Angel Talk: A True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Healing and the Angels Who Got Her Through It

Angel Talk: A True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Healing and the Angels Who Got Her Through It

by Cathy Catching


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Angel Talk is a fascinating true story about one woman’s interactions with heavenly beings and her extraordinary recovery from an incurable and debilitating disorder! In addition to her own miracle, the author also shares how several other family members have been divinely touched and experienced their own mysterious healings!

Learn how the author, in her personal quest for healing, awakened her sixth sense and discovered that she could actually hear her angels talking to her! As she shares her journey, discover how faith and positivity can lead you to your very own spiritual enlightenment and divine interaction!

Angel Talk conveys more than just a personal story of healing; it is packed full of valuable life lessons and heavenly messages that are intricately woven within the text. These supernatural messages were received directly from the author’s angels and are provided as guidance for readers to live a happy, fulfilling and prosperous life! After reading Angel Talk, you too will have access to all of the necessary tools to receive your very own divine guidance!

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ISBN-13: 9781452523866
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/03/2014
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

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Angel Talk

A True Story of One Woman's Miraculous Healing and the Angels Who Got Her Through It

By Cathy Catching

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Cathy Catching
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2384-2


The Early Years

During the first few months after my healing, I spent countless hours reviewing my life. I reflected back to my early years in an attempt to uncover signs of my illness. My goal was to see if I could logically determine whether I had this illness all of my life. It didn't take me much time at all to come to that conclusion.

For as long as I can remember, I experienced some sort of medical problem. As a teenager, I played competitive tennis in school but was always plagued with fatigue issues. I remember being worried that my coaches thought I wasn't trying hard enough. There were times, though, that my body just wouldn't go anymore, particularly when training. I can remember trying to run laps around the football field and I just couldn't make it. The other players jogged passed me and waved. I felt like a slacker even though I was trying as hard as I could to keep up.

Stamina was always a problem even though I took really good care of myself. I wasn't overweight; I didn't smoke or do drugs; and I ate healthy. Although I was frustrated, I blew it off and just plugged along. I often pondered why my stamina was so low. As an active teenager, I should have had plenty of energy but I tended to tire easily. Fortunately, tennis is more of a "short burst energy" kind of sport, so I still excelled. I played through high school and even after having a family.

As I moved in to my twenties and thirties, I began having all kinds of other health issues. I was diagnosed with various ailments, including, fatigue, hypertension, hypoglycemia, recurrent UTI's, unexplained hearing loss, depression, anxiety, etc. I took medications off and on for these ailments but tried to stay off maintenance ones. The only medication that I ended up on long term was for high blood pressure and I didn't start that until I was about 35. At that time, I had four children and two of them were teenagers. I believe that I allowed the normal stress of parenthood to become distress and that took a toll on my health.

Even though I had legitimate health issues I continued to avoid taking additional maintenance medications. The main reason was based on my mother's experiences. She had taken a lot of prescriptions in her lifetime and I really did not want to follow in her footsteps. She experienced many unpleasant side effects and actually lost all of her teeth when she was about forty years old. They simply rotted out within a six month time period. Her doctor told her that it was likely the combination of the fifteen prescriptions that caused it. I would call that a nasty chemical cocktail.

Now, I don't fault my mother for taking all of those medications as she had many health issues. She was trying to get better and followed her doctor's advice. In her day doctors handed out lots of prescriptions with few alternatives. Nowadays, I believe that we are finding alternative solutions that don't have the side effects and I hope this continues. I believe people are waking up to the ills of ingesting too many of these synthetic chemicals, whether in prescriptions or through processed foods and artificial sweeteners. Side effects from medications as well as lawsuits seem to be on the rise. Ultimately, though, the decision is up to the individual.

So, back to my story ... as I reflected back upon my mother's life, I realized that her ill health paralleled mine in a number of ways. I didn't give it too much thought until later in my illness. The bulk of this information, though, didn't surface until I was writing this book.

She and I both went from being fairly active to living a very sedentary life in a span of just a few short years. While in her thirties my mom had to stop league bowling. According to my father, she just could not grip the ball any longer. For me, hand problems came a little later in life. I was in my forties when I noticed dexterity and strength issues. I also noticed a decline in my agility and stamina even though I was physically fit and playing indoor soccer. Some doctors told me that it was a normal part of aging but I didn't buy it. Our body is designed to function athletically our entire life, as long as we take good care of it.

I also remember that my mother's feet were very sensitive. This is one sign of neuropathy, which is something that I also experienced in my feet. My mother and I both also suffered from balance issues, fatigue, low thyroid, fluid imbalance, sugar disorders, depression and other health issues. Her health continued to deteriorate until she passed away at forty-five from cardiac and respiratory failure.

I never quite understood the circumstances around her death, but my angels helped me with clarification. They showed me what really happened to her and I now have much more compassion for what she went through. For as long as I can remember, my sister and I were led to believe that most of her problems were emotional in nature. We were told that she was mentally ill and I believed that to be her primary problem. I now believe that her primary problem was the same rare disorder that I had and the depression was just secondary.

As I continued to reflect about my early years, I was encouraged to share a couple of stories to show how the divine world interacts with us. I understand more about these events but have probably only scratched the surface of the significance. These interactions are very complex. I feel sure that many of you have had similar experiences but might not have recognized them as being supernatural in origin.

The first story involves a medical crisis that I don't even remember the details of. I just know that I was sick again. I was shuffling along trying to get to the car so I could be transported to the emergency room. I was wearing a pink gown that I had inherited from my mother after she passed away. For some strange reason, I felt like I was actually her, making one of her frequent trips to the hospital. It was just a transient feeling but it certainly was not comforting.

I later disposed of the gown as it brought up too many unhappy feelings that I could not quite understand. I assumed it was just related to a normal memory of that particular unpleasant hospital visit but my angels have said that there is much more to it. Wearing that gown affected me in a negative emotional way and they wanted me to get rid of it. In my mind, I had saved that old pink nightgown thinking that I would feel close to my mother. Instead, it triggered unpleasant memories of her illness and feelings of guilt that I had over our strained relationship.

My angels have taught me that it is good to dispose of items that bring up negative feelings, even if they are still useful. It is simply in our best interest to surround ourselves with things that make us feel happy. Later on, I felt some degree of comfort about my mother's visit after I learned that my husband had also felt her presence. He actually thought he had seen her earlier in the evening. When I learned about this, I felt that she was actually there looking out over me in my time of need. It continues to amaze me that God allows our departed loved ones to provide assistance to those of us still living. With the help of our angels, our loved ones can communicate and even manifest their appearance if it is important enough.

My second story that includes divine interaction is about ... well, you guessed it ... another health emergency. I was in post-op after having minor surgery and experiencing quite a bit of pain. My gut feeling was not to take anything so I initially declined medication. I have now learned that the gut feeling is how the divine world communicates with us. It's also called an instinct or a sixth sense. The information is provided to us so that we can make decisions based on it. That world knows what is going to happen and is trying to guide us for our benefit.

Well, I ignored that gut feeling and eventually decided that I should just take something for the pain. I wasn't sure how it would affect me so I asked for a reduced dose. I figured that it would be fine as I was hooked up to all kinds of post-op machinery that monitored my heart and breathing. If something went wrong, surely those monitors would pick it up. And that they did.

I had been given one milligram of morphine and promptly lost consciousness. From what I have been told, one milligram is considered a test dose. For me though, it was too much for my body to handle. Immediately, my heart and respiration rate became very irregular until both completely stopped.

The next thing I remember is vaguely hearing an anxious man saying "Stay with us, now" over and over. He kept talking to me and gently shaking my arm. I also heard several other faint voices in the room and remember wondering what the fuss was all about. I felt so wonderful and wanted everyone to be quiet and just let me sleep! My body was totally relaxed and I felt this amazing sense of peace.

As I opened my eyes, I heard this man talking to me about chest compressions and how my chest might be sore. I remember looking at him and nonchalantly thinking "Oh, okay". I tried to go back to sleep but he continued talking to me and again telling me sharply to "Stay with us, now!" I couldn't figure out what he meant. I heard the room buzzing with activity and then I overheard a conversation. Two nurses were discussing about how I had stopped breathing but my mind still did not process what they were saying.

Shortly thereafter I experienced what I'd now consider a "hot flash like no other". It was if I was going to self combust from the heat. I started yanking my blankets off and noticed that they were very wet. I began to get irritated as I don't like to be wet and I certainly don't like to be hot. I asked what happened to my bedding and someone bluntly replied "You released your bladder".

Now, most folks may not understand this but it took me several more moments to put all those pieces together. Perhaps it was the medication or my temporary state of euphoria, but my brain was not processing well. I pondered over that particular phrase, trying to remember where I had heard it before and what it meant. Then, I suddenly remembered. ONLY DEAD PEOPLE RELEASE THEIR BLADDER. Now, I'm a stickler for detail and I know that is not a completely medically accurate statement but those were my thoughts verbatim at the time.

Instead of going home after my surgery, I ended up spending the night in the special care unit of the hospital. I was hooked up to all kinds of fancy monitors and there was a nice little syringe of an opiate antagonist medication on my bedside table. I guess this was just in case there were residual effects from the morphine. If that wasn't frightening enough, no one was allowed to stay with me overnight and there was no television to distract me. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much that night.

It wasn't until many years later that I learned that my fear during that experience was totally unnecessary (more on this in the chapter about my healing). There will be times when we, as humans, don't have control of our life circumstances. It is important that we turn our fears over to God and let him handle it. He will take care of us.

So, I believe that the divine was at work that December when I coded. I was in the right place to have that experience. I don't fully understand everything that happened but I also believe that the timing was significant. It was a few days before Christmas, our celebration of the birth of Jesus. What a wonderful time to reflect on my spirituality! That particular year I learned to focus less on the gift giving and more about what the holidays truly represent.

I also began to ponder over life and death more. I had always been afraid to die, believing that we simply cease to exist. I thought that we just entered a big void and that was it. After my coding incident, though, I mysteriously lost most of that fear. Even though I do not recall details of a "near death experience", I know that I surely must have had one! Somehow, I had a new comprehension of our soul's transition. We live; we die ... we live again!

My release from the hospital also coincided with my brother-in-law's birthday, December 19th; his soul's entry into this lifetime. I decided this would be a great time to celebrate my new birthday as well. I did so for several years with my own quiet reflection about what had happened on that day.

For me, the whole experience enlightened me and bolstered my spirituality. Let's face it, at some point in our life, we are all going to lose someone from this physical world. Although it is very difficult for those of us left behind, it is important to know that the departed are going back to be with God and are really not that far away. There is just a very thin veil between heaven and earth.

As you have read, my early years were filled with many odd medical issues. For me, it was a way of life and I simply adjusted to the demands of my body. I just kept on living what I considered to be a normal life. There would become a point though, that I realized the seriousness of my situation.


The Reality of Illness

In February of 2003, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. This one was the silver and I was very excited about it. We had married at a young age and many thought we wouldn't make it. Well, we certainly proved them all wrong! We now have been married 36 years!

The best man from our wedding decided to throw us an anniversary party that year. Several other friends pitched in and supplied us with everything that we needed. We had an amazing DJ who provided all of the entertainment and other friends that brought all of the food. Most of our family and friends attended and even our mayor dropped in! I remember feeling good and only having a minimal amount of problems with dexterity. Although we had a nice turnout, one particular person was clearly absent. My mother-in-law, Barbara, had passed away just two months prior to the party.

Barbara was the matriarch of her family and the glue that held everyone together. She was the kind of person that everyone liked and had a heart as big as the state of Texas. She was kind and loving; generous and non-judgmental. After I married her eldest son, we quickly developed the mother-daughter relationship that I desperately needed. She was not only my mother-in-law, but one of my best friends and confidantes.

Barbara's death occurred on what was a significant date for her family and for me. It was on her youngest son's birthday and marked the anniversary of my re-birthday from my coding incident that I shared in Chapter One.

During the evening of December 19th, 2002, friends and family gathered at her home to say their final goodbyes. I know that she was much happier to be at home surrounded by all things familiar. It had been a somewhat lengthy illness and we were all relieved to know that her suffering here on earth was about to end. We sang to her; played her favorite music; and made sure she was comfortable. Although she was heavily medicated, I know she could hear everything around her and appreciated everyone's efforts.

Her exit from this world had an unexpected spiritual affect on me. Although I didn't know it at the time, this experience also served as a prelude to what was in my future. As Barbara was drawing in her last breaths, I began to have these extraordinary visions of her transition from this world!

In my vision, I could see a young Barbara, tall and thin. She looked to be about sixteen years of age and was wearing a grayish colored skirt with a white blouse. She was walking in a misty white tunnel towards a man and a woman who looked very happy to see her. The man and woman were both dressed up and wearing dark colored suits that were from the 1940's era. I immediately recognized them from black and white photographs that I had seen. I could barely believe that I was actually witnessing Barbara's parents welcoming her to heaven!

At about the same time, I had another vision. This time I saw a breathtaking rainbow with several bands of bright and brilliant colors. Now, I've seen plenty of rainbows in my day, but this one was very different. Not only could I see it, but I could actually feel it! This beautiful rainbow emanated the purest form of love that you can possibly imagine. I was filled with this amazing and incredible sense of peace and joy!

I don't know if anyone heard me but I started to whisper about what I was seeing. I so wanted them to feel the same level of comfort that I was feeling. This wonderful person that we all loved dearly was beginning her transition to join her parents and enter a real place! This is a place where there are no constraints of the human body! A place where pain and suffering don't exist! A place that is filled with the purest kind of love that only God can provide! Somehow, I actually got a glimpse into that divine world where we transition from earth into heaven! I was overjoyed that I was allowed to witness something so special!

After her death, I periodically felt like Barbara was trying to connect with me. I frequently dreamed of her even though I was trying not to think about her. Other family members also reported dreaming of her and feeling her presence. One of the younger grandchildren even told her father that her "Nanna" had rocked her to sleep one evening. I was simply amazed that she could still stay so connected!


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Table of Contents


Preface, ix,
Introduction - Divine Guidance, xiii,
Chapter 1 - The Early Years, 1,
Chapter 2 - The Reality of Illness, 12,
Chapter 3 - A Friend in Need, 37,
Chapter 4 - Other Methods of Healing, 52,
Chapter 5 - I Can Hear Angels, 72,
Chapter 6 - The Miracle, 99,
Chapter 7 - Road to Recovery, 126,
Chapter 8 - A Christmas to Remember, 149,
Chapter 9 - Family of Miracles, 167,
Chapter 10 - Return to Chimayo, 196,
Epilogue - Angel Talk, 211,
Appendix A - Legend of Chimayo, 215,

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