs and 'stinking thinking'. When you see monsters in our society, drugs and alcohol are usually involved or nearby. I will disclose how they were all around the Drew Peterson family. Eighteen year captive (since age 11) Jaycee Dugard's monsters Phillip and Nancy Garridos liked their pot, alcohol and LSD. The media often overlooks the presence of alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex addiction and other dependency illnesses in their reporting.


An interesting challenge for me came to light when the media recognized me as, "The renowned psychotherapist protecting the Drew Peterson children." I was subsequently treated to public inquiry and blog scorn. A promised news interview became a five page quarter chapter in Hosey's quick-release book dedicated to convincing the public that Drew Peterson was guilty of putting his fourth wife, Stacy in a blue barrel and disposing it around or in the Chicago area Sag Canal. The book further attempts to discredit those connected in any way positive to Drew Peterson or his family. Even those whose main concern at the time was to provide non-judgmental support to children, as I did.

The Hosey book and opinion media has secondarily targeted Drew Peterson's defense attorney, Joel Brodsky. He has been described as a self-promoting "nutcase" who, it was rumored, had to have a SWAT team keep him from shooting himself in the head after divorce arguments with his now ex-wife. The swat team took Joel and his shotgun into protective custody. In a second alleged incident, Brodsky lost his license to practice law in Illinois for three months due to forging a dead client's signature on a $24,000 check made out to Joel Brodsky. Is he trading interviews for free marketing of his new Chicago bar named Addictions? Is he really crazy as Drew; or did the book and media misrepresent his collective past as well?

Was their publicist Glenn Selig a nobody publicist recently fired from CNN because he was focused more on his on his own self-promotion than doing the job he was hired to do?

Am I the "Celebrity Shrink" who owned a bar at the same time as operating mental health and addiction treatment centers?

If you, your family and life were broadcast on the worldwide media stage in the most negative storyline possible how would you fare? Who would dare to accept or come to your defense? Who would come forward to help your family members? Who would remain your friend?

As I write this, it's been well over two years since 23-year-old Stacy Cales Peterson was reported missing by her younger sister, Cassandra. The ensuing media stampede to convict her 55-year old husband; former police sergeant Drew Walter Peterson, for her murder in the feeding frenzy that followed has not abated. In fact, some newspapers and television news organizations have branded him an alleged double murderer, adding Peterson's third wife, Kathleen to the judgment.


Excerpted from Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures by Dan Budenz Copyright © 2010 by Dr. Dan Budenz. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


TO THE READER....................ix
Chapter 1 ANALYZING MONSTERS....................1
Chapter 2 "HOT" CASE FILES....................13
Chapter 3 THE INJURED FAMILY....................51
Chapter 4 YEARS OF HARASSMENT....................69
Chapter 7 WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD....................125
Chapter 8 TESTING DREW....................153
PHOTO ALBUM....................183
Chapter 10 ANALYZING DREW DECADES LATER....................193
Chapter 11 STACY - IF SHE RAN AWAY - WHY?....................221
Chapter 12 ANALYSIS OF STACY....................235
Chapter 13 KATHY'S CHAPTER....................247
Chapter 14 FAMILY CURES....................275
Chapter 15 ANOTHER MONSTROUS CASE....................299
Chapter 16 TAMING MONSTERS....................317
Chapter 17 MORE MONSTROUS CASES....................335
Chapter 18 LAST CHAPTER FOR NOW....................361
ABOUT THE AUTHOR....................395
APPENDIX CONTENTS....................401

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