. . . And They Believed A Lie!

. . . And They Believed A Lie!

by Felicia Williams


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The 1st Edition of . . . And They Believed A Lie (2012) marks a turning point in My life of what has been a 12-year teaching project and research, lead by The Holy Spirit. The 1st Edition was an Eye Opener to the Facts and Truth about the Tribulation and The End of Days. The 1st Edition, paved the path and laid the Spiritual Foundation of Transformation, the Creation of Conversation and Chatter, for this Journey, We Are On Together. This year (2018), The Revised 1st EditionThis Story is where the Transformation Begins. I provide You with Special clarity and better understanding, valuable insight, where My Words become living, breathing, moving Words, right before your very eyes. I have made several improvements. The format and flow is better and I have included graphs and charts that was not available in the 1st Book. The text has been completely modified to better tell My Side of The Story, My Testimony, My Eyewitness Accounts, of What I heard, What I Saw, What was Revealed to Me, as I Journeyed to The Other Side. Dr. Felicia WilliamsREQUESTS THE HONOR OF YOUR PRESENCETO SEE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORYI Cordially Invite You Join Me For A Journey of A Unique Prophetic One-of-A-Kind Experience that reveals the Harmony in The Last Days Events And Walks You thru Prophecies, which are related Prophecies, related Events, that peaks your curiosity and Opens Your Eyes. I Will Inspire You with Words, Images, and The Decipher Codes of the Hidden Mysteries in The Word. I leave You with a Hunger, a Thirst, Joyous Feelings, Excitement, And Anticipation. I Will Shift Your Focus from Beyond this Open Door to The Other Side.

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ISBN-13: 9781481111379
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/18/2012
Pages: 398
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Dr. Felicia Williams is a Chosen Believer, a Visionary, an Inspiration Speaker, a Writer, a Teacher, a Mother, and a Nanna, devoted to the work of the Ministry. As a Chosen Believer, she has been inspired and commissioned to write, to speak, and to teach prophetically, words of comfort, words of edification, words of exhortation, and words of revelation.

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