Angels: Unseen Reality

Angels: Unseen Reality

by Rich. N. Ekegbo


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Angels: Unseen Reality by Rich. N. Ekegbo

The unseen realities, which include electric current, wind, cold, radio, heat, waves, spirits, phantoms even angels and other unseen forces shape our lives for better or for worse. Sometimes these forces may not be something, though; all the same, they should not be seen as nothing.

Seers, mystics, believers, scientists and even philosophers often cipher, decipher and or discern these forces, including their modus vivendi and modus operandi. Although they may be more than discernible, faith, vision, knowledge and to some extent, sense experience testify to seers premonition of activities of the evil one, activity of the angels of God, mystics interaction with elemental spirits via their astral travels. And even philosophers, exemplified in Leibniz and his belief in his monads, try to convince us of the influences of the unseen realities. The scientists in their own world, which you call laboratory, have succeeded in mystifying, and to some extent, deifying some "concepts" like atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, unicellular "realities" like bacteria, fungi, amoeba, and the like, as powers which radically change things for good or for bad for man. The two convictions they need from us are that we can hardly see or know much about these concepts, unless we are "insiders"; and that these concepts are the bases of the changes we see in the visible world.

The Hebrew writer needs only our belief in unseen realities. Moreover, when we have seen, we not only believe in their activities within our system, but also have to go beyond that.

Let's talk about Angels....

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ISBN-13: 9789784845007
Publisher: Rex Charles & Patrick Ltd., Nimo, Anambra State, N
Publication date: 01/30/2008
Pages: 112
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About the Author

Angels: Unseen Reality is a must read book about the concept "Angels". Although the book looks a little bit into the activities of the bad angels and demons (Demonology), it concentrates, however, on the roles and activities of the good Angels (Angelology), taking the Holy Bible as its main source, and using other extra biblical sources, religions, inspiriations, and other experiences as back up. With the gathered information, the book has been able to know the choirs of angels, the states of the Angels, the names of some angels, the modes of the activities of the angels and much more. The point is that angels are beings whose state is different from that of human beings.
While the functions of the bad Angels is malignant in nature, the benevolent Angels help to minister to God and uphold His glory. Besides, some good Angels help to enhance the status of human beings to live safe and better life as the children of God. And to do this, individuals, churches and even institutions are being guided by these unseen realities called Angels as are seen in references.

Besides Education and Religion in his First Degree, Rich. N. Ekegbo has Masters Degree in Philosophy and in Linguistics (English/Igbo Translation) and is now about finishing his Doctorate Degree in Linguistics. He has written many books including:
I. The Ploughman's Talk (1)
2. Holy Ghost...Fire!
3. Our Confused Christians
4. Cascade of Effusions

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