Another P.O.G. Story: Memoir of A Marine Motor-Transport Reservist During Operation Iraqi Freedom

Another P.O.G. Story: Memoir of A Marine Motor-Transport Reservist During Operation Iraqi Freedom

by Matthew Warren Nelson


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Not everybody that joins the military gets sent to war as an elite sniper/force-recon/professional killer. Only a small percentage of the military are truly on foot patrols, fighting the good fight. Believe it or not, every combat deployment does not have to be a scene from a Hollywood action thriller movie or a first-person shooter video game. For some troops, that was exactly the heroic position they played during war, and they should be honored and respected as such. But, like so many others who also played their position honorably and contributed to the same cause...That is NOT our story. Another P.O.G. ( Person Other than Grunt {pronounced like the word "rogue"} ) story is a true account about an average Las Vegas teenager, experiencing the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks, then joining the United States Marine Corps reserve as motor-transport, deploy twice with a Combat Logistics Battalion in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and finally getting out and transitioning back to civilian life. This book is neither recommended nor suitable for those who may be easily offended by potent language, practices and encounters. The intent of this story is to illuminate some unpopular dynamics of Americas war-machine and how it affects men and women who proudly wear that uniform differently.

This tale includes: Two powerful extended drill-weekends (Deployments to Iraq) , strategic intoxication, numerous "Oh Shit" moments, crew serve weapons, military trucks, etc, etc.

If you care about America and the honorable people who serve in its military (especially the USMC), then you need to read this memoir. Buy it and come take a ride with me.

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