The Ancient World: A Social and Cultural History / Edition 7

The Ancient World: A Social and Cultural History / Edition 7

by D. Brendan Nagle
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The Ancient World: A Social and Cultural History / Edition 7

For courses in Ancient History (Ancient Near East - Egypt/Mesopotamia), Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome.

The Ancient World is a comprehensive, multi-perspective, and integrated chronicle of the history of the ancient world, from Sumer to the fall of Rome, that explores the distinctive forms society took--particularly the unusual (by the standards of college students today) relationships between society and the state that characterized the social order of antiquity.

By closely integrating social and cultural histories with the political, institutional, and military climates in which they unfolded, this text provides fascinating insights into family, gender relations, class structures, public vs. private realms, slavery, popular culture, religion, art, architecture, leisure styles, philosophy, science, and education, and explores their complex relationships to ideology and political events.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780205637447
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 03/11/2009
Series: MySearchLab Series for History Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 392,735
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1The Ancient Near East
Chapter 1The Early Civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt1
Why Mesopotamia?1
The Agricultural Revolution3
The State and Urban Revolution6
Early Mesopotamian History: The Sumerian Period (3100-2000 B.C.)9
The Egyptian Alternative: The Old and Middle Kingdoms21
Chapter 2An Age of Empires: The Near East, 2000-1000 B.C.35
A Time of Turmoil: New Peoples East and West35
Mesopotamia in the Age of Hammurapi35
The Hittite Empire40
The Egyptian Empire43
Egypt in Decline52
Chapter 3The Near East to the Persian Empire55
The New Peoples of the Near East55
The Glory of Assyria and Babylon63
The Persians70
Religion and Culture in Israel76
Part 2The Greek World
Chapter 4The Emergence of Greek Civilization88
Geography and History88
The Origins of Greek Culture89
The Minoan and Mycenaean Ages90
The Mycenaean Age93
The Dark Ages99
Out of the Darkness: The Archaic Age102
The Example of Two Cities: Sparta and Athens109
Polis Society113
Culture and Society in the Archaic Age120
Chapter 5The Wars of the Greeks133
Persians and Greeks133
The Military Situation after the Persian Wars139
The Great War between Athens and Sparta143
The Hegemony of Sparta and Thebes150
Chapter 6Classical Athens154
The Early Classical Period (ca. 490-450 B.C.)154
The Classical Age, Part I (450-430 B.C.)157
The Later Classical Period (430-338 B.C.)169
Athenian Society178
Chapter 7Philip, Alexander, and the Hellenistic World201
Backward Macedonia Challenges Greece201
The Genius of Philip202
The Orator and the King: Demosthenes and Philip203
Alexander the Great205
Campaigns in Central Asia (330-323 B.C.)209
Alexander's Successors211
The State and Society in the Hellenistic World212
Hellenistic Society216
Culture and Religion in the Hellenistic World222
Greek High Culture Adapts to a New Environment234
Becoming Greek: Education in the New World247
The Hellenistic Age: Achievements and Limitations251
Part 3The Roman World
Chapter 8Early Rome253
The Western Mediterranean and Early Italy253
The Latins and Early Rome262
The Republic265
The Social and Political Achievement of Early Rome: Consensus273
Chapter 9The Building of an Empire275
The Growth of Rome in Italy275
The Punic Wars286
Roman Territorial Expansion after the Hannibalic War290
Society and the State in the Roman Republic295
An Estimate of Roman Society312
Chapter 10The Transformation of the Roman Republic314
The Old Order Fades314
The Gracchan Revolution: Social and Political Context324
From the Gracchi to Augustus: The Roman Revolution330
The Fall of the Roman Republic338
Chapter 11The Roman World from Augustus to the Third-Century Crisis350
The Reforms of Augustus350
Rounding Out the Empire356
The Severan Emperors363
Chapter 12The Roman Peace367
Challenge and Response367
Society and the State in the Empire369
The Government, the Army, and Society394
Chapter 13The Empire from the Third-Century Crisis to Justinian403
The Third-Century Crisis403
Political Anarchy405
Diocletian and Constantine407
The Collapse of the Western Empire411
The Rise of the Byzantine Empire413
Chapter 14The Transformed Empire415
History Moves Northward415
The Cultural Center Shifts: The Transformation of the Classical World418
The New Religious Environment420
The Empire and the Church Come to Terms425
The Emperor, the Administration, and the Army433
The Army, the Empire, and the Barbarians441
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