The Anatomy of Negation

The Anatomy of Negation

by Edgar Saltus


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"If Mr. Saltus is one of those who deny, there is so much persuasive music in his denial, that his hardiest opponents are unable to combat him with the harsh vigor of unsparing doctrine. His sword is trenchant, but those he smites forgive him for his courtesy. In "The Anatomy of Negation," perhaps the greatest of those works which have given him a foremost place in the ranks of philosophy, the author groups his facts with such cogency and clearness, deals with his historical argument so systematically, and draws his conclusions with so much candor that he leaves nothing to be said. Object we may, but to refute requires at least as much genius as this gifted author has put into his work."

-The Book Buyer: A Monthly Review of American and Foreign Literature, Volume 6

"Mr. Saltus intends in these six chapters, covering some two hundred pages, "to convey a tableau of anti-theism," outside of England and America, "from Kapila to Leconte de Lisle." Like his preceding works, this one is brilliantly written, and has great epigrammatic finish. He informs his readers that " no attempt has been made to prove anything"; but Mr. Saltus takes anti-theism for granted throughout, and adds to this negative a pessimistic philosophy, which is as hollow and artificial as pessimism in literature usually is. In the engaging task of coining witty insults to fling at the universe, Mr. Saltus has certainly one pleasure left. This is not the worst possible world wherein the man of letters can regale himself with turning off pinchbeck phrases, which he takes for pure gold, such as " a contempt sumptuous in its magnificence." Mr. Saltus is a brilliant dilettante in pessimism, and exemplifies the fact that this creed, too, may have its real sceptics, who parade as disciples. His scholarship, which passes over Tacitus's witness to Christianity, and welcomes the Gospel to the Egyptians, is equally dilettante. As an expositor, he is far from trustworthy."

-The Unitarian Review, Volume 27

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