Angel and Devil: Make My Day Book-22

Angel and Devil: Make My Day Book-22

Angel and Devil: Make My Day Book-22

Angel and Devil: Make My Day Book-22


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About the book "Angel and Devil"

Larry's daughter Rosanna, once wrote of Larry, to the people he writes about, quoting and paraphrasing some passage she read:
"In his more lyrical moments, he insists on a version of you that is funnier, stranger, more eccentric and more profound than you suspect yourself to be. In his more whimsical moments, he makes you capable of doing more good and more harm in the world than you've ever imagined.
"It is only after knowing him for some time that you begin to realize you are, to him, an essentially fictional character -- one that he has invested with nearly limitless capacities for tragedy and comedy, not necessarily because that is your true nature, but because he, Larry, needs to live in a world peopled by extreme and commanding figures."
So it would seem in this the 22nd book of his Make My Day series, Angel and Devil, when Larry writes of various personalities: Greg Cendaña trying to empty the ocean with a tea-cup, Johnny Enrile waddling like a duck, Freddie the Fart, Francis Garchitorena the Horse Face, Si Inay transported in a coffin dressed in layers of pasalubongs, Tony Balmori the con-man, the Marx Brothers who put the Philippine Daily Inquirer to bed, the bird and balls of Joker Arroyo, the Seven Dwarfs of Cory, James Murphy who looks three days dead and badly embalmed, Walden Bello as Kermit the Frog, and Charito Planas as Miss Piggy.
He can be hilarious and outrageous, but when he is serious, he can be knowledgeable, profound and awe-inspiring, as when he writes a series of articles on building a nation and on Land Reform.
Even the most trivial things like taking a bath or exercising, sitting on a chair or typing or saying the dirty word, is vested with an elegance and importance that surpasseth all understanding. His essay on the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the Removal of the American Bases in the Philippines, as proof that God exists, is a classic. And so his essay on Americans welching on their debts.
Read Henares and join the company of an educated man.


Foreword by Salvador Araneta,
Secretary of Economic Coordination - p7

1. The Last Bash Of Emperor Marcos - p8
2. Freddie the Fart - p11
3. Bong, Tito, Francis, Aart have the face of a horse - p12
4. Till death do we mart - p15
5, Cory's lolo, papa, first Cojuangco politicians - p16
6. Tony Balmori could have bamboozled Americans - p18
7. Lawyering to the point of treason? - p20
8. Maritess Calderon, the best in the world - p22
9 Celine and Quark in college make me feel very old - p23
10. American women brought racial prejudice here - p24
11. Ating is goodlooking; Jo Brady G. won't apologize - p26
12. Inquirer goes to bed with the Marx Brothers - p28
13. Friends come and go, enemies last forever - p31
14. Potpourri - p32


1. Snow White Cory and her Seven Dwarfs - p35
2. The Three Balls of Joker Arroyo - p37
3. Joker's three little birds... Awright! - p39
4. Doring Benigno was a bum on Lourdes Street - p41
5. Winnie had a bad time; me too, said Sonny - p43
6 Eating contest: JoeCon vs. George Shultz - p46
7. Ramon and Frank must learn to insult properly - p47


1. To be free is to be responsible for one's self - p49
2. Let it grow, not so fast, let it last! - p51
3. The only real death is one you die by not living;
role of the soldier - p53
4. We have become cruel beyond belief - p56
5. The Fall of Once Mighty Empires - p58
6. Lives of lonely splendor, against all odds, unafraid! - p59
7. In Japan, the lowest are lawyers and economists - p61
8. The Last Hurrah for the rag I love - p63
9. We Are In Deep Shit - p65
Part One. Our economy is in deep shit - p65
Part Two. Global free trade, a jungle world of dog-eats-dog - p66
Part Three. Greed and fear drive market forces - p67
Part Four. Fundamentals in the economy makes us puke - p68

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