Annual Editions: American Foreign Policy 04/05

Annual Editions: American Foreign Policy 04/05

by Glenn P. Hastedt

Paperback(Older Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780072950298
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 11/24/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 221
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Table of Contents

To the Readeriv
Topic Guidexi
Selected World Wide Web Sitesxv
Unit 1The United States and the World: Strategic Choices
Unit Overviewxviii
1.The Bush Manifesto, Joshua Muravchik, Commentary, December 20022
2.Imperial Temptations, Jack Snyder, The National Interest, Spring 20039
3.A Grand Strategy of Transformation, John Lewis Gaddis, Foreign Policy, November/December 200217
4.The New Rome Meets the New Barbarians, Joseph Nye, The Economist, March 23, 200223
5.The Eagle Has Crash Landed, Immanuel Wallerstein, Foreign Policy, July/August 200226
6.The Lonely Superpower, Samuel P. Huntington, Foreign Affairs, March/April 199931
7.The Five Wars of Globalization, Moises Naim, Foreign Policy, January/February 200336
Unit 2The United States and the World: Regional and Bilateral Relations
Unit Overview42
Part A.Europe
8.The Real Trans-Atlantic Gap, Craig Kennedy and Marshall M. Bouton, Foreign Policy, November/December 200244
Part B.Asia
9.China: Economic Power, Political Enigma, Joshua Kurlantzick, The Washington Quarterly, Summer 200251
10.The Korea Crisis, Victor D. Cha and David C. Kang, Foreign Policy, May/June 200356
Part C.The South
11.Iran's Crumbling Revolution, Jahangir Amuzegar, Foreign Affairs, January/February 200361
12.Regional Issues in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan, Barnett R. Rubin and Andrea Armstrong, World Policy Journal, Spring 200367
13.Does Israel Need a Plan?, Daniel Pipes, Commentary, February 200374
14.End of an Affair? Immigration, Security, and the U.S.-Mexican Relationship, Robert S. Leiken, The National Interest, Winter 2002/0379
Unit 3The Domestic Side of American Foreign Policy
Unit Overview86
15.The Paradoxes of American Nationalism, Minxin Pei, Foreign Policy, May/June 200388
16.Present at the Destruction: The Death of American Internationalism, James Chace, World Policy Journal, Spring 200393
17.The Democratic Party and Foreign Policy, Dana H. Allin, Philip H. Gordon, and Michael E. O'Hanlon, World Policy Journal, Spring 200396
18.The Military-Industrial-Think Tank Complex: Corporate Think Tanks and the Doctrine of Aggressive Militarism, William Hartung and Michelle Ciarrocca, Multinational Monitor, January/February 2003103
Unit 4The Institutional Context of American Foreign Policy
Unit Overview108
Part A.The Presidency
19.The Return of the Imperial Presidency?, Donald R. Wolfensberger, The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2002110
20.Grading the President, Foreign Policy, July/August 2003114
Part B.The Bureaucracy
21.Fixing Intelligence, Richard K. Betts, Foreign Affairs, January/February 2002124
22.Rogue State Department, Newt Gingrich, Foreign Policy, July/August 2003131
23.Resigning in Protest, John Brady Kiesling, In These Times, April 14, 2003135
24.When Soldiers Become Cops, Rachel Bronson, Foreign Affairs, November/December 2002137
Unit 5The Foreign Policy-Making Process
Unit Overview142
25.Powell vs. the Pentagon: Is Defense Thwarting State's Efforts Toward a Mideast Peace?, Alan Sipress, Washington Post National Weekly Edition, May 6-12, 2002144
26.At Camp David, Advise and Dissent, Bob Woodward and Dan Balz, Washington Post, January 31, 2002146
27.Dominators Rule, Michael Krepon, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January/February 2003153
Unit 6U.S. International Economic Strategy
Unit Overview158
28.Global Petro-Politics: The Foreign Policy Implications of the Bush Administration's Energy Plan, Michael T. Klare, Current History, March 2002160
29.No Stepping Back: America's International Economic Agenda for 2003-05, Lael Brainard and Robert E. Litan, Brookings Review, Winter 2003166
30.A High-Risk Trade Policy, Bernard K. Gordon, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2003170
Unit 7U.S. Military Strategy
Unit Overview176
Part A.The Use of Force
31.The Threats America Faces, John Newhouse, World Policy Journal, Summer 2002178
32.An Army of One?, General Wesley Clark, The Washington Monthly, September 2002189
33.The Folly of Containment, Robert J. Lieber, Commentary, April 2003193
34.Securing the Gulf, Kenneth M. Pollack, Foreign Affairs, July/August 2003199
Part B.Arms Control
35.America and Russia: Make-Believe Arms Control, Jack Mendelsohn, Current History, October 2002205
36.Prevention, Not Intervention: Curbing the New Nuclear Threat, William D. Hartung, World Policy Journal, Winter 2002/03210
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