Ancient Illumination III: Godhood

Ancient Illumination III: Godhood

by Rod Van Blake


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The galactic civil war is ended to avoid annihilation at the hands of a strange alien race only to have a new threat come along. Just as the Jovian accords have been signed by both sides ending the conflict between the Kison Askari, and the GMC who enforces Earth's senatorial rule of law, two GMC outpost and their satellites are taken out. This makes some suspect the Kison Askari are not happy with the concessions awarded them in the accords. As the danger of war looms heavy once again Queen Tunisia sends Prince Darius off with Babylon of Atlantis until things cool down. The young Prince is still discovering more of his abilities and feels when his people are in danger, making it hard for him to stay away.The Jackral, a race of nomadic aliens who lost their home world centuries ago see the Earth and its inhabitants as a source of food and fuel ripe for the taking. They think of themselves as "The Blessed". Will their run of dominance and destruction end here or will the inhabitants of the Milky Way become another notch in their belt?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734589092
Publisher: Ancient Illumination
Publication date: 02/06/2020
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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