Ancient Genesis

Ancient Genesis

by Becca Blackwelder, Belle Magnolia
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Ancient Genesis by Becca Blackwelder

Usually $7.99, this book has been discounted at request of the author to $2.99. Becca Blackwelder would like anyone interested in the Creation -Evolution debate to be able to afford the reading.

With Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham (Creationist) debating at the Kentucky Creation Museum Feb 4th, 2014...many will be watching.

This book is a good accompaniment to the debate, reaching in the top lists for Messianic Judaism.

This book is written primarily for Christians and Jews and Muslims who have found their faith challenged in light of science. This book does not negate science. If you are looking for a read to support creationism as it is today this is not for you. This book will not comfort you, but challenge you.

This book supports modern science, an old universe and Earth and evolution...however what this book does that many fail to do is to show the reader that the Genesis account and related scriptures on the subject are not in contradiction to what science shows us, but that our modern day pastoral teachings of the subject have been grossly misguided.

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The Evolution & Creation debate

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73,000 words

My quest began simple: what is the truth on this matter? This led me to four years of study and challenges to my own preconceived ideas of science and Genesis.

My initial intention was not to write a book, nor to attack anyone's fundamental beliefs. I am simply deeply devoted to researching and discovering truth. Three years after accumulating so much information from ancient Rabbis, current Rabbis, scientists, early church fathers, Hebrew definitions, culture and traditions, I found that I needed to store this information, as well as my ideas, into solid form so that I could always go back to it. The book was then born and progressed through a year of further developments and changes.

I entitled this the Ancient Genesis because it was in researching ancient Rabbis' commentaries, early church fathers and their understandings of the text as well as researching the ancient Hebrew language, that brought light for me to many issues of today. This understanding of the text, then, is something new for most people, but really it is an old understanding coupled with modern science to help reveal the secrets and plainest truths of the scripture.

Upon reading this, your beliefs will most likely be challenged. Upon being challenged; however, there is a plethora of information that I hope will encourage you in your own searches for truth, whether or not you agree with my conclusions.

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Ancient Genesis 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GREAT INFO on both creation and evolution
Anonymous More than 1 year ago