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Anger Management: A Guide For Managing and Controlling Your Anger and Regaining Control of Your Life

Anger Management: A Guide For Managing and Controlling Your Anger and Regaining Control of Your Life

by Charlotte Olsen


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Ever Feel Like You Are Constantly Angry?

You Aren't Alone - Millions of people have anger management problems.

The world is getting increasingly complex and full of distractions due to technology, careers, education finances, etc.

Uncontrolled anger does have the ability to rob you of opportunities and ruin friendships, there are ways to control and eliminate the negative side of anger, starting right now.

I personally suffered from angry outbursts in my 20's when my career and finances took a turn for the worst, and the anger outbursts simply made it even worse. I constantly compared myself to others in my age group that were much more successful than I was, and it drove me crazy, silently of course...until someone or something set off a trigger, then I lost all control, saying things and doing things that caused real lasting damages to friends and situations, and when I was done I could not believe I acted so irrationally.

The damage my uncontrolled anger had done was long-lasting many times over for years.

It did take a while to get control of it, and it all started with baby steps and self-affirmations to avoid triggers. Sounds simple, right?

Let me ask you a question; take an event in your past where you had uncontrolled anger, and try to observe yourself from an outside perspective, like a bystander watching you. Road rage, co-worker rage, domestic rage, whatever..

How do you feel?

Your answer will reveal a lot about your deep inner psychology..

In this book you will learn steps to control and eliminate anger. Anger is not always a negative emotion but is a necessary part of our lives.
Negativity comes in when we lose control.
When anger emerges without boundaries, the fiery emotion burns through us like hot coals until it consumes us and everything around us, destroying lives, relationships and careers with the speed of a literal forest fire.

Getting control of this emotion requires some deep inner searching. You need to understand what anger really is and how to deal with it. This book has been designed to give you fundamental principles we all experience when we are dealing with anger and teaches you basic techniques that can help you to reign it in without causing harm to yourself and others. We will discuss:

• What anger really is
• What happens when anger is not controlled
• How to find your anger triggers
• How your thoughts and your behavior are connected
• Strategies to deal with anger
• How to be proactive rather than reactive
• Relaxation techniques
• Peaceful conflict resolutions

If you're tired of anger getting to control your life, this book will help you to reclaim it and get back to a more positive way of interacting with the world around you. It's time for you to make a change now by taking the first step which this book will introduce to you.

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