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Answering The Call

Answering The Call

by D Anne Liebroder


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Answering The Call. Answer Your Calling! Here you will learn about emotional charting, cycles of emotion, quantum physics, awareness, perspective, chakras, intent vs. impact, expectations, intentions, cycles of compulsion, passion lists, ego-esteem vs. self esteem, courage vs. discouragement and life quadrants. Answering The Call will help you determine specifically what you want in your life. You will discover powerful tools and proven methods helping you to achieve your goals. You will be provided with strategies that demand results and offer rewards daily. Attack, conquer and be victorious in all of your L.I.F.E. pursuits!

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ISBN-13: 9781449031954
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/09/2009
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.16(d)

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By Lawrence A. Liebroder D. Anne Liebroder


Copyright © 2009 D Anne Liebroder and Lawrence A Liebroder, B.A.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-3195-4

Chapter One

Emotional Charting

You have heard the term 'you get what you focus on." You do get what you focus on, but with a twist. The feelings you attach to your focal points will determine what it is you receive. For example, you may say you want more money, but every time you focus on more money, or how to obtain more money you have extreme feelings of dread or fear. By clinging to these feelings of fear or dread you continue to attract exactly the things you fear, rather than attracting your true desire for more money.

Change the way you look at things. You need to examine your emotions and use them as a guide to discover whether or not you are on track to getting what you want. Anytime you feel bad or are not experiencing joy and happiness you are off track. Think of your emotions as a guidance system. Be aware of your emotions looking at what it is you are feeling more than what it is you are thinking. When you choose to focus on a desire be aware of the feelings or emotions you are experiencing in relation to that desire. These feelings will guide you to discover whether you are on or off track.

Use the number scale below to become aware of what youremotional state is now. Keep in mind that the smaller numbered items are healthier emotional states while the larger numbered items are less healthy emotional states.

1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation/Gratitude

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

4. Positive/Expectation/Belief

5. Optimism

6. Hopefulness

7. Contentment

8. Boredom

9. Pessimism

10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience

11. Overwhelmed

12. Disappointment

13. Doubt

14. Worry

15. Blame

16. Discouragement

17. Anger

18. Revenge

19. Hatred/Rage

20. Jealousy

21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness



You may think well, that's all fine and good, but what do I do with it now? You must acknowledge that all emotions are indicators revealing helpful information about getting to where it is you want to be. It is not very logical to think that you are going to be happy or joyful all the time. But, we can sure try. If you know where you are, you can quickly reach for tools and resources, allowing you to get back on track moving forward towards your goals. The goal is to have you become aware of what you are feeling at all times. Focus your energies on the things you want most and not on the things you don't want. You should consider where your current emotion state is. Recognize how it feels to move from one emotion to the next, leading you to where you want to be. The expectation is that with every cycle of emotion, you will find yourself moving towards your ultimate feeling. As you move up the scale every feeling is an emotional response to find relief. It is at the highest scaled emotions we become magnetic and are able to connect with our truest desires, attracting all of the things we desire most. Use this challenge to see if you can utilize your awareness, moving from one emotion to the next. By doing so, you will spend more time becoming magnetic and drawing to yourself the experiences you most desire.

Consider for a moment the cycle of emotions that you feel. How can these emotions be used to give you emotional leverage?


Pick three emotions that you experience most frequently, see if you can discover a theme. Themes may include positive, negative, neutral, passive and aggressive among others.

1st Emotion:

1st Theme:

2nd Emotion:

2nd Theme:

3rd Emotion:

3rd Theme:

Are the themes which you identified something you are comfortable with or something you would like to change? Please answer from each of your responses above.

Yes No Why: Yes No Why: Yes No Why:

Where do each these fall on the scale of emotional health? Use the scale from the emotional charting section previously discussed using the corresponding number listed in front of each emotion (1-22).

Emotion #1 Scaling__________ Emotion #2 Scaling__________ Emotion #3 Scaling__________ Total_______________


01-07 = Healthy Emotional State

08-14 = Moderate Emotional State

15-22 = Unhealthy Emotional State

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Look at the pictures below. Describe your first reaction to each picture. What is your interpretation?





Describe the feelings you have attached to each picture.





Write your conclusion on how what you see affects how you think and feel? Include the differences between what you tell yourself and what you feel.


Through the discoveries of quantum physics, society is beginning to embrace the idea we are more than just our physical bodies. Even more profound is the thought that our physical forms are just an illusion. We are merely energetic beings that descend into a sense of physical manifestation. If even one element of this idea is true concerning the discoveries that have taken place with science we must consider we are powerful beyond measure.

There is a theosophical term referring to a universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action. The records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha or coniferous ether. In Hindu mysticism this akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other tour natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. These five principles also represent the five senses of the human being.

Ervin Laszlo wrote a book called Science and the Akashic Field wherein he discusses the origin of the universe. Laszlo states "the universe we observe and inhabit is a secondary product of the energy sea that was there before there was anything there at all. Hindu aced Chinese cosmologies have always maintained that the things aced beings that exist ire the world are a concretization or distillation of the basic energy of the cosmos, descending from its original source. The physical world is a reflection of energy vibrations from more subtle energy fields. Creation aced all subsequent existence is a progression downward aced outward from the primordial source.

In Indian philosophy the ultimate eyed of the physical world is a return to Akasha, its original subtle-energy womb. At the eyed of time as we know it, the almost infinitely varied things aced forms of the manifest world dissolve into formlessness ... In Akasha, all attributes of the manifest world merge into a state that is beyond attributes: the state of Brahman.

Although it is undifferentiated, Brahman is dynamic aced creative. From its ultimate 'being' comes the temporary 'becoming' of the manifest world, with its attributes, functions aced relationships. The cycles of samsara [individual lifetimes] ... are the lila of Brahman: its play of ceaseless creation aced dissolution. Ire Indian philosophy, absolute reality is the reality of Brahman. The manifest world enjoys but a derived, secondary reality aced mistaking it for the real is the illusion of maya ...

The traditional Eastern conception differs from the view held by most people ire the West ... [that] reality is material. The things that truly exist are hits or particles of matter ... Matter moves about ire space, acted ore by energy. Energy also enjoys reality (since it acts ore matter), but space does root: space is merely the backdrop or the container ... aced is passive ire itself ... space is root experienced ... it is only the precondition of experience ... [This last comment exposes the Western reliance ore sensory experience aced therefore its entrapment within the illusion of the empirical world or Maya]

The view that space is empty aced passive, aced root even real to hoot, is ire complete opposition to the view we get from contemporary physics ... it is clear that what they describe as the unified vacuum - the seat of all the fields aced forces of the physical world - is ire fact the primary reality of the universe ... What we think of as matter is but the quantised semi-stable bundling of the energies that spring from the vacuum. Ire the last count matter is but a waveform disturbance ire the nearly infinite energy-sea that is the fundamental medium - aced hence the primary reality - of this universe, aced of all universes that ever existed aced will ever exist."

Consider for a moment an experiment conducted by Ervin Laszlo in his book Science and the Akashic Field. He describes a series of experiments conducted by lie detector expert Cleve Backster. Backster took white blood cells from his subjects and cultured them in test tubes. He then moved the cultures more than seven miles away. He attached lie detectors to the cultures and performed a series of experiments on his subjects.

In one Cleve Backster's tests, he tested a man who was a former navy gunner at Pearl Harbor in 1941. This man was actually present during the attack. Cleve Backster showed his subject television programs depicting the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. When an image of a navy gunner appeared on the screen, the man's face betrayed an emotional reaction. At this precise moment, the lie detector's needle seven and a half miles away jumped, exactly as it would have had it been attached to the man himself. Subsequent experiments would vary the circumstances and increase the distances involved, but they all had the same astonishing results whether they were hundreds of miles or just several miles away.

How could such a thing be possible? In the philosophy of quantum physics, the particles of the navy gunner's body are still connected or entangled with one another. No matter how far apart they are separated in space, they will continue to influence one another. In fact, this effect appears to occur at speeds faster than the speed of light, which violates one of Einstein's basic rules. Scientists dubbed this mind-boggling capacity for instantaneous interconnection nonlocality. Einstein has a somewhat less technical term for it, calling it spooky action at a distance.

Lazlo's theory for the future evolution of human consciousness is as follows: "Consciousness evolution is from the ego-hound to the transpersonal form. If this is so, it is a source of great hope. Transpersonal consciousness is open to more of the information that reaches the brain thane the dominant consciousness of today. This could have momentous consequences. It could produce greater empathy among people, aced greater sensitivity to animals, planets, aced the entire biosphere. It could create subtle contact with other parts of the cosmos. It could change our world. A society hallmarked by transpersonal consciousness is not likely to he materialistic and self-centered, it would he more deeply and widely informed."


How do you feel about the concept that we are energetic beings? If we are entangled how could this empower you? What changes would you implement in how you conduct your life?

Consider for a moment you accept the concept that we are energetic beings. You have the ability to affect time and space even when you aren't directly attached to the thing you want. You don't even have to be in the presence of what it is you want. How will you use this knowledge to empower you?


Find a quite place where you can begin to connect to the energy within your body. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Inhale slowly through your nose allowing your diaphragm to fill with air. Inhale, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, hold it, one one-thousand, two one-thousand and then exhale, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand. Continue this for several minutes. You can now continue to breathe normally. Begin to focus on your feet and feel the energy there. Do they throb or tingle? Acknowledge what it feels like to be the energy in your feet. Now feel your toes, move upward to your legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, back, arms, hands, fingers, head, face and ears. Spend some time just feeling, sensing the energy in your body. Make sure you start from the bottom of your feet working up to the very top of your head.

What did it feel like to recognize the energy in your body?

Did you notice resistance in any part of your body?

Did you feel fatigue in any part of your body?

Did you feel any soreness or tingling in any part of your body?

If you were only 10% more aware of where emotion registers in your body, how would this information be helpful?

L.I.F.E. LINE - Go to and log-in to your account, type the word "AWARENESS" to get ideas or strategies on awareness techniques.


You forgot your anniversary. A. I'm not good at remembering special dates. 1 B. I was preoccupied with other things. 0

You lose your temper with a friend. A. He/she is always nagging me. 1 B. He/she was in a hostile mood. 0

You owe the library ten dollars for an overdue book. A. When I am really involved in what I'm reading, I often forget when it's due. 1 B. I was so involved in writing the report that I forgot to return the book. 0

You are penalized for not returning your income-tax forms on time. A. I always put off doing my taxes. 1 B. I was lazy about getting my taxes done this year. 0

You've been feeling run-down lately. A. I never get a chance to relax. 1 B. I was exceptionally busy this week. 0

A friend says something that hurts your feelings. A. She always blurts things out without thinking of others. 1 B. My friend was in a bad mood and took it out on me. 0

You gain weight over the holidays and can't lose it. A. Diets don't work in the long run. 1 B. The diet I tried didn't work. 0

You fall down a great deal while skiing. A. Skiing is difficult. 1 B. The trails were icy. 0

The way you view situations and the meanings you attach to them determines velocity. It is up to you to attach meanings to situations that will empower you. Will you become someone who looks at every experience as an opportunity to grow and expand? Will you use your experiences to help you find an answer you hadn't thought of before? Every situation has the seed of opportunity inside of it if you look hard enough. Are you going to be someone who only thinks in black and white? Or, are you going to look for the shades of color? Do you tend to have thoughts such as "I'll never succeed", "I am just a big failure", or "No one really cares about me"? To get a better understanding of how you are doing in this area total your score from above.


Scoring Key:

0 - 1 You are very positive and tend to attach positive meanings to situations

2 - 3 You are somewhat effective in how you attach meanings

4 You are average

5 - 6 You tend to be negative and attach meanings that can only cause you pain and helplessness

7 - 8 You most often attach meanings that can only serve to depress and discourage you


Excerpted from ANSWERING THE CALL by Lawrence A. Liebroder D. Anne Liebroder Copyright © 2009 by D Anne Liebroder and Lawrence A Liebroder, B.A.. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Emotional Charting....................1
Chapter 2. The Effective Detective....................10
Chapter 3. Super Action Pack....................17
Chapter 4. Red Alert....................26
Chapter 5. Chart Your Course....................36

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