And Yet, You Still Chose Me - Inspired By A True Story

And Yet, You Still Chose Me - Inspired By A True Story


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Author Kimberly Ray is the inspiration behind the story of the book, ‘And Yet, You Still Chose Me’, as it is her true-life testimony of the transformative power of spiritual dependence and mercy.

Her objective in writing a novel about a molested child is to reach the multitude of women, men, girls, and boys who feel they have no hope or purpose in life resulting from the abusive and oppressive conditions they currently live under, or which they experienced in the past.

As a current practicing minister, one of the reasons Ms. Ray’s ministry is so effective is because she has actually lived the life of many people who feel they are in hopeless circumstances. These people are a major focus of her ministry. She relates to them through her own story, having both credibility and impact beyond measure.

Ms. Ray has appeared as a sought-after, keynote speaker for several Women’s Conferences throughout the U.S. She has traveled to South Africa, ministering to people who have a hunger and a thirst to know why they should continue to hope. She plans to continue her international ministry outreach to South Africa and beyond, through missionary work.

To further the cause, Ms. Ray is the co-founder of the Tender Hope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to spread hope and empower the lives of low-income at-risk girls who have been victims of child abuse. Ms. Ray currently attends New Life Worship Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, under the anointed and visionary leadership of Pastor John F. Ramsey, Sr. At New Life Worship Center, she serves as a Christian Education teacher and leads a powerful Girl’s Reformatory Ministry, where she provides spiritual education, hope and direction to young women who are incarcerated.

Ms. Ray is a graduate of the Priscilla Institute of Eastern Theological Seminary, in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, with a Diploma in Pastoral Studies. She lives in Indiana with her family.

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ISBN-13: 9780615404875
Publisher: Onyx Pearl
Publication date: 09/14/2010
Pages: 185
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About the Author

Author Kimberly Ray resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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NBC Universal's Danaj J.E. Edmond

There’s no doubt this is the most brilliantly engaging and raw story of child abuse ever told. Instead of flowers, baby dolls, and pink ribbons, the reader is compassionately consumed by a little girl’s world of lost innocence...Her story is a voice for those also brutally violated who have been shamed or frightened into silence.--(Danaj J.E. Edmond)

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