Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts

by Patricia Rosemoor

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Half-human, half-Kindred, Luc Lazare doesn't want more complications in his life. He's focused on protecting his shapeshifting family and love is the last distraction he needs.

Skye Cross has the ability to talk to animals. Her most recent animal rescue mission–stopping an alleged dog fight–actually involved shifters in a primal battle. Her investigation leads her to Luc, a man whose powers both unsettle and intrigue her. Skye quickly finds herself caught in a dangerous world she never knew existed, while relying on a man she couldn't possibly trust.

Coming from two different worlds, can Luc and Skye overcome the obstacles fated to keep them apart?

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Publisher: The Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 01/09/2018
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Animal Instincts 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Skye Cross is an animal lover and will protect them no matter what. Sky's twin brother Shade is a police officer investigating dogfights without his partner's knowledge. When Shade us killed in the line of duty, his twin sister Skye wants to find his killer. Luc Lazare is Kindred but can't deny his feelings for Skye. Luc also wants to find whose behind Jez's death. Can they work together? Your answers await you in Animal Instincts,
DJTP More than 1 year ago
The first book in the Kindred Souls series Animal Instincts by Patricia Rosemoor. This book is not my usual type of book to read but I liked the romance and storyline of the book. If you enjoy reading fantasy books with shape shifters and humans this book is for you.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! The cover is awesome! I love when both forms are on the cover. This is my first time reading Patricia’s work, and it is also the first book in a new series! This book is for adults only due to the violence and adult topics. This book does have gambling and betting on illegal animal fights for any who may be sensitive to these topics. This is a very unique shifter world. I have never read anything quite like this where shifters are demon like and their purpose is to corrupt humanity. Luc is half human and half Kindred. This has caused him to feel like he doesn’t belong in either world and is torn between the two. He knows that the people he cares about will always be targets. Skye can unique abilities, and her world is turned upside-down. She learns new things about herself and her family along the way. Skye and Luc come from opposite worlds, and they are tested. I enjoyed this unique story and perspective, and I want to see where this world goes next. I hope I get to see more of Skye and Luc! I recommend to shifter fans who like unique and completely different worlds and who do not get hung up on what good and evil is!
Shweetsandi More than 1 year ago
Paranormal is one of my favorite genres to read so when I saw that Tule Publishing Group had a book in this style in there listings I jumped on board to give it a read. It took me a little while to get into this book when I started reading it but after awhile it did start to flow. To me this book was more of a mix of mystery and paranormal which made it almost its own unique form in itself. It is so different than most shifter books and that makes up for the slow start. Skye Cross, has a very unique you would call it psychic way with animals (and other things). We discover that quickly in this book and that leads us to her meeting Luc Laverre. Skye is a twin, her brother is a police officer Shade Cross and lets say he's spirit is very strong in this book. I am one of those people who will not say a lot about the book other than enough to tell's slow at the first but believe me if you like paranormal books, it is well worth going through the slow parts to reach the good. I definitely plan to read the second part of Kindred Souls and plan to look for more from this author as this was the first thing i have read from Patricia Rosemoor. Her style of writing is different from what I am used to but well worth reading.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
After reading the synopsis for Animal Instincts I was eager to dive in. Patricia Rosemoor has written a shifter story, calling them the Kindred, with a history differing from any I've heard before. In many ways her explanation of how shifters came to be was more more believable than others I've read. The story is about a powerful Kindred family whose secret place in the community has been discovered due to fights-to-the-death between shifters being organized by someone within their Company. Because the bodies of the shifters that lose are being left behind (and have transformed back to their human state) and found, a homicide investigation by the police began. Shade Cross is the detective in charge of the investigation. His twin sister Skye Cross, an animal rescuer also becomes involved. Shade and his sister Skye are able to read each others thoughts over a psychic connection. Luc Lazare, the half-human son of the Boss and Security Director for The Company also becomes directly involved in investigating who is responsible for these fights when his close childhood friend is forced to fight to her death. Things become even more entangled when he realizes Shade and his sister, Nuala, are having a relationship. Especially since he and Skye seem to also have a strong "animal" attraction difficult for either of them to ignore. To avoid detection, and to feed his hate for Luc, the fights organizer decides to kill off the people close to him. His friend Jez is first. When he goes after Luc's mother, Slade is shot and killed protecting her. This instills Skye with even more motivation to find out who the responsible party is and solve her brother's murder with the help of Slade's partner, Ethan. This storyline really was fascinating and had so much potential, but for me it was missing too much and had too much all at the same time. The writing was inconsistent and felt like it was all over the place making it difficult to stay interested. So much was brought into play for world-building, but then never really explained. Same with characters, I felt like very few were developed enough that I could understand the reasons for their actions. However, I was able to guess who the bad guy was the first time he was brought into the story and the same went for his accomplice. I was disappointed in the end to find out I was right. The other large part of the story was the attraction between Skye and Luc. I knew it was there, kept being told it was there, but never really felt the emotion of it. Now the love Nuala and Shade felt for each other was a different story. It was tangible and heartbreaking. Very well written and I loved their part of the ending. Eventually, Luc and Skye are able to work things out as well even though she is a Progeny of The Powers and he has Kindred blood. I had high hopes as I began this book and liked many parts about it, but it just didn't click for me. I rate it with three stars. *I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
HeatherMcC More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars The mystery and tension kept me hooked. Two different points of view enrich the story and deepen the characters in a very nice way. However, I will say that I did not like how the author shifted from 1st to 3rd person, that was jarring. And yet, it wasn't enough to make me stop reading and didn't ruin the novel for me. It is the only reason it didn't earn four stars though. This is a very sensual read, definitely for adults, but I wouldn't classify it as erotic. It passed the biggest test: I would read a sequel. 
DelphinaReadsTooMuch More than 1 year ago
I am a shifter addict, so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it.  It did take me a while to get into the story.  I think that was mostly due to me getting used to the author's writing style.  She changed from not only POV but also went from 1st to 3rd person in a few spots.  Once I got in though, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.    What I really loved about it was the lore.  Patricia created a shifter world completely unlike any I have read before.  Since I have read at least one shifter book a week, that is saying something.  The history of how shifters came to be was completely new to me.  I was intrigued and really want to know more. Skye was feisty, compassionate and gifted with the ability to understand animals. Luc was in this powerful position, yet still an outsider and in many ways that made the story all the more interesting. The story was filled with mystery, suspense, love and hate.  It had all the elements I look for in a shifter read.     I am hoping this is the first in a series.  Partly because I want to know more about this world and partly because I think that so much of this book was about creating this world that it lost something in the process and that would not be the case in book two because the world would already be there.  If 3 1/2 stars were an option I probably would have chosen that because it did not grab me right from the beginning and I did struggle with the head hopping a bit.  Overall, I would recommend it though because the world is that fascinating and unique.  
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
Unique paranormal romance and suspense... Someone is forcing shifters in their animal form to fight against wild dogs and many die in the arena. Their bodies are later found in their human form, victims of gruesome animal attacks, setting the authorities to investigate what they believe are human deaths.  Skye Cross and her brother Shade are different from other people. They can communicate psychically with each other and animals. The reasons why they can do this they don't know until Shade is killed and comes back as a ghost and they seek the answer in their family history. Shade's spirit can't move on so he is helping his sister solve his murder and stop the animal fighting which are both connected. Luc Lazare, a panther shifter, is a human shifter hybrid. He is looking into the animal fighting that has cost him a dear friend. He is torn between two worlds, not fully a part of either. He meets Skye and becomes her protector; he owes her for her brother died to save his human mother. There is an irresistible pull between the two of them which Skye refers to as "animal magnetism", he has it in spades and she responds to it. But they are from different worlds, from bloodlines that have been enemies throughout the ages. As they work together to find answers they realize that there is more than just animal attraction between them, they like who each other is and though they both fight the temptation they want more. Sometimes when two different worlds collide it is meant to be. This book has so much to it; mystery, suspense, paranormal shifters, a ghost, descendants of fallen angels, descendants of the protectors against evil, and romance. Quite an interesting and unique world this author describes. This reader was enthralled and couldn't stop reading. There is lots of action with strong interesting characters and some delightful repartee. Would have liked an epilogue and more about the heroine's bloodline. ARC provided by the publisher.
Lynn53 More than 1 year ago
A Suspenseful Paranormal Must Read. Rating: 4 1/2 stars I received this book for review from the publisher and the author. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.  You will figure out pretty early that this is a story about shape shifters and some of them actually show their other side. But this is more about the mystery that surrounds the Lazare family that’s the most intriguing. I’m glad that the whole book wasn’t told from Skye’s viewpoint. You get some of Luc’s point of view – how family is important. Patricia has created an interesting family business and has included a group of people that seem very bloodthirsty. What I love about this book is that you can’t figure Luc out – he’s a man of mystery. He’s one reason why this makes the story a real page-turner. There’s something going on with him and his family and our author is very good about not revealing anything too early. If you are a lover of mystery, suspense, and the paranormal; you can’t go wrong in adding this book to your library. You may also find that if you’ve never read a book by Patricia Rosemoor before that you will want to read more of her material.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First I would just like to say I love how the author has originality in the names she picked. Skye and Shade are siblings who each have the ability to communicate with each other and animals. However, when Shade is murdered Skye starts to become led into a whole new world that she did not know existed and with the help of her brothers ghost will start to piece together where they came from. Skye quickly learns that not everything is as she as it seems when she starts investigating her brother’s murder including the animal fights. Luc lives in two worlds and even though he favors his mothers’ world he still has to be a part of the Kindred world. So when he meets Skye, he quickly starts to realize that there is more than just physical attraction. Can there be such thing as Faith pulling these two together in this paranormal world? Luc is very protective over his family especially his sister and mother, and now Skye. When a certain faith brings Nuala and Skye together they have to form a bond and succeed or possibly die as so many others have. Nobody is willing to admit to being in charge of these shifter fights so it is up to Skye and Luc to work together and find out why they are being held. You can tell that Skye and Luc have a bond but are not sure of how to handle it, or even why they are having these, especially since it is forbidden.  The author brings you strong characters that are full of life yet will keep you interested and wanting more. I would have to say it had a great run of suspense, romance, and definitely paranormal. I hope to see more books from some of the other characters that were mentioned. I would recommend this book and others by this author to my readers.  I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. ~ Sue Ellen (Girlygirlbookreviews)
Denise23b More than 1 year ago
The story line of falling in love with someone you and family feel you should not was well written. I felt every emotion the four main characters were feeling. In the end, love won out. A paranormal read that was about following your heart, corruption and justice, closing a chapter and new beginnings. A sensual not erotic read.
jennifer2014 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book!! It covers just about everything a paranormal book fan would like; shifters, demons vs. angels, with a little ghost action thrown in.  The animal attraction between Luc and Skye roared off the page.  ;)  I really think that there was a lot mentioned in the book that could grow into a series.  I would love to read more about Skye’s more paranormal side and about Luc’s sister.  Maybe in a future book??  Hint, hint.  I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Great Read - Hard to Put Down Skye Cross owns a pet store but has always been involved in rescuing animals. She is aided in these rescues by using her psychic gift of being able to communicate with animals. “The pet supply store fed my bank account, but it was the animals I helped that fed my soul.” When Skye’s latest rescue mission brings her face to face with an animal fighting ring, she quickly realizes that the animals that are being forced into battle are more than they seem. Her twin brother Shade, a homicide detective, is killed in the line of duty investigating some murders that he has tied back to the animal fighting ring. As Skye begins her own investigation into her brother’s murder, she learns that the animals being forced to fight are really shapeshifters, which leads her straight into the path of Luc Lazare, a man who sets all of her senses on fire. “Luc – at least to me – was the equivalent of human catnip. He could be seductive and irresistible, and being near him made me long to step outside my usual self.” Luc Lazare has always been torn between two worlds – the Kindred world of his father and the human world of his mother. When Shade Cross gives up his own life by saving Luc’s mother from a murder attempt, Luc feels responsible to protect Skye from the dangers she uncovers during her investigation into her brother’s murder– an investigation that puts her right in the middle of the Kindred shapeshifting world. Luc can’t deny the attraction to Skye, but as he continues to work with her he also can’t deny that there is more to it than just a simple attraction. “He more than desired her. He more than liked her, as his mother had discerned. He respected her.” When Skye learns that Shade is trapped in this world because he gambled his soul away to the Kindred trying to gain information about the shifter fights and the murders, she now also must find a way to return his soul. Because of their psychic connection, Shade is able to communicate with Skye, but can’t remember the details of the investigation, only that Luc Lazare is somehow involved and could only be trouble for Skye. “The more she knew about Luc Lazare, the more tools she would have in her arsenal to resist him. … Shade didn’t know why exactly that was important, but he was convinced that Luc Lazare was someone his sister should avoid at all costs.” Luc’s half-sister Nuala also becomes a part of the investigation when she reveals that she and Shade were involved. She and Skye form an unlikely friendship, and, when she is kidnapped and forced to participate in the shifter fights, Luc’s loyalty and protectiveness of those he cares for is shown when he is forced to rescue her. “He would do anything for me, despite everything. That’s the kind of man Luc is, Skye. Don’t let him fool you into thinking he’s something he’s not.”…”I know he makes it difficult. He’s been caught between two worlds for so long, he sometimes loses himself. But he’s worth finding, I promise you.” Skye and Luc must not only work together to determine who is behind the shifter fights, but they must come to terms with the feelings they have for one another and determine if they can create a future together or if their two worlds will tear them apart. “Nuala had claimed Luc was a good man worth loving. That he wasn’t who he let me think he was. Knowing the emotional upheaval caused by The Book of Powers and the things I myself had experienced in the last few days, I wondered what a lifetime of uncertainty and of being pulled in such different moral directions had created in Luc.” I really enjoyed this book – from the interesting and dark world that Patricia Rosemoor has created to the depths of her characters. The dialogue between Skye and Luc was awesome – snarky and sweet, just like I like it! “You’re not exploring anything right now but a shifter fight,” I warned him. “Right now? Does that mean later, I can –“ “Can you possible keep your mind on tonight’s fight?” “Doubt it.” “Try.” “Um, nope.” “Try harder.” “That’s not a problem.” Although the book started off a little bit slow for me (in hindsight, this was because I needed to learn all the details on this new world and the characters), once the story got going it was hard to put down. There was a good balance between the action and suspense of the shifter fight storyline and the romance – love all the tension between Luc & Skye. I would definitely add this book to your TBR list and I hope that Patricia Rosemoor considers more stories that takes place in this world! I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.