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Angel: A Peter D .Chisholm Story

Angel: A Peter D .Chisholm Story

by Peter Delroy Chisholm


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The place is Zenta, the time is before the beginning. Man is not yet created and the only inhabitants that occupy Home are Rotliotans and Sperals. The Rotliotans are jealous, for Martaga has shown too much compassion for the Sperals. Mischief begins and the Mighty Speral Lucifer is persuaded that he is stronger than the Trinity.

Jusainia The Beautiful, a Mighty Speral that stands to the right hands of the Trio is tempted to betray their trust and her dedication, to join Legion in war. She cannot, she will not, for she knows deep within her very sphere that if she is to die, it must be by the side of the Father.

The souls of man is created. The plan of the heavens and earth is now materializing. Although not in heaven to provoke and antagonize, it appears Satan has left his trademark imprinted in those who serve The Holy Trinity.

Jusainia is jealous of the souls of man. They have become more precious in God's eyes even more than the Sperals. Many years have passed by, and Jusainia is more angry than ever. The one she loves and serves has been crucified. She is on a rampage of avenge.

A couple who has been caught up in the poisons of the world now struggles for survival. Paul loves his wife, but his lack of knowledge forbids him to achieve what can be his. A gift from the heavens will test their fate and possibly bring the achievement needed for eternal life.

How can Paul help Jusainia?

How can Jusainia help Paul?

Will she get her chance to fight and destroy who she hates?

Will the war end in failure?

Do WE have a chance?

Do you want to know?


A Peter D Chisholm story.

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