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by Peter Giglio

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Hydra Publications
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Anon 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Eric_J_Guignard More than 1 year ago
I found this novel to be an engaging read, heartbreaking at times, and filled with emotion and suspense. It is a captivating read and original, and I look forward to future works which build upon these characters' lives. I have read Peter's short stories before and always wanted "more." My wish has been fulfilled in "Anon."
Gwen_Perkins More than 1 year ago
About a corporation that has infiltrated a community down to their very dreams, placing Anon in context with current events makes it both a timely and chilling tale. Giglio captures the edge of corporate doublespeak while contrasting this culture with the story of a family in turmoil. This delicate balance provides us with heroes that we can root for even as the villains show nuances not often present in this genre. A fascinating read and highly recommended to fellow horror fans.
dwatson More than 1 year ago
Rory hates his job, the town he lives in and the woman he's married to. He would like nothing better then to fix everything that went wrong, especially his relationship with his ex-fiance Faith, but he feels trapped and doesn't know how to fix it. Then one day he gets called into a meeting with his boss at Anon Financial services. Anon gives him the opportunity to fix all of his problems but the question is what does Anon want in return? Faith has moved on to a happier life without Rory. She is married to a minister named Cale and they have twin daughters named Dawn and Michelle. Michelle has a strange gift and knows something evil has arrived when Rory reappears in Faith's life. In order to stop the terror that is invading her family, she will have to listen to ghosts from Rory's past, learn to use her powers and put down an evil corporation. Rory also has powers and will stop at nothing to get the life he missed out on, with Faith. The thing I loved most about Anon was how Rory's story is presented. The book follows Rory from when he was a child to the present and you start to like the character despite the fact that he isn't always a good person. I found myself sympathizing with him when he breaks up with Faith and goes to work at Anon. I also found myself wanting to see him change his life and get what he wanted even though it meant the destruction of Faith's Family. What made the book so much better then the average horror novel are the characters in the book. Peter Giglio does a great job of making you fall in love with a character weather he is good or bad. I also liked Faith's family and wanted to see them survive what they we're going through. Most of all I hoped Rory would overcome Anon's influence and become the hero. Though I mainly liked Anon there were a few parts that I didn't care for. I would have liked to see more from Faith's point of view and I would have liked more description on how how Anon's power worked. A description is given but I found it a little hard to follow. There were also two scenes that I didn't like in the book one was when Rory and Faith take Michelle away from their grandparents and there was a gunfight in a hotel that I thought was unnecessary. Another thing I would have to tell reader's of Anon is to stick with the story and don't stop reading. There was one point where I felt the story was getting confusing and almost stopped, but as the story went on everything did get explained. Anon is a good psychological horror story that makes a great point about all of us having evil and good within us. We make the decision on what path we want to take but there are others that can influence are decisions and control us.
Kasia1021 More than 1 year ago
Absolutely scary.I started off the novel by liking the main character, Rory. As the novel progressed, I began to dislike him extremely, only to have everything I thought he was about turned on it's head. The whole twin concept was especially intriguing, and creepy at the same time. I still can't get those orange glowing eyes out of my mind. Giglio created a true horror story that scares me, but that's why I love this genre!
Cat_Cavendish More than 1 year ago
'Anon' has got to be one of the most original and superbly paced horror novels I have read in a long time. It's a story that demands to be read thoroughly. The plot twists and turns. Just when you think you've 'got it', there is another surprise waiting for you. Nothing is quite as it seems. There are new scares and revelations awaiting the characters at every turn. Corporate terror in tangible form. Peter Giglio is the master!