And Now?!d

And Now?!d

by Elke Riess


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ISBN-13: 9781456796051
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/13/2011
Pages: 136
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Copyright © 2011 Elke Riess
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-9605-1

Chapter One


It may seem like a very special approach to start a book with the solution—almost like starting with the happy ending and then telling the related story. But this is how it appeared within me, so I followed the instructions. This book does not have a happy ending but a happy being—forever!

A) Sinking Boat

The momentary state of humanity can best be described as follows: Noah's ark is sinking! On board, there are just human beings because the others have already reached safety. The ocean is raging, the waves are looming high, and the situation is very serious!

What is the solution? What should be done?

What would you do?

• Jump ship and swim? This is hopeless· because you will drown. After all, there is no one out there to rescue you. Cling to the boat? This means going· down with it, which is also an interesting nonsolution.

• Commit suicide? You can also wait to· drown because there really is no big difference.

• Pray? I hope that there is a god for you· and that this god also has time to listen to you at that moment, let alone rescue you.

• Or choose the following solution?· You are the ocean and the waves! There is no you and the ocean. You are connected with everything and made of the same substance.

As long as you cling to being a human, to suffering, and to being detached from the world and fighting against everything, you will lose. If you continue to use all of your strength to keep yourself separate from the entire creation, you will no longer exist as a human being.

Remind yourself of your true nature, your being, and your part in the oneness, and you will receive all of the hints pointing to the solution.

B) Evolution

This creation is based on evolution. It is an unending, creative process. Everything is constantly in a state of development, change, and transformation, and it is peppered with miracles.

Just think of a few major evolutionary steps: ice ages, climate changes, shifting of the oceans, and continents that have disappeared.

There were dinosaurs, and some transformed themselves to the extent that they are still present in our time in a completely new costume.

And many other living beings and plants have undergone unbelievable developments.

Neanderthals have changed into the human form that is familiar to us now.

The Earth increases its frequencies, shifts the poles, and changes its magnetic structures, because it is a living being.

Everything is in motion. Everything is in an eternal dance!

And everything is one. Each parties connected with the others and comes from the same source!

This could continue like this forever, and it will, with one exception, the human being!

Human beings have removed, separated, and stopped themselves from participating in this dance.

It is fascinating to look at the overall picture of creation and discover the holography in it. Everything is present in everything else and often infinitely visible within it again.

The human form is what is no longer represented in this picture. Humans have removed themselves from the hologram and simultaneously have the arrogance to think that they have everything under control.

What happened?

At a certain point in time, humans catapulted themselves out of evolution. This will be discussed in detail in the chapter titled Matrix.

Instead of being, they have chosen to be human. And they have put their faith in this idea and developed a concept out of it. All of this has become their reality.

Everything is in a constant state of change and evolution. It requires openness, freedom and presence from you in order for the evolution to occur. It happens completely on its own and in a natural way, which is how this entire universe moves. This possesses a magic, knowledge, and a power that has no words.

At some point, human beings began to cling to their form. They created a box for themselves and then manifested it. They cling to an idea and concept that are subject to the external appearance of certain laws. In addition, they define the characteristics of beauty and perfection that must be attained. They still identify with this box and believe that this is what being human looks like. This type of separation from the natural flow of evolution mainly brings suffering and disease with it.

What has been lost is the natural development and adaptation to their surrounding world. Humans have become the enemy within their own inner and outer worlds.

They interpret everything that occurs around them as danger, threat, and battle.

The current climate change is a problem for human beings! Instead of accepting the change and adapting to it (even physically), they cling to their form and their box.

From this perspective, they believe that they must control and fight something.

Human beings are becoming increasing allergic to nature! Who is sick here? If you are allergic to your own living space, then you are probably most allergic to yourself! You are your surrounding world.

Your inner world is mirrored on the outside—100 percent! If you declare nature as your enemy, you will have some mighty big problems. You will not be able to invent many substances, and there will never be enough protection and defense so that you can move within it. The pharmaceutical business is already earning a fortune on allergies and feels free to advertise this fact.

Wake up! You have become your own worst enemy!

What is momentarily happening on this earth is that humans are destroying themselves. In more precise terms, human beings are destroying being human!

And it really is time for this to happen!

The state of being human has actually been exhausted, and in itself, it is self-destructive. Here is a calming thought for those who are afraid that the Earth will be annihilated: This universe cannot be destroyed by human beings. It has powers and miracles that will always allow it to continue to exist.

This is what will happen: Being human will be eliminated or fade away. What remains is the being!

The current steps of evolution can be described as follows: The Earth has increased its frequency over the past few years, which means that it is turning more quickly. The calculation of time has long been incorrect, and many things move more quickly and are possible now. Manifestations are one example of this.

This frequency produces a new type of creation. Even if it barely exists as a thought, it can already be realized in the outside world at almost the same time. Healing can occur much faster than ever, because the speed in the cells and their division and renewal is accelerated.

Awakening and enlightenment can happen more quickly than ever, because this frequency has a supportive effect on your true being.

Do you even perceive all of this? Or are you so busy with your human dilemma that you overlook what is essential?

What makes you cling so hard to the old familiar stereotypes of the daily, limited existence that you fail to perceive these wonders? And together with the miracles, you also overlook all of the hints, characteristics, and invitations to lead a life in abundance.

The Earth has moved into a neutral magnetic field. A plus and minus field no longer exists. But humans manage to act as if everything has remained the same by believing in this kind of reality and clinging to it. This is a pure illusion and does not correspond with the truth.

What does this mean for you?

If your system exists in a zero frequency, you can choose to wake up and recognize your true being because it is at home in the source of zero magnetism. Or you lose your mind because your human existence can no longer orient itself. And yes, your concept is based on the idea that you are built upon plus and minus poles.

My observations have shown me that 60 percent of the population is currently crazy and 38 percent are desperately "flailing about," not knowing what is happening to them. An entire 2 percent are surrendering to evolution, which means that they are willing to find out who they really are and free themselves from the idea of being human.

This is neither good nor bad: It is what it is! And the direction in which you would like to move and which group you feel drawn to is up to you.

We all have the same starting point and all have this same opportunity for a new experience!

The content of this current phase of evolution is ingenious. It is truly bringing a quantum leap into the events of the moment. You could consider it a gift to be present in such an exciting time and stage of development. You literally have your awakening served to you on a platter!

It is easier than ever and more urgent to know your true being.

Here is what you receive instead your human identification: pure truthfulness, joy, oneness, abundance, love, almightiness, and freedom!

Everything is always available to you, and you can have completely new experiences without limitations and without a concept.

And do not believe that I am telling you something new. Human beings are also saying that humanity is destroying itself, but in the process, they forget that they identify themselves as human.

The time has come for an awakening!

C) Life Task

Is there a purpose for why you are here? No.

This has nothing to do with purpose, goals, or achieving something. None of this exists. You will truly comprehend this at the latest when you are awakened. And yet, it is something special to be here and have this experience, even though your so-called human experience is only a small portion of this and the essential focus is on your true being. Although this appears to have gotten lost in the development, it is now pushing itself into the foreground with more presence and urgency.

When we appear on this earth, each of us has a life task. The concept of the heart's desire describes it more precisely; however, this is not the desire based on our human identification but the source of the almighty. It is not our idea of what we would like to be or represent and not even what we wish we were.

It is not some illusion or imaginary concept of a certain role in your life. What I am talking about here is the desire from your heart, from your deep connection with everything, from the source of unconditional love!

It is your creation—your contribution that you have brought into this world and made visible through your existence!

What happened?

Human beings have not listened to their hearts for the past two thousand years. They have cut themselves off from their inner source, which is connected with everything. Their activities have been misdirected and dictated, and they have let others control them. To this day, 99.9 percent of the population does work that is in no way related to their beings. They do everyday activities that do not come from their true being and from their heart.

Should we wonder that there is war, hate, frustration, and anger on the earth?

Human beings run under a program of suffering and deficit, relinquish their responsibility, and fill the space in a box.

The good news is that you do not have to continue this way until the end of your life. Every moment is an offer to break out and discover who you really are.

It is comfortable to let other people think for you and make the decisions, even if you simultaneously suffer because of this, feel angry, and say that the others are responsible for your unhappiness.

Yet, this seems like an easier way of being than sitting down, listening to inside yourself, and finding out what you would really like to have happen through you.

In my many years in healing work, I have always heard the same stereotypical sentence: "I don't know what my heart's desire is."

I spent years telling the life task to individual human beings because my abilities also allow me to see their calling.

The result is that no one—not one single person—has translated this heart's desire into reality, not even with the knowledge of what it really would be!

I no longer tell heart's desires to my clients. Instead, I challenge them to find it out on their own (with my support).

The sentence "I don't know!" has one single, clear, and true translation: I don't want to know!

Humans have a type of arrogance toward awareness, which I also call awareness laziness. This means that they do not really want to take a closer look at themselves.

The moment that you know this, you no longer have any excuses for not turning it into reality.

And there is no such thing as not knowing. You already know everything that is related to you and your existence. Yet, wanting to know requires the path of self-exploration and curiosity.

All humans carry the knowing of their heart's desire, their life tasks, within themselves. Every cell in their DNA strand can be read energetically (psychically).

What is so wonderful about turning it into reality?

You first notice that you do not really need or want to talk about it. You create and do what appears and what you want to do.

You do not need any confirmation about it, and stop asking other people for their opinion on it. You know from a deep source that what you are creating must be exactly like it is.

The result is creations that amaze even you. Without concepts, laws, or learning something in advance, you can create everything with an inner knowledge.

There is a kind of inner guidance when and how something would like to be done or created.

And here comes the solution: For whatever still presents itself as a problem, you will be shown solutions that do not come from the human corner of understanding but integrate the strength and magnificence from the almighty being.

You will be amazed, and there is no doubt that you will turn these ideas into reality. When you are once again in connection with everything, when you understand and perceive all of the signs, a solution will always exist. New possibilities arise as long as you are open and have no specific ideas about what this should look like.

Tools for discovering your life task include the following:

Write down everything that really gives you joy and what you already liked to do as a small child. Then read through your lines and notice whether there are repetitions or a type of red thread.

What appears often or is similar on the list?

Forget all of your ideas or concepts about what you believe that your heart's desire should be. Just be open to what comes up.

Do not expect that you will see a specific line of work. This is not about the human structure of work and earning money. What I am talking about here is your heart and your true task.

Your life task can be expressed in one to two words: no more. Everything else is empty talk that you make up on your own.

You do not have to do anything with this information right away, and it doesn't even need to fit into the human framework at all.

The wonderful thing about your heart's desire is the freedom that it can bring to everything and a deep knowing that arises within you about how you can manifest it.

Why is this type of task so important?

You will experience the almighty power, miracles, endless creativity, and joy through it. In addition, it creates a fulfilled being. You will experience what it means to be in the flow, how you are inwardly guided, and how everything is already there for you.

Furthermore, you make a contribution to this creation that is characterized by love and joy. It is simply an enrichment that you are present here.

None of these creative processes and their results brings destruction, power struggles, greed, and a desire to possess with them. These are creations from the heart that are brought in with awareness and clarity. They do not have any of the human "craziness" in them.

Of the human inventions, works, and creations that currently exist on the planet, 94 percent are detached from the heart. Instead of supporting life, they burden our existence. Only 6 percent are truly created from the heart, from the source of being. What surrounds you and the things that you pay attention to every day are separated from the being in oneness in their structure and energy. The resulting pile of garbage and surrounding world problems speak for themselves.


Excerpted from AND NOW?! by ELKE RIESS Copyright © 2011 by Elke Riess. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


I) Solution....................1
A) Sinking Boat....................1
B) Evolution....................3
C) Life Task....................10
D) Eradication of Human Beings....................17
E) Learning....................21
F) Completely Supported....................26
G) Comfort Zone....................31
II) Matrix 3....................6
A) Human Matrix....................37
B) Almighty Matrix....................45
III) Being and Now....................57
A) Pendulum....................60
IV) Thirty-Eight Ingredients of Being....................82
A) Thirty-Eight Ingredients of Being....................84
B) Activation of the Thirty-Eight Ingredients....................94
C) Strengthening on All Levels....................97
V) Support....................100
A) Translating Your Heart's Desire into Reality....................102
B) Truly Serving....................105
C) A New World....................107
VI) Liberation....................110
A) Mirror....................110
B) Now....................112
C) Farewell....................115
VII) Awakened....................116

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