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And Man Created God

And Man Created God

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by George Carl Mynchenberg
And Man Created God presents the Agnostic view point using science, history and logic while denying all religious belief and faith in revelations from a Creator or God.


And Man Created God presents the Agnostic view point using science, history and logic while denying all religious belief and faith in revelations from a Creator or God.

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Charles F. Kielkopf
And Man Created God is vigorous and clearly written. Readers should have no doubt about the position you take, the positions you challenge, and why you find religious beliefs doubtful. It articulates very well what you call the agnostic position.
Professor of Philosophy: Ohio State University

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And Man Created God 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Excellent read. Explores the roots of religious belief through science and psychology, very engaging. But for the arguments that this is nothing more than an atheist rant allow me to clarify on behalf of thinking atheists. Some reviewers complain that being either theist, deist, or atheist is impractical and illogical simply because no evidence will ever prove anything one way or the other. While this is true, people may still call themselves atheist, theist, or deist, for the following reasons. Most people of faith, as we know, claim that their belief in God is so strong, the fervor makes it fact. Quoting G.C. Jung 'I do not believe, I know,' The faithful claim to KNOW that God is real by the sheer conviction of their belief. The same could hold true for atheists, although most atheists would not be so dense as to claim 'I do not think there is not a God, I know.' What I believe and practice in calling myself an atheist is this 'I am fully aware that no evidence can either prove or disprove God, but I live my life on the assumption that he/she does not exist based on the evidence given that religion, faith, and belief are man-made concepts.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this scholarly yet highly readable book, George Carl Mynchenberg makes a compelling case for agnosticism (there may or may not be a sentient creator) and humanism (self-realization through reasoning). Because agnosticism is a pejorative word for many people, this book may not achieve a wide readership, which is unfortunate. It should be required reading for all who question as well as the religious faithful, who especially should read and consider the questions posed in Part IV of 'And Man Created God.' If these questions cannot be satisfactorily answered, then one is an agnostic by definition. Using scientific facts, historical texts, logical reasoning, and common sense, Mynchenberg brings into question the fundamental assumptions of the Christian Bible (e.g., the concept of original sin), the Koran, and other religious texts. Why then do so many people accept religious tenets without question? Mynchenberg provides the answer when discussing the strength of Christian faith: 'Very few people wish to die and here is a way not only to live again but to do so forever in eternal bliss. A powerful and wondrous wish.' Hence, the title of the book. The alternative proposed by Mynchenberg for mankind is to continue to accumulate knowledge while focusing on the here and now. 'We are increasingly understanding and accepting that this life is our responsibility, and that its betterment is up to us.' Perhaps not a wondrous wish, but certainly reality.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a free-thinking, pragmatic individual, I have found ¿And MAN CREATED GOD¿ to be a logical and natural step-by-step guide through the murky maze of recorded and recounted versions and accounts of the origins of the universe, mankind and their gods. Mr. Mynchenberg, in this major undertaking, provides ample references, including well-known authors and their works, so as to provide the means for further investigation if the reader so desires. ¿And MAN CREATED GOD¿ is a fast-moving tour though time and an invaluable road map for the seeker who wishes to know more on the subject of agnosticism
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was REALLY good. a must read 4 all atheists and agnostics.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this to be the same old we dont belive in God because we dont want to rant. There seem to no answers in athiesm, and I have chosen to not even belive in it. You cannot proove God untrue, and you cannot prove Him true, that is why you can only be an agnostic , not an athiest.