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And Along Came Dixie Lou

And Along Came Dixie Lou

by Elizabeth Olancin


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And Along Came Dixie Lou is a whimsical story of a Mini Pot Belly Pig and how she is accepted and adopted by her new siblings- Popeye & Biscuit, Bearded Dragons.

Join Dixie Lous journey in finding her loving, forever family.

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ISBN-13: 9781546247524
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/13/2018
Pages: 66
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.18(d)

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Nelly, one of the twins had wanted a mini pot belly pig for the years. Her parents Mel and Ellie kept telling her that it was illegal to have live stock within their city limits. They would need to be on a farm, which was out of the question.

Nelly longed in her heart to have a mini pot belly pig, to add to their family of bearded dragons- Biscuit and Popeye. She never gave up hope in owning one as a pet one day. She looked in Magazines, read books about mini pot belly pigs, her bedroom was even decorated in pigs. In fact, she had more than 100 pigs decorating her room.

Years passed, Nelly, now a teenager worked part time for the city in which she lived in. She researched the city ordinances regarding having a pig as a domestic pet.

To her surprise, as of seven years prior, it was now legal to have mini pot belly pigs as domestic pets as long as they are spade.

Well, she was so excited that she squealed at her findings. Everyone came over to see what was wrong with Nelly.

She had a smile plastered across her face. She assured everyone that all was fine. She was excited about what she had discovered. Everyone went back to work, but Nelly. She sat at her computer researching where mini pot belly pigs were sold.

Nelly whispered to herself, "in the area not far from home, too expensive." She continued searching when she came upon a list where mini pot belly pigs were being sold for a fraction of what they were asking for locally. She quickly printed the paragraph where it stated that mini pot belly pigs were considered domestic pets and of course the list where they were sold.

Nelly couldn't wait to get home to inform her parents of her findings. As her parents came home, she greeted them with a huge smile. She said, "Mom, Dad, put on your reading glasses and read this, please." As her parents read the city ordinance passage, they both looked up quickly. "What does this mean?" "Where did you get this from?" "If this is true, then you need to research to find a good deal for the mini pot belly pig." Said Ellie. "Oh, I did, here it is, said Nelly as she handed her mom the page with the mini pot belly pig announcement.

"Umm", said her parents, "this is a good price, better than the other places." "Please mom, dad, could I pleeease get one? Pretty please! I've saved money for it." continued Nelly.

"Well, you know, you'll have to take care of it. You are busy with work and school. We won't be caring for your pet. You'll be responsible for her food, bedding, and medical care. Are you willing to do all this for a mini pot belly pig? You know you have other pets as well." said Mel. "I know, I know! I will take good care of my mini pot belly pig as well as my other pets. I promise! Well, I even have a name picked out for it." responded Nelly. "What name did you pick?" asked her parents in unison. "Dixie Lou!" retorted Nelly with glee.

"Dixie Lou sounds like a good name for a mini pot belly pig." responded Mel and Ellie.


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