Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes


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The extraordinary woman who birthed a spiritual lineage that continues to benefit humanity today. In this sequel, Anna, the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, shares the culminating story of her life as she lived it in southern France and Britain.

The Voice of the Magdalenes reveals:

The "lost" years after Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection

The Magdalenes who witnessed and walked with the resurrected Jesus in France, Britain and India

Long-hidden secrets concerning Jesus' intimate life, relationships and children

Inspiring, relevant messages and energies for awakening love and experiencing joy in this time of great chaos

The vital importance of lifting the suppressed Divine Feminine voice so that all beings may flourish and be brought into harmony and balance

The "Seeding of Light" - the dispersion of Anna's, Mother Mary's and Jesus' enlightened descendants whose "bloodline" acts as a living catalyst for awakening unity consciousness and your intrinsic Christ-Magdalene potential

Enjoy hearing intimate details from, the Magdalenes' own lips as they lift the veil of silence that has concealed their exemplary lives of compassion and spiritual mastery.

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ISBN-13: 9780984486304
Publisher: S.E.E. Publishing Company
Publication date: 05/23/2010
Pages: 388
Sales rank: 1,008,219
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents


Archangel Gabriel's Invocation 1

Aspirations 2

Claire's Introduction 3

Catherine Ann's Introduction 9

Anna's Introduction to Claire 13

Anna's Introduction 15

Mother Mary's (Mary Anna's) Blessing 18

Jesus (Yeshua's) Blessing 19

Yeshua Offers a Guided Meditation "The Breath of Oneness"

The Three Marys' Blessing 26

Myriam of Tyana Speaks 29

Lifting the Suppressed Feminine Voice A Note from the Authors

Map of the Magdalene's World 34

Map of the Great Sea 35

Map of Roman Gaul 36

Map of Britain 37

Introducing the Magdalenes 38

Part I The Voice of the Magdalenes Anna's Historical & Geographical Overview 2

1 Anna: A New Life Begins 4

Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 32 AD

2 Anna: Our Journey to the New Mount Carmel 11

"Transitional Notes" 19

3 Anna: The New Mount Carmel 21

Anna Reveals the Two Marys and Yeshua's Children

4 Anna: Yeshua Comes for a Visit 34

5 Galea, 14 AD 40

The Wedding of Yeshua and Myriam of Tyana

6 Myriam of Tyana, 25 AD 54

7 Mary of Bethany 63

Discourse on Spiritual Lineages

Discourse on "Past Life" as "Mary Magdalene"

Discourse on Relationship with Yeshua and Myriam

Discourse on Egyptian Sepulcher Initiation

8 Nathaniel of Mount Carmel 89

9 Mariam of Mount Carmel 105

10 Sara of Mount Bugurach 118

11 Lizbett (Elizabeth Hannah) (Age 3) 125

(Daughter of Yeshua and Mary of Bethany) 36 AD

Mount Bugarach, Early Summer, 38 AD (Age 5)

Brittany, Late Fall, 38 AD (Age - Almost 6)

12 Lazarus of Bethany 135

13 Joseph of Arimathea 148

Part II The Suppression of the Magdalene Voice 153

14 Mother Mary (Mary Anna) 154

Rome, Italy, 39 AD

15 Sara of Mount Bugurach 165

(Continuation of Chapter 10)

16 Phillip of Bethsaida 171

Ephesus, Turkey, 40 AD

Mount Bugarach, 49 AD

Mount Bugarach, Early Spring, 55 AD

17 Johannes (Age 22) 182

(Youngest Son of Yeshua and Myriam of Tyana)

Cappadocia, Turkey, 48 AD

Part III The Voices of Avalon 189

The Druid-Magdalene Voice Emerges

18 Martha of Bethany 190

19 Lizbett (Continuation of Chapter 11) 211

Avalon, 41 AD (Age 7)

Avalon, 47 AD (Age 13)

Avalon, 48 AD (Age 14)

20 Anna and John 225

21 Dancing Wind 234

Dancing Wind's Guided Meditation

22 Noah 250

Mona (Anglesey, Wales) 47 AD

23 Sar'h (Age 18) 263

(Daughter of Yeshua and Mary of Bethany)

24 Johannes (Continuation of Chapter 17) 273

Stonehenge, 53 AD (Age 28)

Part IV The Great Gathering & The Dispersion of the Seeds of Light

25 Lizbett (Continuation of Chapter 17) 281

Glamorgan, Wales, 55 AD (Age 21)

26 Sar'h Speaks (Continuation of Chapter 23) 285

"The Great Gathering"

Fortingall, Scotland, Summer Solstice, 55 AD

27 Mariam and Anna, 57 AD 291

Anna Speaks: Ambush on the Way to Mona, 55 AD

Mariam, A Wisdom Teaching on Consciousness

Mariam, A Teaching on Physical Immortality

28 Anna 316

The Dispersion of Anna's Family from Avalon

29 Mariam 321

Mariam Heals Martyr Consciousness, India, 62 AD

The Magdalene Voice Withdraws Into Silence

30 Mother Mary (Mary Anna) 325

Ephesus, Turkey, 61 AD

31 Sar'h on the Island of Ibiza 330

Ibiza, Spain, 63 AD (Continuation of Chapter 26)

32 Anna's Last Years 338

Avalon, Winter Solstice, 80 AD

The Seeding of the Lineage of Light

30 Brother Geoffrey 348

Avalon, (Glastonbury, England) 186 AD

Anna'S Last Words 361

Appendix 363

Timeline 365

The Seeding of Light Chart 374

Anna's Descendent Chart 378

Joseph of Arimathea's Descendent Chart 379

Yeshua's Descendent Chart 380

Bibliography 381

Acknowledgments 382

About the Authors 384

Books by the Authors 386

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