Anomaly (Schrodinger's Consortium Series #1)

Anomaly (Schrodinger's Consortium Series #1)

by Tonya Kuper


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ISBN-13: 9781622664054
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/25/2014
Series: Schrodinger's Consortium Series , #1
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 1,319,264
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.04(h) x 0.89(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Tonya Kuper's debut is ANOMALY, the first in the Schrodinger's Consortium Series, a young adult science fiction trilogy releasing November 4, 2014 by Entangled Teen. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and two boys. She's an alt rock junkie, a Star Wars dork, and is in love with Sherlock.

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By Tonya Kuper, Liz Pelletier

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Tonya Kuper
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-406-1



"Hey, did you hear me?" my boyfriend, Tate, asked. His chestnut hair didn't even budge in the quick breeze sifting through the school's outdoor cafeteria. It wasn't his best feature. "I'm ready to move forward in our relationship, to take it to the next level, but ... I don't think you are."

My gut knotted.

This ass with his action-figure hair was breaking up with me—on my birthday! I folded my clammy hands. I'd seen public breakups, but this was my first as an active participant. I side-eyed my two friends Charles and Lauren across the table. Lauren had stopped mid-chew of her hummus-dipped carrot. Charles paused with his sandwich halfway to his open mouth.

I felt like I was wearing Princess Leia's buns at a Star Trek convention.

Tate shuffled his feet in front of our bench. Waiting.

Pulling in a long sigh, I took a moment to think about my response. I knew name-calling wouldn't do much good, so I settled on calling him out. "You mean I won't put out, so you're moving on to the next girl who will?" Tate's face flamed red. Did I have to say it that way? No. But come on. He was dumping me on my birthday. Total jerk move.

Tate stood, his thumbs tucked into his pockets, and his face returned to its normal tan hue. "It's not just the physical stuff. You're ... different, Josie. Distant. It's for the best, for both of us."

Seriously? Wow.

"Um, friends?" he finally asked.

Friends? Um, no. His tongue had been down my throat a few nights ago, and I didn't let just anyone do that.

"Whatever, Tate."

He walked past me, and that was it. My first real relationship over. Surprisingly, I felt like I could breathe easier, because I wouldn't have that pressure of being a girlfriend anymore. But I had managed to defy the high school social ladder. At least for a few months, I, Josie Harper, had succeeded at being a science-loving, Trekkie-dork-to-the-core girlfriend to a popular guy who literally didn't know the difference between Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Flies. And they didn't think it could be done.

Lauren and Charles leaned toward me, both of them waiting for details. Lauren still hadn't resumed crunching. Well, I didn't have the energy to dish, so I turned away from the table. The relationship was over and it was still exhausting. Leave it to Tate to make this as painful as possible. I watched him stroll off like he didn't have a care in the world. No one spoke. But really, what was there to say?

"Happy birthday to you!" My best friend Hannah's soprano voice and dark curls bounced on the balmy Florida air, cutting into the awkward silence. She skipped among the tables toward me, carrying a familiar teal box.

I glanced back across the table to our usual lunch mates, who had just witnessed my humiliation. Charles and Lauren made the "cut it" motion across their throats.

"I agree with those two. Please don't," I moaned at Hannah. "It's been a crap day."

Hannah's hazel eyes scrunched up in confusion as she positioned the box in front of me. Cupcakes. I welcomed whatever sugar euphoria they could provide me, but I didn't think they would improve my mood. They were a bittersweet reminder of the day's significance.

"How is your birthday bad already? It's only noon." She sat next to me, facing the street, and I turned so both our backs were to the school. Conversations resumed among our friends behind us.

"Thank you for that keen observation, Wesley Crusher." I forced my voice to lilt up with enthusiasm, but the pathetic Star Trek jab hung in the air.

I peeked at my phone. "The exact time of my birth was technically three minutes ago, so maybe the rest of the day will be better."

"Josie," she whispered. "Seriously. What's wrong? Is it your dad?"

Hannah and I had latched onto each other the first day of sophomore year when we were both new to Naples and Oceanside High. We hadn't let go since. We basically knew everything about each other's pasts—like, she knew I hadn't seen my dad in more than a month and that my family was fragile.

Hannah drew a breath next to me. I wasn't about to make eye contact with her—she could read me like nobody else. She'd asked what was wrong. Well, where to begin ... "You want the rundown?"

She nudged me with her shoulder. "Yeah."

"Okay," I continued, despite the hollow feeling filling my stomach. "One: my dad hasn't called, and I doubt he's coming home. Nice, thanks a lot, Dad. Way to be there. Two: the lab assistant job I landed for the summer? Fell through. They left me a message during second block."

Hannah groaned. I had been looking forward to that job—I needed that internship. It would've been perfect for college applications, and to let me escape this town. Because, for the love of Khan, I needed some space. I'd been on a tight leash since the day I was born, and an acceptance to an out-of-state university was my ticket to freedom. Case in point, the National Physics Honors Award. That was a biggie—and I wasn't complaining about that. The flippin' vice president of the country—yes, it was that big—would be hand-delivering my award in less than a week. Heck, that alone should've nabbed me this internship. Damn it.

I side-glanced at Hannah. I didn't think she would fully support me on anything college-related. Any conversation of where we were going for school, well, Hannah was not a fan. Because of my brainy ways, there was no way we would end up at the same place.

Swallowing a lump in the back of my throat, I tried to change the subject. "And three: Tate just broke up with me."

"He what?" Hannah screeched and jumped up from the cement bench, whirling to face me head-on. Her cheer skirt gave the guys behind her a one-second show. "I thought things were going well. And he knew it was your birthday!" She paced in front of me, muttering and swearing. The interesting ways in which she vowed to eff up Tate's face made me smile despite the tears that continued to push at the backs of my eyes.

After a particularly colorful threat that involved Tate and "his beloved man parts," Hannah sat back down and tore into the box. She pushed a cupcake toward me. "So no boyfriend, no dad, no job. Well, look at it this way—now you have even more reason to make a wish." She ripped into a package of candles and shoved one into a cupcake frosted in the image of Sheldon Cooper. "Plus, now you're back on the market for the party tonight." She passed the cupcakes around the table. "Let's turn this birthday around!" She was a cheerleader on the field and off, an eternal optimist, sometimes annoyingly so.

Lauren whooped in agreement. Charles slid a lighter toward the box, and Hannah's enthusiasm ignited poor Sheldon's whole face.

It must have killed her to walk into Cake, Pie, and Chai café and order cupcakes decorated with the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory. She caught me smiling and winked.

True. Best. Friend.

"Thanks, guys."

The yellow flame flickered. Hannah whispered, "Make a wish."

My friends watched me, so I didn't want to scoff at the silly birthday tradition. Wishes? Puh-lease. Wishes were right up there with Rudolph and Santa doing a sleigh drive-by. Or the Easter bunny delivering eggs. And no, it wasn't my statistical analysis or scientific surety that told me so. Oh, I'd made wishes. Thousands upon thousands of them. But none brought back my brother.

When Hannah had asked about my craptastic day, I hadn't brought up missing Nick. But I did miss him. I wished my brother were here with me now. With him by my side, I wouldn't feel out of place, so different.

"Josie, if you don't make that wish soon, Sheldon Cooper is going to melt like the wicked witch from Oz."

No, there was no point in "wishing." If I wanted results, I'd have to achieve them for myself.

I wish for ... choice.

Choice was attainable. Well, maybe. With all the rules and restrictions from my mom, I was pretty limited in the whole "choosing" department. But this seventeenth birthday marked me one day closer to independence. To college. To being who I wanted to be without reservation.

If nothing else, when my eighteenth b-day rolled around, this would be in my grasp. I smothered my own smile. See? A wish could come true, with the proper parameters.

The flame disappeared with barely a blow. My friends clapped, and I was already starting to feel better. They were sweet for trying to make my day special.

Everyone dove into the iced deliciousness, Charles, of course, grabbing for the Penny cupcake and making a gross tongue swipe across her frosted face. Pig. I broke off a corner of mine, savored the equal parts of vanilla cake and smooth, sugary frosting.

A rumble yanked our attention to the street as a motorcycle pulled up directly in front of us, the April sun reflecting off the red lacquer.

Our crew, along with every other student in the courtyard, stared at the biker's broad chest encased in a blue tee, tan arms bunching as he throttled the bike down. "Yummy," Hannah said. "And I don't mean the cupcake."

Another bike rolled up between the red one and the curb. A black crotch rocket. Black helmet and black tee on a whole lotta muscle. Whoa.

"Maybe my birthday won't be so bad after all," I murmured.

I glanced down at my MAY THE MASS TIMES ACCELERATION BE WITH YOU tank top. As I straightened the words across my chest, I licked my lips, checking for leftover frosting. In case the motorcycle guy looked my way, I needed to at least be presentable.

Hannah gasped and hit my hand. "You didn't happen to wish for a hot dude, did you?"

Both riders cut their engines, kicked down the stands, and shifted to take off their helmets. I watched the guy on the black bike. I definitely had an image of what the perfect guy under that helmet would look like to make my every birthday wish come true. I wanted him to have longish hair. Like a dark-haired young Thor, not old-school, trying-too-hard Jonas-brother long. Light blue eyes. Some scruff, not thick. More scruff meant too old. And a tattoo.

Pain shot through my eyes and magma must've taken the place of my brain. Nausea swept through me from head to toe, leaving a cold sweat on my forehead. It all happened in a matter of seconds. What the—?

As soon as I recognized that I might actually yak in front of the entire student body—and the hot biker guy!—the urge was gone. No more migraine. I felt fine.

I wiped my forehead and refocused on the guy in black. His arm flexed as he pulled off his helmet, and the sleeve of his T-shirt tightened over his sculpted biceps. Dark wavy locks fell into the guy's face. The rest of his hair skimmed his broad shoulders. Holy hotness.

He tucked his helmet under his arm, ran his hand over his face, then leaned down to look into his side-view mirror. "Are you shitting me?" he yelled.

The other rider, who'd already pulled off his helmet, almost fell from his bike, laughing.

Mr. Hottie scanned the courtyard. Who was he looking for? He swung his leg over his seat and continued to survey each table of students. Until he got to us.

The guy stared. At me. Shit, he must've caught me checking him out. His eyes locked on mine, and he strode forward to imaginary music that played in my head. Each of his steps matched the beat of the song. Each step held confidence as he moved with the purpose and grace of a uniformed marine.

When he was about twelve feet from me, I noticed the edge of a tattoo peeking out from under his sleeve in the same place as Nick's had been.

The stranger drew closer. Black lashes outlined his brilliant blue eyes. The contrast between his lashes and irises was startling. Stunning. But there was something behind the eyes. A familiarity. The lingering frosting turned sweeter in my mouth. I swallowed. I didn't know him ... did I?

Four steps away. His beautiful eyes widened as something flickered across his face. He halted abruptly, furrowed brow and narrowed eyes. He stared me down. "Son of a bitch," he said slowly.

Was he talking to me? I checked out my table, thinking maybe one of my friends was doing something that had earned the hot guy's curse. Nope. They all just gawked at the dynamic duo like they were Batman and Robin.

"Come on," the sidekick said as he nudged the hot guy. The dude broke eye contact with me, and they sauntered past our table.

I rubbed my temples, trying to ease the dull headache building. The guy had cursed when he saw me. What did I do? And who the hell was he?


We'd traveled halfway across the country to this chick, and she turned me into some dude on the front of a romance novel. I'd just buzzed my head last week. Good thing she didn't want me in pigtails. Who was she hoping was under the helmet, anyway?

Santos elbowed me as we passed the last of the lunch tables. "Man, you look good in long hair. Add a couple dreads and eye makeup and you'd make one helluva Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Shut it."

Santos gave me a shove, and we moved closer to the entrance of the school.

She had to be able to see me in order to change my appearance, so I had naturally looked around for her. But a hot girl had caught my attention first. And then I'd realized the hot girl and Josie were one and the same.

Josie still had the strawberry-blond hair and green eyes like she did when I had a crush on her a couple years ago, but she'd definitely grown up since we'd last seen each other. Cheekbones and curves. Boots and a Star Wars tank. Alluring in every way imaginable. Damn.

I'd made sure she wouldn't recognize me. It was easier that way—for now.

Well, seeing as how she'd Pushed my new appearance, I guess that answered the question of whether she possessed abilities or not. And from the way she'd grabbed her head as I passed by, she likely wasn't a stranger to the sickening eye pain and wicked headache that came with the talent. I needed to talk to her in private, preferably before she thought she was going nuts or accidentally hurt someone. Or someone hurt her on purpose.

Most of us knew who her family was and what had happened, but I'd had an inside look. It wasn't pretty. The worst part was that Josie had been kept in the dark. She didn't know about ... anything.

Her safe little world had to be disrupted, and I was the one chosen to drag her into hell. It was my responsibility to keep her alive and in check. Her life depends on me. My throat felt dry. She didn't deserve this, but she also didn't have a choice. She was exactly where Nick had been two years ago—and look how well that had turned out. Sweat beaded on my brow at the thought. Josie's brother's death had destroyed a lot of lives.

I shook her and Nick's faces out of my head as we entered the second set of doors into the building and approached the security guard. The lack of windows coupled with two stories of concrete resembled a jail more than a high school. The sterile cleaning-supply smell didn't help the illusion.

"What's your business, gentlemen?" the security guard asked, holding a metal detector wand at his side. "Arms out." Add the guard, and it felt kind of like a prison, too.

The knife I carried in my boot and the cool metal of the M9 Beretta pressing against the small of my back disappeared. Not a big deal. I could Push one of the weapons into my hand, if need be. I lifted my arms out to my sides, my helmet hanging from one hand. "Checking in at the office, sir. Registering as new students."

The wand made an outline of my body in the air. Without words, the guard waved me on, and then Santos stepped into my spot and cocked his head toward me. Santos couldn't Retract, so I made his HK45C, the Navy Seal–inspired pistol, vanish. Like me, he could Push a weapon if and when he wanted to. The wand waved around his body. The guard gave a nod and said, "Welcome to Oceanside."

Santos tucked his helmet under his arm. "Thanks."

"I'll do the talking. You have the paperwork, right?" I said once out of earshot of security.

"Yep. Sorry you have to do high school again. Sucks. But on the plus side ..." Santos nodded to a girl passing us. "Hey," Santos said. The girl giggled.

"Hopefully this is a short-term stint. Besides, I'm not worried about my grades this time around. "

Santos smiled widely. "You graduated a year early. I don't think you had to worry about grades the first time."


Excerpted from Anomaly by Tonya Kuper, Liz Pelletier. Copyright © 2014 Tonya Kuper. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Anomaly 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
StephWard More than 1 year ago
'Anomaly' is the thrilling first book in a new young adult science fiction/fantasy series that fans of the genre will certainly want to read. The book follows our main characters - Josie, our female heroine who's having the worst seventeenth birthday ever, only to have it become worse when she meets Reid - the incredibly hot new guy at school. Reid turns Josie's already screwed up life upside down when he tells her that she is an Oculi - a person who has the ability to change reality with their thoughts. Reid is there to train her to use her abilities as well as to protect her from the organization that wants to control all Oculi - and to kill the ones with the most power, namely Josie. This was definitely something original and completely unlike anything I've read before. I've read some science fiction novels that deal with time travel, but nothing like being able to manipulate reality itself. I have to admit that my mind was a bit boggled during the book when I attempted to wrap my brain around the concept - just like it took Josie awhile to adjust to the idea. I loved learning all about the Oculi - their abilities, history, the Resistance, the Consortium - everything. It was incredibly fascinating, and I really hope we get to learn more in the next book. Josie is a cool female lead character. She's ridiculously smart, super nerdy, logical, and practical. She also has a softer side, which makes her a devoted daughter and sister, determined to do what's right and fight the Consortium, and she has hopes, dreams, and fears like the rest of us. She was a very realistic character and I liked her right from the start. I can't say I understood all of the nerdy phrases or references made in the book (like quotes from Star Trek), but I still think she pulls off being super smart and nerdy in an awesome way. Our second lead character is Reid - the incredibly hot guy that seemingly appears out of nowhere on Josie's birthday and enrolls in the school. I loved him as a main character because of his attitude, strength, determination, and devotion. I also adored the way he thinks about Josie and acts around her - not quite like a trainer is supposed to. The book is told in alternating viewpoints - those of Josie and Reid - so the reader gets a really personal look at both characters. We hear their inner thoughts, emotions, and get a firsthand look at the story from their perspective. Using the dual first person viewpoints was a fascinating writing technique, and I feel it did a fantastic job of letting the reader get to know both the characters personally. I'm a romantic - so, of course, I loved all the mushy and sweet thoughts that went through Josie's and Reid's minds - and I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow from each perspective. Although some aspects of the plot have been done before, like the people who have special powers and are being hunted down by a secret organization, the whole premise of the Oculi and the concept of changing reality with mere thoughts was genius and highly intriguing. The pace of the book was a bit slow at the beginning, probably because all of the nerdy jokes and references were going right over my head; but once the story got going - it didn't stop until the very end. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book and will be reading the sequel when it comes out. I can't wait to see where things are going to go after the ending of this book. Highly recommended for fans of science fiction and fantasy, as well as those who enjoy quantum physics, action, adventure, and a compelling story. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Lizzylou 6 months ago
I had high hopes for this book. The concept sounded interesting, and the reviews were promising; however, it fell short of my expectations. The book focuses on Oculi who can "push" things to create realities. For example, if you want a bowl of ice cream, you can just "push" one into your hand and enjoy a delectable treat. As with most "magical" abilities there are rules. You can only do it so much before you are drained, you can only do it if you can see what you are doing... (so I'm guessing no pushing if you have a blindfold on). and you cannot push or retract (make something disappear) if it is a living thing or if it has ever been a living thing. In fact they have to go to extreme lengths to dispose of dead bodies. Why then are trees constantly fair game for pushing? Trees are living, and that should break the rules. Also, since Oculi have a limited amount of pushing ability (once you use it up, it's gone forever) why are they constantly pushing frivolous things like pizza? There was just too much inconsistency in this book for me to really get invested.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
The story is told from alternating point of views between Josie and Reid. Josie is a nerd. She's super smart, pretty, and at times awkward, but it only adds to her charm. Reid is quite serious, but he also knows more about what's at stake and takes training Josie and her newly forming powers very seriously. Both characters are very likeable. I'm not sure which of the two organizations to trust though. The Resistance or the Consortium? Right now, I don't trust either of them. Actually, I don't trust much of anyone else in the book. I hope Reid and Josie don't either. It's not going to be an easy road for them regardless. The pacing was a little slower than I was expecting, but it picked up towards the end. I love the premise of this story, and I'm pretty intrigued by Josie and her world. I'm excited to see what she has in store for us next. Anomaly by Tonya Kuper was kindly provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley for review. The opinions are my own.
TheThoughtSpot More than 1 year ago
Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Anomaly by Tonya Kuper. The story opens with Josie and her dysfunctional family and alternates between Josie and Reid. It also begins on Josie's seventeenth birthday. Josie's birthday hasn't been a happy one. She lost an internship she was counting on, she's been dealing with a weird headache and her boyfriend, Tate, broke up with her. She lost a brother a few years ago and her Dad works away from home, so her mother is basically a single parent raising Josie and her younger brother Eli. Josie's world is turned upside down when she's shown that she has powers and is part of the Oculi. Everything she believes about her life has to be reevaluated and it all falls into place- the moving, the solitude and the home schooling. It made me ecstatic and warmed my heart when Reid tells Josie who he really is. I fell in love with Reid and Josie and became anxious when the suspense and danger grew. The story flows well and the action and world building combined with the complex characters, make a science fiction book worthy of 5 stars!
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
anomaly introduces us to a world where regular people are known as plancks in honor of max planck the theoretical physicist who is the originator of the planck constant. if that's not the stuff of a wikipedia deep dive, i don't know what is. but anyway, regular people are called plancks because as the constant they are boring and nothing special. because there is a whole other kind of human on the planet known as oculi. oculi have special abilities to push or retract things they observe. and then there are the anomalies, who have the ability to push and retract. and reid and josie are both especially gifted anomalies. which also means that they are targets for schrodinger's consortium, an evil lex-luthor type company who seeks to eliminate the anomalies for the powers that they have to rule the world. not that they do, but a power hungry corporation isn't going to take anyone's word for that. the thing is josie has no idea about her status as an anomaly. her parents have brought her up entirely outside of the hub. so when her powers begin to manifest and people start chasing her down, reid, who has been brought to town to train and protect her must step up his plan. what makes things even harder is that josie used to know reid as cal, her brother's best friend. he had to go into hiding after her brother's death and the more she learns about the circumstances surrounding her brother's death the angrier she is with the truths her parents were keeping from her. because everything has changed with reid's arrival in her life. not just her perception of the world, but her perception of herself. and the fact that suddenly so much depends on her and her ability to take action is inconceivable. adolescence is already trying enough, but now with the stakes being life and death, it just feels like it's too much to handle. and who can she trust, when everyone seems to have their own agenda. even reid. **anomaly published on november 25, 2014. i received a digital copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (entangled teen) in exchange for my honest review.
sm0120 More than 1 year ago
I'm guessing there were books like Anomaly around when I was a teen, but I think I was just so fixated on reading my mom's Harlequins that I didn't bother to see what else was out there. I'm glad that as I've gotten older I've also gotten wiser, and have expanded my reading horizons quite a bit. I don't think you need to be a teen to enjoy this one, even with all the pop culture references. Anomaly is an entertaining, fast-paced, and fun read. Although I'm nowhere near being a sceince nerd, or dork as Josie prefers to refer to herself, I found all the science based references in this book really interesting. I loved that Josie is such a smart and strong girl, she loves her family, and makes no apologies for her geekiness. If I was a mom she's a character I wouldn't mind my daughter emulating. Reid is a great character- he's tough, but has a heart. He's very mature for his age, and has a lot riding on his shoulders. Even with all his responsibilities he's able to keep a level head for someone his age. I really liked his relationship with Josie. There was an underlying pull between them, and when things were revealed it all made sense for Josie. The romance between Reid and Josie wasn't a major plot point, but it added a sweetness and light to the story. I thought Anomaly was really terrific. The plot was unique, the characters engaging, and the end left me wanting more. Copy received courtesy of Entangled: Teen, via NetGalley.
Danii_045 More than 1 year ago
Anomaly is the first book in the Schrodinger's Consortium series. It is only 99p and book two is due to be released on the 3rd July. Josie is supposed to be celebrating her birthday, but life hasn't been easy lately. Her dad is absent, and she has lost her brother. Even worse her boyfriend chooses this day to break up with her. Everything in her future is slipping away, but maybe she never had the mundane in her fate. The fantasy world is about to catch up with her. There's action, fantasy, romance, and a little sci-fi. Josie is a nerd and likes to follow the rules, but some rules are meant to be broken. An interesting read, which sets up a series of books. I would recommend it for fans of sci-fi fantasy like The Tomorrow People. 4 stars out of 5. *I received this book in exchange for a fair review*
onemused More than 1 year ago
“Anomaly” was an interesting YA sci-fi/fantasy where we’re introduced to a whole other world. Josie lives with her mother and her younger brother. Her older brother died a few years ago, and her father is constantly away on business. She’s finally turning 17, and on her birthday, not only does her boyfriend break up with her, but she also begins to have these strange headaches. Soon, Josie learns that she has a special ability called Pushing, where she can make objects appear into reality by observing them. There are also people who can Retract things- they can make items which were Pushed into reality disappear. People who can do both are Anomalies. To make things more complicated, Josie learns that the hot new guy (Reid) in town was sent to train her for her new abilities. The plot flips between first person narration of Josie and Reid; it turns out Reid has been in a version of witness protection and his identity concealed, but we learn quickly that he’s been in love with Josie for a long time. There’s a bit of instalove, but it’s backed up by some substance mentioned in the past and developed during their trainings. Their romance is a little push and pull, but I liked it overall. The world of Pushing is made even more complicated by the existence of the Consortium (they are bad, but it’s not exactly clear why- something about the power of Pushing and attitude towards Plancks, or normal people). Reid is part of the Resistance, which works against the Consortium- who are out to kill Josie. Overall, it was a really fascinating read, and I liked how we learn about Josie’s abilities and this new world through her eyes. It’s a bit unique in that these powers are limited and people will eventually run out- however, it seems like they aren’t too worried about it/use it all the time (but older adults have already run out). This is complicated by the existence of a serum which can allow a Pusher to move past these boundaries. Furthermore, using the powers too much can corrupt and/or make someone lose their sanity. There’s an interesting balance with these powers that you don’t usually see in these types of books. It really sets this one apart. It got a little lengthy with the trainings, but I think it helps set up the abilities and limits, although I do wish it moved a little faster in the middle of the book- the beginning and ending paces were perfect! There’s also a good amount of action and the plot continues to thicken throughout the book- I am really excited to read the next one! I think people will also enjoy the sci-fi/comics references and science information integrated into this strong plot. I think this is good for all ages (no intense sexual situations, although there is some making out, and not too much violence). It’s a really intriguing sci-fi book- that will be a series to follow! Please note that I received a copy from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Over all a great book!!! Fast enough paced to keep you interested but still have enough detail. Just wish she would write the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked how it was not your typical teen SciFi novel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The plot and characters are excellent , I want more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Saptarshi More than 1 year ago
Rating: 3.5 / 5. *** I received a ARC of this book as part of the Anomaly blog tour*** Anomaly is one of the most original stories that I have ever read! It was really refreshing to read a book that revolved around a totally different topic instead of the usual ones that we see in most paranormal books today. The storyline was very creative and unique, and I was immideatly hooked to this book from the moment I started reading! I really enjoyed the different characters and their different personalities in this story. The main character, Josie, was not only fierce and feisty, but she also had a really sweet caring side, and at the same time also had a vulnerable side. In most of the books I read, the main character is usually either just super feisty and fierce, or super sweet but not really as feisty. Josie, however, isn't like that. She was both strong and sweet, but also had a vulnerability in her that really made her character seem very alive and real, and someone you can relate to. Aside from her I loved Reid and his best friend, even though that's not the case for one of those guys by the end of the book. And I am not going to tell you why that is because I don't want to spoil the story. The only thing that kind of bothered me while I was reading, was that the story was kind of confusing at some points throughout the book. Also I found some of the characters' actions and decisions in this book a little annoying. I don't mean to be offensive or anything, but it really didn't make any sense to me why Josie, who is actually very smart, would just easily agree to to go somewhere with a person she doesn't even really know, or why her best friend would encourage her to run off with a complete stranger in the first place. Besides those little things though, the overall story was pretty interesting and enjoyable. I really liked reading Anomaly because it was not only very unique and original, but also because it had great characters that were very well developed. For a debut novel, Anomaly is well written and Ms. Kuper has done a great job bringing not only the characters but the entire story to life. Overall, this was a really good book and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in paranormal books!
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What if everything you thought was real in your life…wasn’t?  That’s the reality that main character, Josie Harper, is hit with.  A life that she thought was perfectly normal was all orchestrated from the day she was born.  Not only is she hit with this realization, she’s also found out that her “safe” life, isn’t quite so safe.  She has people from a secret organization that are hunting her down like prey, wanting her dead.  And the people that she thought she knew and trusted…well, that’s not quite so clear anymore.  Who can she trust?  What is the truth?  And why is she so important that people want her dead? Anomaly by Tonya Kuper was a read that really had me thinking.  A seventeen year old girl has all this untapped power.  Josie is an Anomaly.  Not only does she have the ability to “push” things into existence, but she can also “Retract” things (make them disappear)!  Very x-men.  But as we progress through the story, is appears that Josie’s powers are even stronger than she, or anyone else, really imagined.  As she gets stronger, we see just how powerful she could be…and I’m betting that we haven’t even seen half of what she can do. The problem I have with some sci-fi reads is that ability to keep up with what’s happening.  Sometimes, I have a difficult time grasping what the author is offering.  And that’s what I found with Anomaly.  Midway through and to the end, I was very caught up with what exactly was happening.  I found myself a little lost in the beginning, especially with having to “learn” new words and their meanings. What I really enjoyed about Anomaly by Tonya Kuper was the last quarter of the book.  It was jam packed with action.  Powers were going off all over the place, and it was quite exciting!  On the other hand, the beginning dragged a bit for my liking, and I wished that there was more action.  I understand that Josie is being hunted and is in danger…and I wish that more of that danger was shown in the beginning.  I understand that the first book is usually all backstory…explaining how things came to where they are.  How people that we meet in the book fit into everything.  But the knowledge that danger was around every corner is so exciting to me, and that rarely happened. I loved the character of Reid.  A tortured soul who has had to live with a dark secret.  And, dang, he is described as hella hawt.  The chemistry between him and Josie was cute, and I felt like there was an insta-love vibe that was going to happen…but yay backstory.  Just knowing the history between Josie and Reid made their connection all that more intriguing and I very much ship it. What bothered me a little was the use of the “nerdy” language.  Yes, I understand that Josie is a nerd…loves her Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, etc.  But I found myself getting irritated by the many references used throughout the book, to get the point across that she’s a nerd.  It came to a point where I was like “enough already”. Apart from that, all in all, I really did enjoy the story in Anomaly by Tonya Kuper.  I love that the main character is a strong, smart, “nerdy”, female character.  I love that the male lead is flawed and fighting his own inner demons.   I recommend this read to fans of sci-fi reads.  Anomaly was a promising first book, and I’m looking forward in seeing where the author is planning to go with the story line.
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MY THOUGHTS I really had no idea what to expect from this book. In fact, I knew very little about it. But I ended up really enjoying this book!  This book is about Josie, who is having a very suckish birthday. Her boyfriend just dumped her (on her frexing birthday!) and her dad hasn't even called to wish her a happy birthday. It gets worse, though, when she begins to develop abilities that she didn't know she had. Turns out, she's Oculi and has the ability to make things appear and disappear into existence. But what's even worse: people want her dead. First of all, I love the abilities in this book. The whole idea of appearing anything into existence is pretty much my dream power and it is so cool! I really loved it! Sadly, the plot wasn't as unique as the ability. I still liked it, but it's one that I've seen before. Girl comes into abilities. Enter hot guy. And people want to kill her. Same old, same old. As for Josie, I have mixed feelings for her. She is a very strong character, typical of most YA books I read. She's different, though, because she's really geeky. This is where I get fixed feelings. I love geeky, I'm geeky myself at times, but I feel like the author was trying too hard to get the character's geekiness across. I ended up just being plain annoyed. Every paragraph is a geeky reference, all similes and metaphors compared to geeky things, she even cursed by geek references! I GET IT! YOU'RE A GEEK! I really felt like the author wa trying to scream it in my face! I especially had issues with the curse words. Yeah, I use the word cheese as a curse word, so I shouldn't judge, but I always use cheese to replace the same word. Josie? She used a different word EVERY SINGLE TIME! Can't you be consistent? Sorry, about the mini rant. This really wasn't a big deal, but it was a nuisance.  The romance was meh to me. Did I want them to get together? Yeah, but it was just expected. The romance didn't feel swoon worthy at all to me. The love interest was okay, but he felt like a cut out of every other male love interest in YA. The romance was still okay, there really anything wrong with it, it just wasn't one that I absolutely adored. IN CONCLUSION There was a lot of complaining in this book, mostly about Josie's geekiness, but I really did like this book! Besides some annoying factors with geeky cursing, I really did like Josie and I absolutely loved the supernatural abilities! This book has a pretty common plot, but it's still a great start to a series!
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I don't read a lot of YA, nor do I read a lot of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, but I quite enjoyed this one. I really liked Josie, the heroine, a geek girl through and through. It was her voice that drew me in and kept me turning pages as the story flew along. It's a fast-paced read and the romance angle never overwhelms the story. This is Tonya Kuper's first novel and the start of a promising new series.
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I swear I had a goofy smile on my face the whole time I was devouring ANOMALY. Josie was such a fun, fresh MC. She was strong, funny and most of all, damn smart… if this book had been around when I was at school being nerdy, I swear she would’ve been my hero (I mean come on, she makes Physics cool!). Reid was freakin’ adorable and it was great to watch the romance progress through both their heads. So for me, the dual POV worked. ANOMALY is fast paced, packed full of action, has great twists, and is built around a world I applaud Kuper for creating—completely unique and exciting (and all explainable by science!). I’ll definitely be reading book 2!
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An exceptional first book from a mature author of YA (young adult) fiction! I've been reading scifi/fantasy for over 50 years, and at half way through this book I could already tell Tonya possess the talent for a long and great career as an author. Unlike in many YA-targeted books, the two main characters in Anomaly are neither stereotypes nor hormone driven idiots. The main characters are from families visited by death but this is not the central theme. Josie is a self-described science and science fiction nerd, but is (against stereotype) attractive and possesses normal friends. Learning that she can create/delete parts of reality does not change those bonds or explode her ego, and her reunion with a former crush is presented in a unique manner. Highly recommended!
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Anomaly was a cool read, but it wasn't a very memorable one. I really enjoyed the concepts, though the story didn't stand out to me very much. The plot/story wasn't anything new. It was the girl learns she has powers, people try to kill her, hot guy trains her, her life changes forever type of thing. I didn't mind it. It just didn't impress me enough to be stand out as great. The concepts were the coolest part of the book. The main character was an Anomaly, which meant she had the ability to Push (create) and Retract (delete) things into and out of existence. She was the rarer kind of person with powers. The other two types who could only either Push or Retract things. This was a really cool sci-fi element and it made for a some awesome training and action scenes.  The romance was nice. I liked Reid more than Josie. They had great chemistry and I rooted for them, but I didn't love them. Overall, Anomaly was an enjoyable read. Was it memorable? Not really. Other than the Pushing and Retracting, not much about this book stood out to me as special. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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3.5 Stars in my Sky. I really loved the concept of Anomaly and felt Tonya Kuper did a good job introducing readers to Josie and Reid's world. Imagine being about to create things just by thinking about them, to literally be able to change reality with your mind. Then think of the consequences and potential dangers. As I kid I was obsessed with a cartoon called Penny Crayon about a girl who could create things with her magic crayons so it's no wonder this idea would intrigue me. As you can probably tell from the blurb, Josie is having a bad day, like a really freaking terrible day but then something happens and everything changes... For the most part I felt Josie takes the strange events and revelations in her stride, having a hot guy around to assist her probably helped. There were a couple of moments when I was surprised she didn't cause more of a fuss but I appreciated her lack of moaning.  The tension was good and I liked the action scenes - it's difficult to say more without giving anything away. I'm not sure about others, but I liked Josie's geekiness and found her endearing. I wanted to know more about Reid and his mysterious past. The story does end on something of a cliffy (don't worry no spoilers here) and I definitely want to know what happens next.  I received a review copy.
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Anomaly captivated me from the first page especially with characters you will instantly like.  Josie is a total nerd, which I love, but she's not your average geek.  Josie has an ability every girl wants, to make a guy hot just by thinking about it.  That's not her only talent, but you immediately love a character who can do that.  Don't get me started on Reid, total bad boy protector with a feisty attitude, enough said. Onto the story, you can tell when the book starts off that Josie's life is about to change and everything she knows is not what it seems.  In the beginning you find hints to stuff you'll learn about later and know there's more to the story than meets the eye.  I found the story flowed nicely, and kept me entertained throughout.  There wasn't any point in this book where I wanted to take a pause and come back to it later, I just wanted to plow through and find all the secrets.  Unfortunately I have to wait for the other two books to find out everything, but this was a great start to a trilogy.
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**I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review** 5 stars! On her 17th birthday, Josie Harper is feeling a plethora of emotions…disappointment, hurt, shock, and a little bit of apprehension seeing as she has just turned the same age as her brother when he died.  Well, that and the fact that her first serious boyfriend just dumped her…in the cafeteria…and asked if they could still be friends.  Between that and her father being MIA (and it looking like it may be a permanent situation), Josie doesn’t think her life could get any worse.  She of course has her three friends, her over-protective mom, and her little brother, Eli, but Josie knows she is meant to do something big with her life – if only things could just go her way once in a while. Enter the hot looking mystery hunk that just rolled up on his black motorcycle and the fact that he happens to look exactly like Josie just imagined he would, and he is looking right at her.  Holy new student!!  Reid Wentworth just made her sucky day more interested to look at…but it’s what she doesn’t know about the mystery man that will make everything look dull and her future look anything but boring.  Josie is introduced to the world of Consortium and Resistance, Anomalys, Pushers, and Retractors…she is an Oculi – and an extremely powerful one at that.  But the road she heads down with Reid is riddled with confusion and a TON more questions for Josie – leaving her feeling like she never knew herself at all…or did she?  The headaches and nausea she would fight just before her reality would change – someone’s appearance, the world around her, even weapons, all with just a thought. The Consortium wants all Anomalys taken out – stating they have far too much power, were the Resistance wants them to come together and make a stand…to use their powers for good.  It’s a game of right, wrong, wrong, right that Josie lands smack in the middle of – with only Reid and his Resistance buddy Santos to rely on and to train her.  Until Josie gets an even bigger bomb dropped on her that makes her question her life even further – but she still feels like this is what she was meant to do, and with Reid by her side.  Can Reid help her outrun the Consortium, or will they catch her and exterminate her like the pest they see her as? First of all – LOVE the cover!!  I’m not going to say that I judge a book by its cover, but it definitely has to have some visual appeal, and this one certainly did!  Josie’s character literally jumped to life on the first page for me, partly thanks to the amazing imagine on the cover.  But that was only the surface – once I got to know Josie more (even after just a few pages), with her sweet nerdiness, and her love of all things science, I knew that she could only get better as the story progressed.  And that she did – while she may be small and nerdy, she is also strong and charming, which serve her well as she learns all the things that make up the reason for her brother’s death, her father’s disappearance, and the sudden appearance of people wanting to kill her.  Reid is amazing – he’s supportive, kind, smart, and did I mention adorable?  I wanted to gobble these two up with how cute their budding relationship was!  He likes her, she likes him, but due to issues on both sides, they try to keep it low key.  All I can say is that I hope Josie and Reid continue kicking butt and taking names in the next book –alternating POVs, terrific chemistry and LOTS of action!  What more can a nerdy book girl ask for?
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After a lifetime of moving around, being home-schooled, and kept under virtual lock-and-key by her parents, Josie has spent the past two years living an almost normal life: attending an actual high school, making friends... and mourning her brother. On her seventeenth birthday, however, Josie learns that her life will never be normal. Born with the power to make things appear just by picturing them, she finds herself fighting for her life as what she thought was true comes tumbling down around her. Anomaly is a story both sweet and fraught with terror. When everyone seems to be out to get you, how much additional trouble can you get into by falling for the man sent to save and teach you? The author does a really good job of making the characters come alive, and alternating the viewpoints between Josie and Reid gives a well balanced feel to the book. I'm happy to say that Josie is not your typical girl... in fact, she spouts of so many "nerd" phrases and references that I felt like I was back at a Science-Fiction Convention - not that this is a bad thing! I will admit that I recognized every single Marvel/Star Trek/Star Wars/Big Bang Theory/etc reference in this book, but at times it seemed like an overwhelming amount of geekdom. In this end it worked, but someone unfamiliar with the different franchises may end up slightly lost at times, though they should be able to pick up at least the general context. There was just enough romance in this book to work: just enough to add tension without being unrealistic. The motives of the characters - and their actions - fit the plot, and the actual plot of the book is fun and surprising at times. This isn't one of those books where you can guess the ending from the beginning, so the author does a good job at feeding you enough details throughout the storyline to keep you interested while still throwing in a bang at the end. My one complaint about this book is that the ending felt a little rushed and messy, especially the scene on the roof - but I won't say more since I don't want to ruin anything! This is a good solid four stars and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.