Angels All Around Us: A Sightseeing Guide to the Invisible World

Angels All Around Us: A Sightseeing Guide to the Invisible World

by Anthony DeStefano
3.4 7

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Angels All Around Us: A Sightseeing Guide to the Invisible World 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Alice DiNizo for Readers Favorite Anthony DeStefano who has written the popular religious books "A Travel Guide to Heaven" and "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To" now has created the well-written and thoughtful "Angels All Around Us". "Angels All Around Us" tells of how the reader will be protected and guided in life by having faith in God and taking the path He has for each of us. By living on this higher plane of life, we will not be spared troubles and sorrow, for as the author writes on page 97, "None of this is to say that by living your life this way you will be immune from suffering. You won't be. As long as you're on this planet, you're going to have your share of problems. What it does mean is that there won't be any problems in your life bigger than your spirit; there won't be any problem that will have the power to permanently disrupt the profound sense of joy and peace that you feel on a consistent basis ..." "Angels All Around Us" does not offer the Christian reader easy solutions, just the right ones. Anthony DeStefano, author of "Angels All Around Us", writes of angels and the specific one that surrounds each of us individually. He also covers Satan and fallen angels or demons, the warfare that goes on continually for each soul and how Christ gives meaning to human suffering. He also writes of how we can all be saved by grace. The casual believer or non-believer will not absorb DeStefano's words easily and may put this book aside but the Christian who aspires to higher and deeper understanding of God and His angels will love what DeStefano outlines in "Angels All Around Us". A great reader for the avowed Christian!
JoAnWMartin More than 1 year ago
Angels all Around Us Subtitle: A sightseeing Guide to the Invisible World Anthony DeStefano attempts to explain the spiritual world that surrounds us. He offers us a great read to the possibility that we can gain a better understanding of God and His angels. With an open mind he suggests we try to "see" this incredible world, not with the eyes in our head, but with the eyes in our soul. St. Augustine tried to comprehend the Trinity. He prayed, "God help me to understand you!" As he walked on the beach he saw a small boy scooping up water and running back to pour it into the hole he had dug. He asked, "What are you doing?" "I'm filling it this hole up with all the water in the ocean." Augustine laughed and said, "You can't possibly fit the vast ocean into that little hole!" "Neither can you fit the vastness of God into your tiny little mind." True or a legend, we can still learn from it. Everyone has read and heard anecdotes from people who are sure they have been visited by an angel. It is impossible to separate the authentic from the phony angel story. But angels do exist and are as real as you are. Be cautious about spiritual matters, but don’t deny the existence of the spiritual realm. Angels are invisible spirits but at times under certain circumstances they are allowed to show themselves in a visible way. They are pure spirit, like God, serving as messengers and guardians. If we can only retrieve our sense of wonder, we have company, because we're surrounded by angels. DeStefano uses quotations and teaching directly from the Bible and insists that if we can see with God’s eyes it will help us become aware of the presence of God and his messengers on life’s journey. The author suggests that we try to know God not through scientific proof, but through faith and trust. After all we expect this in our relationships with family and friends. He won’t force us to do anything, but when we feel a nudge to do the right thing or uncomfortable about doing the wrong thing, that may be evidence of an angel. Follow the biblical injunction to "walk by faith and not by sight."
April-RainSM More than 1 year ago
Good book but it did not live up to it's title.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Bought one for my daughter's family and anfter reading some of it I order another for my other daughter. My husband and I are reading it together now. It's fun reading and full of great information for ones faith journey.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago