Anatomy to Color and Study / Edition 1

Anatomy to Color and Study / Edition 1

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Elsevier Health Sciences

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Anatomy to Color and Study / Edition 1

This atlas and coloring book for students in medical fields consists of 415 gray scale drawings arranged into seven sections: thorax, abdomen, pelvis, upper limbs, lower limbs, and head. Arteries, viens, nerves, muscles, and bones are labeled by number and identified on the opposite page. The second edition adds 150 drawings. Annotation ©2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9780932883186
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 01/28/1989
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 263

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction and Thorax

Cartoon: The Four "Birds" of the Thorax
1 Planes of the body
2 Anatomic position
3 Some common movements
4 Skeletal landmarks (upper anterior)
5 Bones of the skeleton (lower anterior)
6 Skeletal landmarks (upper posterior)
7 Skeletal landmarks (lower posterior)
8 Muscles of anterior trunk
9 Muscles of anterior thorax and abdomen
10 Section through lactating breast
11 Fibrous supporting membranes in the breast
12 Lactating breast
Cartoon: Coracoid process and acromion
13 Skeletal landmarks (thorax and upper arm)
14 Skeletal landmarks (pelvis and hip)
15 Anterior thoracic muscles
16 Muscle attachments of the anterior thorax
17 Anterior thoracic wall seen from inside
18 Contents of thorax with anterior wall removed
19 Intercostal muscles
20 Intercostal muscles
21 Cross section of thoracic wall with intercostal arteries
22 Section of thoracic wall with intercostal arteries
23 Arteries of the thorax and upper arm
24 Thoracic spinal nerve
25 The pericardium
26 The interior of the posterior pericardial sac with the heart removed and the great vessels cut
27 Exterior of the heart
28 Interior of the heart
29 Trace the course of blood through the heart
30 The heart: ventricles exposed
31 Base and diaphragmatic surface of heart
32 Right atrium and right ventricle
33 Left ventricle
34 Heart valves and valve action
35 The four heart valves
Cartoon: Muscle
36 Coronary arteries (most common pattern)
37 Coronary veins
38 Cardiac conducting system
39 Cardiac fibrous skeleton
40 Aortic valve and its fibrous support
41 Nerves to the heart
42 Trachea, bronchi, and mediastinal surface of the lungs
43 Bronchopulmonary segments: left lung
44 Bronchopulmonary segments: right lung
45A Bronchopulmonary segment
45B Bronchopulmonary segment
46 Lungs and pleura
47 The pleura and pleural recesses
48 Trachea, esophagus, and vagus nerve
49 Right mediastinum
50 Left mediastinum
51 Diaphragm
52 Azygos vein and its tributaries
53 Blood flow in the fetus
54 Fetal heart in late development
55 Circulatory changes after birth
56 Thoracic splanchnic nerves
57 Autonomic nervous system
58 Thoracic duct and related structures
59 Mediastinum after removal of heart and pericardium
60 Cross section at thorax level of bifurcation of pulmonary trunk
61 Cross section of thorax just below pulmonary valve
62 Cross section of thorax just below aortic valve
63 Cross section of thorax at level of male nipple
64 Cross section of thorax with right dome of diaphragm and right lobe of liver

Part II: The Abdomen

Cartoon: Duodenum
1 Segmental innervation of the skin of the anterior trunk
2 Muscles of the anterior and lateral abdominal walls I
3 Muscles of the anterior and lateral abdominal walls II
4 Muscles and layers of the anterior abdominal wall
5 External abdominal oblique aponeurosis and superficial inguinal ring
6 Inguinal canal dissection
7 Inguinal ligament and related structures
8 Lower anterior abdomen wall viewed from the inside
9 Thoracic and abdominal viscera after removal of anterior thoracic and abdominal walls
10 Thorax and abdominal viscera in relation to the skeleton, anterior view
11 Frontal (coronal) section of the trunk
12 Thoracic and abdominal viscera, left aspect
13 Thoracic and abdominal viscera, right aspect
14 Thoracic and abdominal viscera in relation to the skeleton, posterior view
15 Midsagittal section of the female peritoneal cavity
16 The stomach
17 Blood supply of the stomach
18 Stomach, duodenum, and pancreas
19 Pancreas, duodenum, and spleen
Cartoon: Some Latin anatomic terms
20 Celiac trunk and its branches
21 Nerve supply of the stomach
22 The liver (hepar)
23 Liver, visceral surface (posterior/inferior aspect)
24A The intestines I
24B The intestines II
25 Distribution of the superior mesenteric artery and vein
26 Blood supply of the jejunum
27 Blood supply to the small intestine
28 Mucosa of jejunum and ileum
29 Blood supply of large intestine
30 Ileocecal valve, vermiform appendix, terminal ileum, and cecum
31 Arterial supply of vermiform appendix, terminal ileum, and cecum
32 The hepatic portal system
33 Posterior abdominal wall, peritoneal attachments
34 Posterior abdominal wall, kidneys, and related structures
35 The kidney I
36 The kidney II
37 Posterior abdominal wall, showing principal muscles and nerves

Part III: Pelvis and Perineum

Cartoon: Testicle, Latin, little witness
1 Hip (coxal) bone, lateral aspect
2 Hip bone, medial aspect
3 Hip bone lines of fusion
4 Male pelvis dissection
5 Male pelvis median section
6 Male reproductive organs
7 The penis
8 Scrotum and spermatic cord
9 The testis
10 Urethral sphincter in the male
11 Male pelvis, frontal section I
12 Male pelvis, frontal section II
13 Pelvis and perineum
14 Muscles of male perineum
15 Nerves and arteries of the male perineum
16 Male pelvis and perineal muscles
17 Arterial supply of male pelvis
18 Male urogenital tract
19 Autonomic ganglia and nerves in the male abdomen and pelvis
20 Female perineum
21 Female erectile tissue
22 Clitoris and vestibular bulb
23 Female pelvis, median section
24 Female superficial perineal muscles
25 Nerves of female perineum
26 Arteries of the female perineum
27 The uterus
28 Female pelvic diaphragm and related structures
29 Female pelvis from the front and above
30 Uterus and related structures
31 Female pelvic diaphragm from above
32 Arterial supply of the female pelvis
33 Muscles on medial surface of pelvis
34 Female urogenital sphincter I
35 Female striated urethral sphincter II
36 Pelvis and ligaments

Part IV: The Upper Limb

Cartoon: Phalanx
1 Bones of the upper extremity, anterior aspect
2 Bones of the upper extremity, posterior aspect
3 Muscles of upper extremity I
4 Muscles of upper extremity II
5 Muscles of upper extremity III
6 Right scapula (shoulder blade)
7 The humerus
8 The radius and ulna
9 Bones of the hand (manus), palmar aspect
10 Bones of the hand (manus), dorsal aspect
11 Dissection of posterior shoulder and arm
12 Nerves and arteries of the posterior shoulder
13 Quadrangular space
14 The brachial plexus: general plan
15 Brachial plexus and its nerves
16 Arteries of the posterior shoulder and arm
17 Subclavian, axillary, and brachial arteries
18 Superficial veins and nerves of the anterior arm
19 Superficial veins and nerves of the posterior arm
20 Deep dissection of the posterior arm
21 Brachial plexus III
22 Nerves of the upper right limb
23 Biceps brachii: a flexor and supinator
24 Dissection of upper arm, anterior aspect
25 Anterior forearm dissection
26 Arteries and nerves of the anterior forearm
27 Brachial plexus and major nerves of the arm
28 Pronator teres and superficial wrist flexors
29 Musculocutaneous nerve and the muscles it supplies
30 Muscular distribution of the median nerve
31 Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle
32 Flexor pollicis longus, flexor digitorum profundus, and median nerve
33 Median nerve and deep dissection of the forearm
34 Motor distribution of the ulnar nerve
35 Motor distribution of the radial nerve I
36 Motor distribution of the radial nerve II
37 Bones of the hand
38 Palmar aponeurosis and anchoring connective tissue
39 Flexor retinaculum and superficial hand muscles
40 Deep thenar, hypothenar, and interosseous muscles
41 Interosseous and related muscles
42 Arteries of the hand
43 Deep palmar arch and deep branch of ulnar nerve
44 Nerves and arteries of the palm
45 Superficial palmar arch: median and ulnar nerves
46 Extensor tendons on dorsum of hand
47 Radial artery and superficial branch of radial nerve
48 Dorsum of hand
49 Palmar hand: deep dissection
50 Extensor tendons on dorsum of hand
51 Synovial flexor tendon sheaths
52 Synovial extensor tendon sheaths
53 Thumb muscles I
54 Thumb muscles II
55 Palmar interosseous muscles of the hand
56 Dorsal interosseous muscles of the hand
57 Some finger movements
58 Cutaneous nerve distribution on front of arm
59 Distribution of cutaneous nerves on back of upper limb
60 Muscle attachments of the anterior arm
61 Muscle attachments of the posterior arm
62 Muscle attachments on the anterior hand
63 Frontal (coronal) section of the right wrist and hand
64 Coronal section of the right shoulder
65 Ligaments of right shoulder joint, anterior view
66 Ligaments of the right shoulder joint, posterior view
67 Ligaments of the right elbow
68 Ligaments of the right elbow, anterior aspect
69 Sagittal section of right elbow
70 Frontal section of right elbow
71 Ligaments of the right wrist, palmar aspect
72 Ligaments of the right wrist, posterior aspect
73 Hand dissected
74 Wrist cross section
75 Hand cross section I
76 Hand cross section II

Part V: Back

1 Superficial back muscles
2 Typical vertebrae
3 Rib–vertebra articulation
4 Vertebral column
5 Back muscles I, superficial layer
6 Back muscles II, intermediate layers
7 Back muscles III, erector spinae
8 Back muscles IV, deepest muscles
9 Back muscles V, the multifidus
10 Back muscles VI, intertransversarii and interspinales
11 Ligaments of the posterior sacrum
12 Lumbar vertebrae
13 Sacrum
14 Cross section of cervical spinal cord
15 Spinal cord displayed from behind
16 The cauda equina of the spinal cord
17 Arterial supply and vascular pattern to a portion of the spinal cord
18 The intervertebral disks and internal vertebral venous plexus
19 Spinal cord, meninges, and internal vertebral venous plexus
20 Typical lumbar vertebra
21 Spinal cord and spinal nerves
22 Lumbosacral spine I
23 Lumbosacral spine II

Part VI: The Lower Limb

1 Bones of the lower extremity
2 Superficial muscles of the right thigh, anterior view
3 Superficial muscles of the right thigh, lateral view
4 Superficial muscles of the right thigh, posterior view
5 Superficial muscles of the leg, anterior aspect
6 Superficial muscles of the right leg, lateral aspect
7 Superficial muscles of posterior leg
8 Muscles of medial right leg
9 Right coxal bone (innominate bone, hip bone)
10 Right hip bone (coxal bone)
11 The right femur
12 Right tibia and fibula
Cartoon: Fibula and tibia
13 Bones of the right foot
14 Lumbar muscles
15 Arteries of the right thigh
16 Nerves of the lumbar plexus
17 Motor distribution of the femoral nerve, I
18 Motor distribution of the femoral nerve, II
19 Deep dissection of right thigh I
20 Deep dissection of right thigh II
21 Dissection of structures deep to inguinal ligament
22 Iliopsoas muscle and femoral nerve
23 Medial thigh muscles and obturator nerve
24 Adductor magnus and obturator nerve
25 Muscles of buttock and posterior thigh
26 Gluteus maximus and iliotibial tract
27 Posterior gluteal and thigh muscles
28 Posterior muscles of right gluteal region and upper thigh
29 Deep gluteal region
30 Hamstring muscles and gluteus medius
31 Gluteus minimus, semimembranosus, and sciatic nerve
32 Deep dissection of the right thigh
33 Cross section of right thigh
34 Deep structures of the leg and popliteal fossa
35 Deep dissection of lower leg
36 Deep dissection of popliteal region
37 Muscle attachments on the anterior pelvis and femur
38 Muscle attachments on the posterior pelvis and femur
39 Lumbosacral plexus
40 Gastrocnemius
41 Soleus, gastrocnemius, and plantaris
42 Flexor digitorum longus and flexor hallucis longus
43 Deep muscles in the posterior leg compartment
44 Flexor hallucis longus
45 Muscles of lateral leg
46 Anterior dissection of right leg
47 Muscle attachments on the anterior leg
48 Muscle attachments
49 Bones of foot, medial aspect
Cartoon: Pedigree
50 Bones of foot, inferior aspect
51 Plantar arteries
52 Plantar dissection of the right foot
53 Arteries of right knee joint
54 Arteries of the posterior leg
55 Motor distribution of the common fibular (peroneal) nerve
56 Foot: anterior-superior aspect
57 Dorsum of the foot
58 Deep dissection of plantar foot
59 Plantar muscles I
60 Plantar muscles II
61 Plantar muscles III
62 Plantar muscles IV
63 Motor distribution of the tibial nerve
64 Plantar arteries of the right foot
65 Ligaments of the hip joint
66 Frontal section of right hip joint
67 Right knee joint
68 Ligaments of the right knee
69 Right knee joint
70 Muscle attachments on the dorsum of the foot
71 Muscle attachments on plantar surface of right foot
72 Muscles of plantar foot
73 Planes of sections of right foot
74 Sections of right foot
75 Ligaments of right ankle joint and foot
76 Ligaments of the ankle joint and foot
77 Ligaments of the foot and ankle
78 Plantar ligaments of the right foot
79 Frontal section of ankle and foot
80 Incisions on plantar surface of foot
81 Incision in back of medial malleolus
82 Oblique section of the right foot
83 Cutaneous nerves of the lower extremity, anterior aspect
84 Cutaneous nerves of the lower extremity, posterior aspect

Part VII: Head and Neck

Cartoon: Trigemini (triplets)
1 Superficial muscles of the face and neck
2 Muscles of facial expression
3 Superficial structures on the lateral head
4 Bones of the skull, anterior aspect
5 Bones of the skull, lateral aspect
6 Facial nerve
7 Landmarks on the lateral skull
8 Temporalis and masseter muscles
9 Temporalis muscle
10 Buccinator and orbicularis oris muscles
11 Median section of skull and mandible
12 Interior of the skull
13 Superficial veins of the head and neck
14 External carotid artery and its branches
Cartoon: Sagitta
15 Cranial dural venous sinuses
16 Head and neck: midsagittal aspect
17 Superior sagittal sinus
18 Interior of the skull with cranial nerve exits
19 Facial nerve and its branches
20 Functional components of the facial nerve
21 Inferior surface of skull
Cartoon: Temporal
22 Sphenoid bone
23 Temporal bone, external surface
24 Temporal bone, internal surface
25 Superficial muscles of the neck
26 Left side of neck I
27 Left side of neck II
28 Mandibular nerve and maxillary artery I
29 Mandibular nerve and maxillary artery II
30 The eyelid and eye in orbit
31 Extraocular muscles
32 Eye and orbit
33 Nerves of the orbit, superior aspect
34 Nerves of the orbit, lateral aspect
35 Lower half of right eye
36 Principal veins of face and orbit
37 The lacrimal apparatus
38 Dissection of ear and cast of bony labyrinth
39 Dissection of ear
40 Middle ear and ear ossicles
41 Ear ossicles and part of eardrum
42 Middle ear ossicles
43 Dissection of right ear showing middle ear and cochlea
44 Membranous labyrinth of left inner ear cut open
45 Dissection of right temporal bone showing sigmoid sinus and facial canal
46 Section through external ear, middle ear, and inner ear
Cartoon: Tragus
47 Cartilages of the nose
48 Nasal cavity, lateral wall
49 Nasal cavity, bones and cartilages
50 Nasal cavity, lateral wall and frontal section
51 Pterygopalatine ganglion
52 Olfactory nerves and arterial supply of nasal cavity
53 Right wall of nasal cavity and ethmoidal air cells
54 Projection of paranasal sinuses on front and side of face
55 Oral and nasal cavities in sagittal section
56 Skull, coronal section
57 Sagittal section of head
58 Pharynx
59 Muscles of the tongue, pharynx, and larynx
60 Oral cavity
61 Tongue I
62 Tongue II
63 Tongue and related structures, coronal section
64 Temporomandibular joint
Cartoon: Latin words used to describe parts of the nervous system
65 Mandible
66 Salivary glands
67 Oral cavity, from inside
68 Infratemporal fossa
69 Maxillary artery
70 Muscles of the pharynx
71 Arytenoid and cricoid cartilages
72 Vocal ligaments and muscles
73 Larynx, cartilages
74 Pharynx, posterior aspect
75 Arytenoid cartilages
76 Larynx, cartilages, posterior aspect
77 Larynx, nerves and muscles
78 Larynx, coronal section
79 Muscle origins and insertions on side of skull
80 Skull, inferior aspect
81 Autonomic outflow in the head I
82 Autonomic outflow in the head II
Cartoon: Synapse
83 Inferior view of the brain
84 Medial view of right half of brain
85 The cranial nerves
86 Brain stem
87 Arterial supply at base of brain
Cartoon: Thalamus means bedroom
88 Head frontal section: level of eyes and nasal cavity
89 Head frontal section: level of eye muscles, sinuses
90 Head frontal section: level of maxillary sinuses
91 Head frontal section: level of sphenoid sinuses
92 Head frontal section: level of optic chiasm level
93 Head frontal section: level of carotid canal
94 Head frontal section: level of pons, internal jugular vein
95 Head frontal section: level of dens of axis

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