Another Kind of Diamond
Another Kind of Diamond

Another Kind of Diamond

by Gloria Obizu


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An inspirational book for everyone

Another kind of Diamond discuses a girl who had to go through the horrible ordeal of abuse and neglect in the hands of her parents. However, as we read we discover that even though her up-bringing was nothing to write home about yet she had ample opportunities to make all wrongs right. For instance she is gifted in physical and intellectual abilities. Granted the chance for a fresh start, a good husband, even loyal friends at some other points and wealth too, but she stuck to self destructive ways and ended her life in ruin.

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ISBN-13: 9781477237656
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/26/2012
Pages: 364
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

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Another Kind of Diamond

By Gloria Obizu


Copyright © 2012 Gloria Obizu
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-3765-6

Chapter One

Isabel woke up a little earlier this Saturday morning and for a late week-end starter it was hard getting adjusted. After a long time spent complaining to nobody, she went for some of the everyday things and was on it when her roommate's voice reached her through the running tap as she continued with oral care. Breakfast is ready! Carissa yelled.

That has to wait till I'm done with shower roommate! Isabel responded struggling with paste in her mouth.

Ok babe! Take your time! I'll clean up while you do that!

Eventually it was quite a while before both sat down to breakfast and as usual chattered with their meals. Babe something very important just knocked on my stupid mind's door, Carissa said at a point in their chattering.

And what is that? Isabel asked, probing her roommate's eyes.

The guest list for the party, remember? You promised we'll go through it together before setting out for shopping.

Oh I remember, is just that we don't have much time left 'cause the bus will be arriving in 30 minutes and we need at list 20 to the bus stop. But don't worry, I'll grab it and we try to go through it with our walk. The girls then hurried and hit the street.

Just like she promised Isabel soon fished out a piece of paper from a back sack she carried where ever she went and began reading thorough a very long list. Desha, Shana, Anita, Wendy, Edna, Joslyn ...

Stop right there! Carissa cuts it short. No! Not Joslyn! She is not coming!

What do you mean? I haven't even gone anywhere with the list and you cut me off like that, Isabel reacted in surprise.

You heard me roommate or didn't you? I said Joslyn isn't coming. Carissa continued.

And who do you think you are to get in my business like that and ruin my breakfast ah? Carissa! Are we forgetting something here? This is my party, okay? And I'll invite anyone I choose, okay?

Isabel I don't believe you are saying this, Carissa continued.

Do you think I care? Isabel retorted in a hint of anger. You ought to know this belongs to none of Carissa's business class, okay? 'I've said it once and I'm saying it again, babe, I never allow anyone run my show no matter who you think you are, understand? I do as I please, that's it! And like I said Joslyn will be there at my party, do you get that? I don't even want to bug myself with how you feel about this.

You must be kidding me, right?

I ain't kidding anybody, okay? And don't ask me that silly question anymore Carissa.

Not after what she did to you, Isabel. I mean taking Jewie from you the way she did and you are telling me she is gonna be at your party. Now tell me some-n?

What more do you want to hear from me Carissa?

She might decide to come with Jewie, right?

What if she comes with Jewie? Isabel responded.

Think for a minute how that's gonna hurt you.

I don't care! Anyways they won't even dare.

What are you talking about? Carissa pressed on. You remember Anita and how she broke up with Edwin 'cause she caught him cheating with her best friend Shana. You remember that shit, right?

Ehen! I remember!

Edwin and Shana were at Anita's birthday party together or have you forgotten?

Come to think of it, you're right you know, Isabel admitted but even that was not enough reason to get her dancing along with her roommate but Carissa seized the chance and pressed on.

Listen Isabel, they don't care these days, okay? Everyone out there is acting kinda crazy. They're all wired! Anyways, may be Anita didn't care that much about Edwin like you felt for Jewie, know what I'm saying?

I wasn't really that much into him, okay? Besides Jewie belongs to the past now. He never meant that much to me. Isabel said this thinking her roommate will change her mind and drop the argument but Carissa was not relenting. I don't even believe you are talking about Jewie like that she added instead.

What is your particular reason for saying that Carissa? Isabel was by now getting really worked up.

Oh come-on Isabel! You know you're still in love with that guy, don't you?

Is that how you feel? You are the one in love with that guy not Isabel.

Oh yes! You are in love for sure! Carissa continued.

Ok! Blab, blab, blab! Whatever! Whatever! Joslyn is still gonna be there at my party no matter what you say.

You are in denial Isabel, 'cause something has gone wrong.

Now visibly angered by Carissa's persistence, Isabel bellowed; what do you really know about me and Jewie, ah? And she turned to face her roommate.

That nightmare you used to have when you fight with him and then you'll be imagining he'll be gone with some other babe and will be crying and telling me how much you love him. Yeah! I still remember that shit, Carissa persisted.

I already heard enough of your nonsense Carissa. Anyways how is all that supposed to be your business, asshole? Ok! I probably was acting like that and stuff but that was then. Right now Jewie doesn't mean anything to me anymore, feel me? The whole damn thing is old stuff now. Like they say, is history! Gone! That's it! Finished with! Final! What more do you want me to say, ah?

I don't know what I'm gonna do with you Isabel. Sometimes I wanna hate you, sometimes I wanna love you.

Good! That makes the two of us girlfriend. But right now I ain't thinking about you and your little mind, nor am I thinking of that mother fucking kinda guy named Jewie 'cause it is about me and how I'm gonna make my show shout out loud, understand? So you can go ahead and run your mouth the much you want, it's still not gonna change a damn thing girlfriend.

And not wanting to agitate her roommate further, Carissa chose to water down the whole thing as she now said; I don't really mean to bug you Isabel. Is just that I really thought you did care about that dud, seriously!

Why should I continue to care about a guy who left me in the middle of winter and ran off with a bitch? Isabel continued in her own attempt to let Carissa into her real feeling! Why? She insisted. Not when there are enough guys out there for a young babe like me. I'm gonna turn seventeen in a few weeks. Don't you forget that! I'm holding my salesgirl's job and I've a place to call my own. And you know some more, I pay my rent and take care of my shit, get what' am saying. So tell me, what dud out there won't wanna be with me, eh? I, Isabel got all that they need and everything they'll always need 'cause I take care of my shit. So babe right now I run the whole damn show my own way! That's what it is. And you know the kinda game I play?

No babe! Tell me more about that! Carissa responded.

It is called grab them fast and drop them fast! Babe that's my game 'cause that's what the time says on my time piece!

Great! Carissa reacted in excitement.

That's the way it is supposed to be Roommate. Now Carissa don't tell me you fall in love with guys and all that 'cause that's gonna make you even a worse fool than I thought, okay? You know why? It's gonna hurt! Believe me! My mama did all that shit and lost out, okay? So, I'm not even thinking about getting myself into a thing like that, not this time babe. I'm just gonna go ahead and get me as much fun as I can get before gray start showing up 'cause what all those duds out there want these days is you know 'that thing' and that's all Isabel is gonna be asking for too. I ain't even tripping!

Cool! I kind of like that. I want more though.

What more do you think you can get Carissa?

Babies! I've been trying to make someone a baby daddy, Carissa said giggling.

Someone like Teri ha! It is not so hard. All you need is do you know, get what am saying?

I know! I know! Carissa responded and continued giggling. I'm probably doing it the wrong way or not doing enough, understand?

There isn't any wrong way or not doing enough about it babe? Once you get to a certain age and have sex with guys you get pregnant, period! Unless you get yourself some kind of protection like anti baby pills or something. You know, a plan A or B. Feel me!

Anti-baby pills! Yak! Sounds kind of wired! Isabel! Know what?

And what is it this time?

Not all girls get to be pregnant, though! Only cool babes like you and me make babies, Carissa added.

It has nothing to do with cool babes and stuff egg brain! Sometimes is just the way some babes are made and for that reason they can't make babies. That was Isabel still trying so hard to instruct her roommate.

And some babes do it to themselves, get what I mean? Carissa responded.

Probably! Probably!

Isabel! Look at you! Carissa said as she got even more exited. Soon you gonna become a senior babe like me 'cause you're turning seventeen in three weeks and I can't wait to welcome you on board.

Stone brain! We still have one year to go, okay! Eighteen fucking miserable years is what you got to wait before you even begin to think of yourself as an adult.

And what difference does it make? Carissa asked.

Baby! That's when I'll be free to do as I please, oh yeah! Sweet freedom! I can't wait! And then I'm gonna take care of my shit the way I want 'cause nobody got the right to get in my business unless I let them. Oh! I wonder how the days after that almighty initiation will turn out. I just can't wait!

We started kind of early then 'cause I just turned seventeen and you in three weeks. But see how we take care of business ourselves. Like share the rent for our apartment, buy our own cloths and shit. I mean we do everything we want to do ourselves and we carry on so well. That's really fantastic, Carissa continued.

May be we're some kind of rebellious kids or wired, I don't know. I still can't wait to turn eighteen though 'cause I can't even do half of all the shit I want to do on my own, get what I'm saying? Sometimes they are like, "adult consent required" and that's it! Isabel added, chuckling.

I know! Carissa responded chuckling too as usual. Anyways I think we are doing just great. Re-be-li-us. What does that shit mean?

Quit acting dumb roommate 'cause we need to step up or we miss our bus. It'll be here in ten minutes, so we need walk faster, Isabel retorted.

Oh come-on! We've got a long time to while away babe! The bus stop isn't that far!

Oops! Watch out Carissa! You almost got ran over by that car.

Damned stupid driver! He probably wants what I got, Carissa said and continued giggling.

May be you want what he's got, okay? Isabel started yelling again. You need come over here and walk with me on the side walk 'cause I don't understanding why you keep getting in the way of the traffic and making it like fun business. Wow! Did you see that? He almost ran into another car. He's in such a rush that I couldn't even get to catch a good look at him. You know, I wanted to check him out babe and see if he is good looking, you know! Just for admiration thing.

He is running so wild 'cause he wanna catch up with some date 'cause that's all they think about these days and can't do any good stuff anymore like them grandfathers. Isabel! I just remembered something!



What about Denyse? Isabel asked.

Is she coming to the party?

Carissa which of the Denyse are you talking about?

Denyse Goldman. Are you gonna let her come?

I don't even wanna talk about that bitch! Isabel responded. Know what? It's probably better not to let her 'cause she's been acting funny lately. Since she came back from some sort of camping stuff she said she went last June she's been carrying herself like some kind of princess or something and I don't like that.

Yes! Carissa picked up from where her roommate stopped. You're right! You're right! I saw her at the Movies some time ago and she was telling me about this girl she met at a camp and she said the girl's name is Elisa and was saying all the nicest things in this world about this new girl. And then I noticed how she totally changed and acting kind of strange and I said in my mind is because of this new girl she is acting like that. She couldn't even look me straight in the face, get what I mean. And she was in a hurry to get away from me so I did her the favor by taking myself out of her sight fast.

I don't even care. She can meet whosoever she wants. I don't give a damn! Isabel continued.

Remember how we all used to hang out, get high and be happy together? Carissa said. But these days she doesn't even talk to anybody. I even went out of my style and called her several times sometime last month to see how she is doing but she neither picked my calls nor returned them.

Don't even bother yourself about that idiot any more. Isabel picked it up again. I too ran into her on Wall Mart about two weeks ago but she pretended she didn't see me. Anyways, I still went ahead and tried to be nice to her. You know, tried talking with her and all that but she kept on putting up this weird behavior like someone who embraced a new kind of religion or something. "I went back to school you know" she told me like she has become one of those movie stars, get what I am saying? She was really acting funny and that kinda pissed me off. One thing she doesn't understand though is that I ain't got patient for that bullshit she is hawking all over the place. No, not Isabel! And then she was with this tall girl who was standing by her like a hulk and since I didn't wanna be eaten raw, I walked away while I'm still alive.

That must be Elisa right there! Carissa exclaimed.

I don't give a damn! Isabel insisted. Anyways I've quit trying to be nice to her and all that shit and moved on. I never even try wasting my minutes on that bitch anymore. Come to think of it, we don't really need her.

Yeah! Good riddance to bad rubbish! Carissa continued. All she did was force herself on us anyways 'cause we never considered her a real friend, get what I'm saying! She didn't blend with our juice real good, right?

Oh sure! She was way off the mark! Yet we still tried to be nice and all that. But with the way she is acting now, she is gone for good. We're never gonna mess with her again, ever!

Elizabeth Highlands is coming for sure, right? Carissa asked giggling again.

You mean the Doctor's kid? Isabel asked jovially.


Oh sure! Isabel said with some giggle too.

She is one hell of a quire kid you know. Her dad is a medical doctor and I heard he works twenty four seven in one of those hospital and you know what that means, right? Carissa said.

Lots of money for sure! And she spends it too! She bought Anita a whole set of suitcase from one of those expensive stores for a birth day gift, Isabel added.

She buys for everybody, get what I'm saying? Laughter from both girls followed before Carissa continued. You remember those gold earrings she gave me for a sung? We were all hanging out and I saw this beautiful pair of gold on her ears, you know? All I did was say how nice they looked and bam! Carissa became the owner of gold earrings for the first time in my life. She was like, do you want them? And I screamed, yes! And she took them off right away and gave them to me. Just like that!

I Know! She is wired. Her mom is home all the time trying to help out but she never gives a damn Isabel pressed on.

That's true. If I had that kinda dad with lots of dough and a mom like hers I'll probably be in school still.

Oh my God, the bus is almost here! Look behind you! Isabel shouted!

Baby, you've got one of a kind pair of eyes! We need to run for it this time or we miss it! Carissa said.

I warned you we needed to step up but you wouldn't listen, now you want me to start running and I don't know how fast we gonna run to catch up with a moving bus. Look the fool you made of yourself Carissa!

Isabel we can give it a try! So keep running!

I'm doing what I can, okay? Don't even try making me go any faster than I'm doing already, alright? Oh no! Is no use! It is already on its stand and there is no way we can catch up with it now, so I quit, Isabel said and slowed down.

Babe, don't do that! Carissa persisted. We can still make it! Keep running! We are almost there! See, I almost touched the big thing. Yeah!

But those who have the mind to know the right time to leave their homes and get to the bus stop on time already got in and the bus full, ok? Babe look at the damn thing with your blind eyes and you'll see it's slowly moving away. It is not gonna stay there waiting for Carissa 'cause that's what you call public transportation, okay? It is leaving!

Yeah! You're damned right. We missed it alright. Let's wait for another one, okay?

Is gonna take about an hour before the next bus gets here Carissa!

We got no choice babe? It's either we choose to wait or we take another long walk back home. Anyways, it is up to you Isabel, 'cause I'm not going to the store to shop for my own stuff and you know that. The only reason I'm out here right now is 'cause of you, don't you forget that, Carissa said.

And how are you helping me out now, ah? Isabel responded.


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