And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline of the American Steel Industry

And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline of the American Steel Industry

by John Hoerr


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• Choice 1988 Outstanding Academic Book
• Named one of the Best Business Books of 1988 by USA Today

A veteran reporter of American labor analyzes the spectacular and tragic collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s.  John Hoerr’s account of these events stretches from the industrywide barganing failures of 1982 to the crippling work stoppage at USX (U.S. Steel) in 1986-87.  He interviewed scores of steelworkers, company managers at all levels, and union officials, and was present at many of the crucial events he describes.  Using historical flashbacks to the origins of the steel industry, particularly in the Monongahela Valley of southwestern Pennsylvania, he shows how an obsolete and adversarial relationship between management and labor made it impossible for the industry to adapt to shattering changes in the global economy.

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ISBN-13: 9780822953982
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Publication date: 07/06/1988
Series: Pittsburgh Series in Social and Labor History
Edition description: 1
Pages: 690
Sales rank: 527,460
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

John Hoerr is a freelance writer and author with over thirty years of experience as a journalist for UPI, The Daily Tribune, and public television.  His published work includes And the Wolf Finally Came: The Decline of  the American Steel Industry  and We Can’t Eat Prestige: The Women Who Organized Harvard.

Table of Contents

Chapter 11
Collapse of the Steel Industry, 1982
The Mon Valley, 1987
What This Book Is About
Union Drama in a Ballroom
The Procedures Obscured the Reality
Chapter 224
The Union Movement Loses Momentum
Management's Strategic Failures
The Turning Point After World War II
Union Weakness in the Reagan Era
A Train Back East
Union-Busting Precedents
The Vulnerability of Unions in America
Chapter 352
The Life and Style of Lloyd McBride
A Threatening Trend
Concession Bargaining Comes to Steel
Ed Ayoub's Productivity Concerns
Legalistic Language, Bountiful Benefits
Chapter 482
On Strike in McKeesport
From Carnegie Steel to U.S. Steel
The Making of a Corporate Bureaucracy
Steel's Shortsighted Business Strategies
The 1940s and 1950s: Strikes and Strike Threats
Government Involvement in Wages and Prices
Chapter 5109
The No-Strike Agreement
Bruce Johnston: Labor Took Too Much
Quiet Talks on the ENA
A Mission to Linden Hall
Chapter 6134
Something of Importance in the Mon Valley
Pouring Oil on Troubled Steel
The Mon Valley Unemployed Committee
Views of the Rank and File
A Mechanism for Reform: LMPTs
Chapter 7162
Early Days on the Mon
Industry Equals Progress
The Immigrants Divided
Life in the Mill Towns
Politics McKeesport Style
The Effect of Social Environment
Growing Up in McKeesport: The Forties
Chapter 8194
The "Downside" Cycle: The UAW
The UAW-USW Rivalry
Auto Bargaining in 1982
The 1982 Ford Contract
Failure at GM
Moving Toward Negotiations in Steel
Chapter 9215
The 1982 Recession Worsens
The BSIC Debates Reopening
A Communications Fizzle
How Industrywide Bargaining Started
Chapter 10236
The 1982 Talks Begin
The Failure of Round One
The Propaganda War
"Democracy" and Dissent in the USW
The Dissidents of 1982
Chapter 11261
Mike Bilcsik, Idealist
SWOC and Labor-Management Cooperation
Murray's Ambivalence About Cooperation
Labor's Failed Bid for a Wartime Voice
Postwar Confrontations
The USW Turns Away from Cooperation
The Scalon Plan: A Beginning
Attempts to Reform the Bargaining Relationship
Management Proposes LMPT's in the 1980s
Chapter 12296
"Working" in the Mill, ca. 1950
The Management Bureaucracy
"Scientific Management"
The Safety Program: A Numbers Game
Quantity Over Quality
Section 2B
Union Corruption
Chapter 13333
Atlantic City, September 1982
Wage Cuts and Profit-Sharing
The Round Two Bargain
The BSIC Votes NO
The Reasons Why
The Aftermath
Chapter 14361
Bad News in 1983
A Groundswell for Concessions
What the Rank and File Wanted
Odorcich's Odyssey
Odorcich Versus Johnston: A Deal Is Struck
The Last Industrywide Ratification
Results of the 1983 Settlement
The USW Gave Up More Than It Intended
Chapter 15390
The Minimum Wage Recovery
Decline of the Blue-Collar Worker
A Change in Leadership
Williams Versus McKee
The Making of a USW President
Chapter 16415
Roderick's Tough Leadership
The Worldwide Restructuring of Steel
Labor Reforms at J&L
Confrontations at U.S. Steel
Cutting People at U.S. Steel
The "Graham Revolution"
The 1984 Plant Shutdowns
Conclusion: Both Sides Failed
Chapter 17447
A Transition Period
New USW Policies
Trouble at Wheeling-Pittsburgh
A Unique Settlement at Wheeling-Pittsburgh
New Approaches I: National Steel
New Approaches II: Weirton Steel
The End of Coordinated Bargaining
Chapter 18477
Winding Down at McKeesport and Aliquippa
Union-Management Efforts to Save LTV
Developing a Strategy for 1986
Creating a "Level Playing Field"
A U.S. Steel Initiative
A New Kind of Bargaining at LTV
An Innovative Agreement at National Steel
Settlements at Bethlehem, Inland, and Armco
Epilogue: LTV and the Steel Pension Crisis
Chapter 19513
The "Crisis in Steel" Campaign
Trouble in the Metal Industries
U.S. Steel: Round One
The Impact of the LTV Bankruptcy
Going on Strike ... or Lockout
The UC Decisions
Lasting It Out
Chapter 20539
The Icahn Takeover Bid
USX: Round Two
USX: Round Three
The 1987 USX Settlement
The Final Blow
A Concluding Note
Chapter 21567
The Once and Future Valley
The Human Price
Mon Valley Fragmentation Revisited
Activism: Service and Protest
Campaigns to Save Plants
Chapter 22589
The Post-Manufacturing Era in Pittsburgh
How Mature Industries Impede New Businesses
The Mon Valley in Retrospect
Chapter 23605
A Great Industrial Failure
Relating Wages to Productivity
"The Road Not Taken"
Beginnings of a New Industrial Relations System
Issues for Unions
A Note on Sources623
Map of the Pittsburgh region
Map of steel works in the Monongahela Valley, 1987

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