and should we die - The Cane Creek Mormon Massacre

and should we die - The Cane Creek Mormon Massacre

by Donald R. Curtis




From the early beginning of Christianity, the command to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all parts of the world rang loud and clear in the hearts of His followers. In many parts of the world, those proclaming the gospels' good news came under the shadows of ignorance, misunderstandings and misconceptions. Many instances erupted in violence against those carrying the light of truth. This has been the plight of missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, (Mormon) from it's organization in the upper State of New York in 1830. Perhaps the most brutal treatment received by Mormon Missionaries occurred in the American South. Still suffering the indignities of political reconstruction following the Civil War, many seemed unwilling to tolerate any preventable outside influence. On August 10,1884, in Lewis County, Tennessee, such an incident occurred, as a mob posing as the Ku Klux Klan, interrupted a Church meeting and what ensued was perhaps the South's darkest hour. Donald R. Curtis covers this tragedy in its entirety, what lead up to it, the actual tragedy itself, and how it effected the years that followed, and the lives of those left behind.

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