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...and, Her Name Will be Called Hagit

...and, Her Name Will be Called Hagit

by Mitchell J Rycus


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In 1977, Hagit's mother, Makeda, at 17, made Aliyah with her family to Kiryat Malachi (City of Angels) from Ethiopia, where she met Hagit's father, Adam Rosenbloom. In 1983, Adam and Makeda were married and left Israel for another City of Angels, Los Angeles; Hagit was born in 1985. Hagit grew up with majestic beauty and coal black skin inherited from her Ethiopian mother; she never hesitated being identified as a Black woman of Jewish descent.

It was on Savannah, Georgia's city council that Sol Mehleck, met this remarkable woman. With her Queen of Sheba beauty and matching intellect, he knew in an instant this woman was going to change the world forever.

Sol and his wife, Roz, became confidants of Hagit working for her for nearly twenty years after her elections from Alderman up to President. However, they noticed that Hagit appeared different after her annual visits home. They eventually realized that what they observed was not normal, and that nothing in nature behaved that way. Roz became frightened, so Sol suggested that they ask Hagit's parents about their observations. From them, they learned the truth about Hagit's remarkable beginnings, and how the world would, indeed, be changed forever.

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About the Author

Mitchell J. Rycus, emeritus professor of urban planning has published seven novels. His first novel, "Rub up: Musings of a Navy Corpsman," was an Ann Arbor best seller in October, 2007. In January, 2010 his second novel, "The Noble Profession of Leaf Chasing," was released. His third novel, "The Soil Is Dead," a saga about some mysterious slugs that could destroy the world, was released in 2012. Rycus' fourth novel, "T" was released in January, 2013. A favorable Kirkus Review for "T" can be found at; His fifth novel, "The Artist," came out in Jan. 2015, his sixth, "Max's Fools," came out in Oct. 2015, and his seventh, "The Crooked Silk Road," came out in March 2017.

Rycus' career has run the gamut from aerospace engineering to academia. Before starting his writing career Rycus served as Chairman of the University of Michigan's Urban Planning Program in the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning from 1986 till 1992. Prior to his emeritus status in June of 2000, he was the Co-director of the Studies in Urban Security Group, which for almost twenty years did consulting for a number of municipal agencies throughout the United States. Since 1986 Rycus has traveled around the world studying crime reduction methods for planners. He has carried out crime reduction research at the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Central England, Birmingham, UK, and the United Nations Centre for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs in Vienna, Austria, as well as a number of other organizations throughout the world. Professor Rycus has authored, co-authored, or presented over 100 technical reports, articles, book-chapters, and scholarly papers.

For more information about Mitchell Rycus visit his home site:

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