Annotated Instructor's Edition

Annotated Instructor's Edition

by Allen R. Angel

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ISBN-13: 9780130139917
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 09/28/1999

Table of Contents

1. Real Numbers.
2. Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities.
3. Formulas and Applications of Algebra.
4. Graphing Linear Equations.
5. Systems of Linear Equations.
6. Exponents and Polynomials.
7. Factoring.
8. Rational Expressions and Equations.
9. Roots and Radicals.
10. Quadratic Equations.
Appendix A. Review of Decimals and Percents.
Appendix B. Finding the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Denominator.
Appendix C. Geometry.

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