Anger in the Classroom: Finding Freedom from Anger: A Handbook for Teacher and Learner

Anger in the Classroom: Finding Freedom from Anger: A Handbook for Teacher and Learner

by Glenn Nystrup M.S.


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Teachers are given a great responsibility and challenge when they enter a classroom. The way they see, interpret, and act will determine the difference between effective or weak communication and teaching. It is the task of the teacher to learn and prepare for this classroom setting, including the intrusion of trouble spots, such as anger in its many forms.

The overbearing emotion of anger has many faces and can lead to a complicated array of feelings, actions, and consequences. There is no set plan or technique that can address all of the hazards or nuances of anger. Solutions may need to vary from one student to the next, or from one moment to the next for an angry student or teacher.

Although Anger in the Classroom is written specifically for teachers and other educational professionals, it also is an invaluable resource for parents and anyone else who works with the young. Recognizing the difficulty that anger and similar strong emotions can cause in schools and in children’s lives, this book proposes techniques and practices aimed at preventing and circumventing the damaging effects of these destructive behaviors.

Goals of Anger in the Classroom for the Teacher/Reader:

  • To realize the depths of knowledge, ability, and understanding currently hidden beneath one’s awareness
  • To head off anger and its manifestations before it can take hold in the classroom or the individual
  • To create a classroom environment that fosters appreciation, rather than resentment
  • To provide specific practices for exploration and specific results
  • To prepare the teacher for passing on experience and knowledge to students
  • To rekindle the excitement and joy of teaching

Specific Features:

  • Case stories illustrating concepts and techniques
  • Specific exercises conducive to reader development and enriched classroom practices
  • End-of-chapter questions for readers, especially college students on a path to teacher certification

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Pages: 226
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About the Author

Glenn Nystrup began his teaching career in a pre-school Head Start program and in recent years has been an instructor of varied subjects in colleges in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Between these two bookends of pre and post-secondary schooling, he has taught and mentored students of every age and grade. Spanning forty-five years, Glenn has worked in both classroom and individualized settings with general education students and students covering a wide range of special needs.
After receiving a BA in Mathematics, Glenn went on to earn an MS in Special Education. Throughout his career he has held a variety of educational positions such as: director of a small private school, founder/director of a learning center for all ages, board member of several private schools, and co-creator of a private school for students with high-functioning autism in New York State.
Glenn enjoys both teaching and learning in many forms and continues to discover new interests and passions to share with others. He has taught varied subjects in numerous settings over a wide range of disciplines, including: multiple academic subjects for all ages; the preparation of graduate students for teacher certification in both general and special education; the fine art of stone carving (sculpting with teens and adults in such materials as marble, alabaster, Persian onyx, and African wonderstone); technical rock climbing with teens across the US east coast; movement and dance with teens in New York City; and school navigation for students struggling with academic, emotional, and social aspects of their educational lives.
The creation of this book continues this trajectory for Glenn. He shares, in its writing, aspects of what he has learned over decades of classroom teaching and individualized education, as well as teaching "in the field." He understands that the passion of teaching is closely linked to the passion of learning, and indeed the only way for either to remain alive is for both to be engaged and vital.

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