Animal Consciousness

Animal Consciousness

by Christopher R. Defusco


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What is it like for my dog to chew on a steak bone? Does he taste the saltiness of the residual meat? Does he feel the sandpaper-like texture of the partial skeletal structure? What does it smell like, for him? When he drinks his water, does he feel the coolness of the liquid? If he bites his tongue, does he experience the same feeling of pain

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Publication date: 01/01/2001
Pages: 284
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Table of Contents


Part I
1 Why Consciousness
2 Kinds of Consciousness
3 Conscious vs. Nonconscious
4 Memory
5 Phenomenal Feel
6 Awareness
7 First-Order Representing
8 Higher-Order Thought
9 Theory of Mind
10 Top Down Methodology

Part II
11 Behavior
12 Emotion
13 Learning
14 Evolution
15 Evolutionary Continuity
16 Physiology and Neuroscience
17 Morphology
18 Mental State Ascription
19 Cognition
20 Communication
21 Inference to the Best Explanation
22 Summary
23 Conclusion

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