by Scott Sigler
4.4 97


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Ancestor 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 97 reviews.
Phantom_Reverie More than 1 year ago
I have never read anything bad by Scott Sigler and Ancestor is the cream of the crop! From the second I picked this book up, I had to know what was going to happen. Ancestor kept me turning page after page, long into the night. I wanted to cover my eyes to hide from what was coming next but couldn't put the book down until I knew! The science of Sigler is phenomenal and fascinating. I am not a biologist, a chemist, or any other kind of -ist; however the concepts are thorough and clearly laid out, and in such a way that even I can understand what is going on and how things work. The incredible detail really draws you into the story and makes it all the more real. If I find myself in a dark forest (or a cow pasture) any time soon I'll most certainly be looking over my shoulder! And the thing I like best? Scott Sigler writes characters I really care about. My stomach turns when something bad happens, or even when I think it might, and I am genuinely relieved when things turn out okay. The bad guys are really, really bad and I keep hoping they'll get what's coming to them (though I won't tell you if they do or not!). The good guys are not only good, they're also human; with flaws and faults all their own. That's part of what makes me care so much about what happens to them. Any fan of edge-of-your-seat excitement, action, thrills, science, horror and gore needs to add this book to their collection!
MuchAdo More than 1 year ago
This review is for the new hardcover edition of ANCESTOR slated for bookstores in June of 2010. The new hardcover edition of ANCESTOR follows the same plot line as the original. A group of scientist are charged with creating an animal whose organs can be used for Xenotransplantation. The ultimate goal is to provide organs for the growing list of individuals awaiting organ transplants. To reduce the incident of organ rejections the scientists are trying to create an animal, the Ancestor to all mammals. In the process of creating this animal, something goes terrible wrong. In the latest version of ANCESTOR, Mr. Sigler has included prior interactions among the main characters that helps the reader to better understand the underlying dynamics that are occurring. Indeed, I have grown to love some characters that I had no emotional feelings about in the original version of ANCESTOR. Additionally, the science in the new version of ANCESTOR has been upgraded and strengthened to reflect the current scientific knowledge regarding Xenotransplantation and cloning of whole animals which has grown in the past 3 years. Mr. Sigler incorporates characters who are altruistic in their desires and those who are only in the process for the greedy, money end of the deal. The conflict that ensues from these two competing viewpoints is well played out in the book. In my opinion, the plot line is much tighter and the overall general flow of the book is better. Clearly Mr. Sigler has benefited from his contract with Crown Publishing, their editors and agents. He is well on his way to being one of the top Science Fiction/Horror writers. Well done!
BigJohnJV More than 1 year ago
Scott Sigler's Ancestor gets an update in 2010 with the release of the Hardcover edition. This is not just a new printing; the story has been updated to include more modern references, and the story has been fine-tuned from beginning to end. Scott's fully formed vision of genetics experiments gone horribly wrong is even more terrifying now. Ancestor is full of characters you want to cheer and others you want to jeer. Scott's rich style of technical science fiction horror explains complicated genetic concepts in a way everyone can understand, at a pace that keeps the reader engaged with the story the entire time. The story starts off with a bang, as the groundwork is set for the Genada Corporation to take their experiments underground and off the radar before the government can shut them down. Along the way, we meet the brilliant geneticists involved with the project, each with their own motivations. The noble project is tainted by all manner of complex factors, and the final result is a pulse-pounding fight for life pitting creators vs. creation. Already a fan of Sigler's work? You'll enjoy this updated story as well. Haven't tried Sigler's work yet? Grab hold of Ancestor and hang on for a thrilling ride!
Finaldrive More than 1 year ago
Ancestor (Hardcover 2010) is an update of one of author Scott Sigler's early novels. This update includes new scenes, characters, an even faster pace and an overall more appealing storyline. In a remote outpost in Canada, a research team is looking for a way to mass produce organs that will save millions of human lives, and hopefully make a pretty profit while they do it. By using the DNA of extinct species they hope to find the Ancestor of all mammals. The Ancestor is a creature so genetically universal its organs can be harvested and transplanted into humans without fear of immune system rejection. What they can only see in their worst nightmares is a patchwork monster born for violence. This is not your normal monster story. Many "monster" books open with the creation of an inhuman force that hunts the cast throughout the story, this is not the case with Ancestor. With Ancestor you get to see the moral and ethical ambiguity behind the science and the people involved. Ancestor's cast is vital to its narrative and the final outcome of the story. From the very beginning you are invested in these people and the role they play. Sigler's novel includes a large cast of characters. As the book picks up in speed, the characters begin to cross paths and merge storylines. As these storylines meet, the cast quickly dwindles in various horrific and gratifying ways. The main cast includes the morally questionable Colding, the beautiful and intelligent Sara and the incredibly irritable and hilarious Clayton. Sigler seamlessly weaves biotech and horror thriller into a novel that is not only a whirlwind experience, but is filled with characters you will find yourself connecting with and rooting for. Having read the original (2007) and having had access to an Advanced Reader Copy of the updated novel it is clear this new edition is FAR superior in almost every way. Many of the concerns posted about the original work have been addressed and corrected in this new version. If you are looking for a great new techno-thriller that starts and doesn't let up until the snow turns red, this book is for you!
BPCopenhaver More than 1 year ago
This review os for the new edition of "Ancestor," due out June 22, 2010. You can pre-order now! I listened to the original podcast of "Ancestor" some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. This version (June 22, 2010) is even better. The basic premise is that a company has funded a project to create an animal that would be bred for organ transplantation. An 'ancestor' that would avoid the problems of rejection by combining genes from many, many mammalian species - bot halive and extinc. A fine, humanitarian mission. Of course, when you have huge amounts of money on the line add human egos and frailties and put that in a pressure cooker, bad things are sure to happen. The plot is tighter in this version and even though there's plenty of science, it doesn't bog down the action. Once I had a day off, I finished the final two-thirds of the book in one day. Mr. Sigler creates facinating characters and great dialog. He's at the top of his game here. There are villains and monsters and heros -- all fully fleshed out so that you can't wait to find out who lives and who meets with (a sometimes grisly) death. No, I won't spoil the suspense, you have to read it for yourselves. If you like action, if you like science fiction, if you like some blood and gore with your stories -- Mr. Sigler is your author (and FDO) and the new "Ancestor" is a must-have.
shadygirl More than 1 year ago
As a fan of the original version of Ancestor, I was looking forward to reading this new, updated version. It didn't disappoint. This new version shows how much Scott Sigler has improved as a writer since he first released Ancestor as an audio novel, and the original was great! The story is tighter and it's clear he's done quite a bit more research for this release of the story. Ancestor is a thrill ride from the very beginning. I found myself staying up until all hours of the night thinking I would go to sleep when I hit a good point to stop. It never came and the ride didn't let up until the very end. This book is a page-turner; even though I was familiar with the original story, I couldn't put it down!
steffiebaby140 More than 1 year ago
Not surprisingly we get another winner from Sigler! I have been looking forward to the rewrite and reprint of this book for a long time. And it certainly didn't disappoint. One thing you can always be sure of, any Sigler book will feature lots and lots of violence. Yet the violence is never out of place or violence just for the sake of it, it has purpose and adds to the movement of the plot. If you haven't indulged in this author before, this is the perfect story to start with.
Twowire More than 1 year ago
I am one of the lucky folks to have read, and own, the original 2007 printing of Scott's ANCESTOR novel. I was a bit skeptic hearing about the new re-written 2010 ANCESTOR novel, but no more. From page one the action starts and is non-stop throughout the novel. Whether it's in the lab, in the air or on the ground, ANCESTOR will keep you turning page after page. The science behind ANCESTOR has been updated to include the our latest viral threats, current advances and understanding in the field of Xenotransplantation and cloning as well as the possible consequences of such science, and believe me there are consequences! The novels characters are all well developed and believable. The characters run the gamut of despicable and brutal, greedy and conniving, unbalanced and genius to very likable and even crassly funny at times. The ANCESTOR project was a project to save lives. But as the novel unfolds you'll find yourself drawn in as the sheer brutal horror of what the ANCESTOR project is truly creating begins developing within the pages. Even through all the brutality and murderous mayhem you will still find a brief, but good chuckle or laugh. If you are a fan of Scott Sigler's works or just a Sci-Fi horror fan you will find ANCESTOR most entertaining and disturbingly horrific. So with that I say bon appétit, eh!
IAM--- More than 1 year ago
Having listened to the original podcast and read the original book I was excited to get my hands on a Hardcover of a good fun genetic thriller. The story has been expanded the development of characters was excellent. The maturity of Mr. Siglers writing really shows in this rewrite. The updated science was really good to see. Although at times I felt like I was in science class and having it explained to me. there was one loose thread left untied, and I prefer the original ending. Now, Having said that, 98% of the book I did not want to put the book down. (I have to work to afford my book habit.) as you can see my overall rating is still a four, and the book is well worth the read.
Jayguana More than 1 year ago
Wow, what can I you say about "Ancestor"! This is a action packed, rock and roll page turner to the end. With characters you love to hate and hate to love there is someone for everyone to root for. Scott manages to take the worlds of Crichton and King and elevate it to a whole new level. I have been a die hard horror fan since my first King novel more then 20 years ago and I have to say that Scott has made a new fan and a whole new hardcore genre just for himself. He can combine science and action with a nightmare and make you dig your nails into your favorite chair waiting to find out what happens next. This novel will take you into a world full of people you can believe sit next to you at work. They are so unmistakably real you will find yourself connected to them in some little way. From a security supervisor's struggle with humanity to a maintenance man's desire to keep a world that has moved on, you will find someone to connect with. When a nightmare of science finds a way to survive in an isolated winter wonderland and only they can escape what will you do? Check out "Ancestor" by Scott Sigler to find out
CJWellman More than 1 year ago
What if a biotech company finally found a groundbreaking solution to our current world shortage of viable transplantable organs? What if they were able to ensure these organs were genetically free of disease and defects by creating 'Ancestor' mammal as the incubater for those organs? Sounds intriguing, almost altruistic. But what if the timeline to market were stressed and shortcuts had to be taken? What if greed and hubris became the impetus for the project rather than a true desire to save human lives? This novel follows this plotline, providing a raw look at the lengths people are willing to go to bring their goals to fruition and the horrible, horrible consequences of hubris in action and science gone wrong. Part horror, part science fiction and all thriller, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Author Scott Sigler deftly describes both the science nessary to make organ growth a possibility and also the shear terror of facing an animal with no remorse and an insatiable hunger. Parts of the book had me physically squirming! Memorable characters and attention to the details of their personalities and responsibilities make the novel even more engaging. Reader's who have enjoyed Michael Crichton's 'Jurassic Park', will find a similar rollercoaster ride in this book.
Belladonna420 More than 1 year ago
But they don't live in closets or under your bed. they were created by scientists in a lab. DNA combined to create the perfect predator. The only problem is, that's not what was supposed to happen. Ancestor tells the story of a good idea gone bad - TERRIBLY BAD! Although the creatures are the stuff of nightmares - and believe me, I'll never look at a cow the same way again - the really scary thing is that at its roots, the story is not all science "fiction". Let's just hope the genius genetic scientists that are messing with DNA read this book before it's too late! If you don't already know, Scott Sigler releases all his books as free podcasts (which you can subscribe to on iTunes). I was lucky enough to hear the original podcast version of Ancestor in its entirety after it was released. In a way, it was a good thing for me that I was turned on to Scott Sigler later in his career as I was able to listen to the entire podcast at my own pace - breakneck! The story was just that good! And now, Mr. Sigler, or Future Dark Overlord as he's known to his rabid fans - who call themselves Junkies - has gone and taken the story and made it all that much better. It's been updated so that some of the minor references and more important technological advances are current for 2010 and it's sleeker, scarier and more fast-paced than ever before. If you like sci-fi, horror, thrillers, medical dramas, blood and guts and non-stop action then this story is for you. So pre-order it now, and while you're waiting, I suggest you become a registered Junkie on where you can find and listen to Nocturnal (my personal Sigler favorite), Infected, Contagious, Earthcore, The Rookie and all of the other free Sigler content there. And soon you'll find that you are a Junkie too!
exotiKali More than 1 year ago
ANCESTOR is about two deadly killers - one of them is a control-crazed millionaire named Magnus and the other is his lab-manufactured genetic horrors. Magnus was trying to create placid herd animals available to donate organs for humans who need transplants, but a delusional scientist tweaked the DNA and ended up making large vicious predators. When Magnus tried to cover-up the project, these smart beasts got loose. Now everyone on an isolated island is at risk of being hunted down and exterminated either by Magnus or by the hungry creatures. I'm not sure who is scarier, Magnus or the Ancestor predators. Both of them seem equally ruthless. And Sigler seems to take great delight in making you love these wonderful quirky characters, and then slaughtering them off several few chapters later. No one seems to be off-limits, which has you alternately cursing the author and biting your nails. You will have a blissful ride of unique action and bloodshed and terror until the ultimate showdown in-between Magnus and his horrible creatures.
UnknownVariable More than 1 year ago
Ancestor by Scott Sigler, author of Infected and the New York Times best-selling novel Contagious, is a 2010 reimagining of Sigler's wildly successful bestselling 2007 novel of the same name. Ancestor tells the story of Genada, a Canadian biotechnology company on the cutting edge in the field of Xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of living cells, tissues, or organs from one species to another, such as from pigs to humans. A potentially trillion dollar industry, Genada's owners Dante and Magnus Paglione see their project as cornering the market on life itself. There are however risks: when an accident at one of Genada's competitors releases a potentially devastating cross-species plague which is only barely contained, Genada forces their xenotransplantation project, Project Ancestor, underground to avoid being shut down by the world's governments. Now on the frozen island of Black Manitou in the middle of Lake Superior, Genada scientists have brought back an animal from the past, an Ancestor to all mammals. The hopes of millions requiring organ transplant are realized; years of research are triumphant. But there is one problem: while they thought they were creating a docile herd creature, a cow with human organs, they got something...else, something evil, something....hungry. And it sure as f*ck ain't no Cow! Reminiscent of novels like Jurassic Park, Sigler builds the tension of the story to page-turning fear raising heights such that when you're done you'll already be begging for the eventual sequel. The scenes in the novel are so well described you'll feel the chill whether it be from the cold of Black Manitou's raging winter or from the hungry, watchful, gaze of an Ancestor ready to pounce. In fact it is the ancestors themselves, the lab-created beasts of the novel, which will leave you scrambling to turn on the life switch and fear the dark and cold; the ancestor is now the new monster of fear. With Ancestor Sigler once again proves himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the sci-fi/horror genre. More than just a simple re-write, the 2010 version of Ancestor ties the novel to the overall Sigler universe and sets the stage for future novels. What sets Ancestor apart from other at times dubious retellings is not only does Sigler stay true to the original tale, but he genuinely improves the quality of the novel by fleshing out his characters and adding a few surprises; whether you are a longtime Sigler junkie or new to the Siglerverse, Ancestor has something for every reader.
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I love Scott Sigler. Everything he writes is great!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pads back in slowly, low to the ground.
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Me two. C ya.
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Then its not quiting. Not really.