Antenna Design With Fiber Optics

Antenna Design With Fiber Optics

by Akhileshwar Kumar, A. Kumar


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Fiber optic cables are an attractive alternative to conventional coaxial cables and waveguide beamforming networks because they offer larger bandwidth capabilities, immunity to electromagnetic interference, increased temperature tolerance, and smaller transmission losses.

This comprehensive book clearly explains the advantages of fiber optics and details the background, characteristics, fabrications, source components and design data necessary for applying optical fiber technology to the beamforming networks for state-of-the-art space and ground segment antennas. The application of fiber optic networks in various phased array antennas is also described, and problems related to the interface between optical and microwave components are explored in detail.

With 170 illustrations and 190 equations, this practical design guide is a unique and time-saving reference for antenna designers, system engineers, scientists, and managers.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780890067598
Publisher: Artech House, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/29/1996
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Background and History of Optical Fiber Technology. General Performance Considerations. Comparison of Losses. Applications and Reasons. Conclusions.

Optical Fiber Types, Fabrication, Radiation, and Reliability: Introduction. Fiber Types. Advantages of Single-Mode Fiber Over Multi-Mode Fiber. Materials in the Fabrication. Fabrication Techniques. Nuclear Radiation Hardened Fibers. Mechanical Reliability and Fatigue for Silica Glass Fiber.

Radio Frequency Beamforming/Scanning Techniques: Introduction. Lens-Based Beamforming/Scanning Techniques. Circuit Beamformers. Imaging Reflector Antennas. RF Electronic Beam Steering Techniques for Optical Fibers. References.

Acousto-Optics Time-Delays for Phased Array Antennas: Introduction. Background of the Acousto-Optics. Delay Line Concept. Theory of the Delay Line. Time Delays arrangement for Phase Array Antennas. Experimental Results on Delay Lines and Phased Array Antennas. Two-Dimensional Array Antenna Beam Steering. Discussions and Conclusions. References.

Optically Controlled Beam Scanning of Active Phased Array Antennas: Introduction. Application of Phase Shifters. Methods of Injection Locking. References.

Hardware-Compressive Fiber Optical Delay Line for Steering of Phased Array Antennas: Introduction. Development of Binary Optical Delay Lines. Delay-Compressive Fiber Optical Delay Lines. Binary Fiber Optical Delay Line (BIFODEL) Architecture. Design of a Single BIFODEL Segment. Delay-Compressive Fiber Optic Delay Line. Conclusions. References.

Optical Beam Steering of Antenna Array Using Two Lasers: Introduction. Concept ofOptically Controlled Array. Pinhole Image Mask. Design of a Fiber-Optic Shutter Switch. Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Laser Output. Radiation Patterns and Reduction in Sidelobe Level. References.

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