Anthologies of Historiographical Speeches from Antiquity to Early Modern Times: Rearranging the Tesserae

Anthologies of Historiographical Speeches from Antiquity to Early Modern Times: Rearranging the Tesserae

by Brill




Anthologies of speeches excerpted from history books constitute a relatively little-known rhetorical and bibliographic genre. From ancient times to the present day, the practice of culling characters’ orations from one or more works and publishing them independently of their original source has produced new and different ways of reading and using history. Anthologies of Historiographical Speeches offers an introduction to the very diverse questions that arise from the study of the genre through a variety of approaches and methodological tools. Lying at the point where rhetoric and historiography intersect, the essays included in this volume focus on the rhetorical aspects of the collections, as well as on their production, transmission, and reception from antiquity to the early modern period.

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ISBN-13: 9789004321793
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 04/20/2017
Series: International Studies in the History of Rhetoric , #7
Pages: 548
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About the Author

J. C. Iglesias-Zoido, Ph.D. (1992), teaches Classical Philology at the University of Extremadura. Previous publications on Thucydides and historiographical speeches include Retórica e historiografía (Madrid, 2008) and El legado de Tucídides en la cultura occidental (Coimbra, 2011).

Victoria Pineda, Ph.D. (1993), University of Michigan, teaches Comparative Literature at Universidad de Extremadura. Her most recent publications include a book on Luis Cernuda’s ekphrastic poems (Barcelona, 2017) and a critical edition of Lope de Vega's Los Prados de León (Madrid, 2017).

Contributors are: Luis Ballesteros Pastor, Robert D. Black, José María Candau, David Carmona, Immacolata Eramo, Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido, M. Teresa Jiménez Calvente, Ida Gilda Mastrorosa, Roberto Nicolai, Valentina Nider, Carmen Peraita, M. Violeta Pérez Custodio, Victoria Pineda, María Sanz Julián, Florence Serrano, Xavier Tubau, and Joaquín Villalba Álvarez.

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors viii

Introduction: Old Words in New Books Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido Victoria Pineda 1

Part 1 Antiquity

1 Anthologies of Historiographical Speeches in Antiquity Juan Carlos Iglesius-Zoido 25

2 Historians' Speeches in Rhetorical Education: Dionysius of Halicarnassus' Selection from Thucydides Roberto Nicolai 42

3 Speeches of Historians and Historiographical Criticism: Timacus' Speeches in Polybius' Book XII José María Candau 63

4 The Speeches in Justin's Corpusculum Florum: The Selection and Manipulation of Trogus' Historiae Philippicae Luis Ballesteros Pastor 79

Part 2 Byzantium and the Middle Ages

5 A Word from the General: Ambrosianus B 119 sup. and Protreptic Speeches in Byzantine Military Manuals Immacolata Eramo 97

6 A Medieval Anthology: Juan Fernández de Heredia's Crónica Troyana María Sanz Julián 115

7 The Byzantine Influence: Heredia's Tucídides and the Contiones Thucydidis of Lapo da Castiglionchio Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido 136

8 Speeches, Letters, and Chronicle: Fernando de Pulgar's Anthology in ms. 9-5173 Real Acidemia de la Historia, Madrid Teresa Jiménez Calvente 154

Part 3 Early Modern Age

9 Prefaces in Anthologies of Contiones Joaquín Villaiba Álvarez 173

10 Remigio Nannini's Orationi Militari Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido 194

11 Henri II Estienne's Conciones siue orationes ex Graecis Latinisque historicis excerptae M. Violeta Pérez Custodio 213

12 François de Belleforest's Harangues militaires Victoria Pineda 238

13 Mekhior Junius: Anthologies of Historiographical Speeches in the Teaching of Rhetoric David Carmona 261

14 L'utslità che si caua d'un libro: The Culture of Compendia and the Reading of Contemporary Italian Warfare in Nannini's Orationi militari Carmen Peraita 285

15 Modern History in Nannini's and Belleforest's Anthologies Xavier Tubau 300

16 Oratory and Political Debate in the Last Decades of the Roman Republic: Cassius Dio's Reconstruction (with Some Notes from Remigio Nannini's Orationi Militari) Ida Gilda Mastrorosa 319

17 A Humanist History in the Italian Vernacular: The Speeches in Machiavelli's Florentine Histories Robert D. Black 339

18 The Trésor des livres d'Amadis as an Anthology of Speeches Florence Serrano 356

19 From Italy to Europe: Seventeenth Century Collections of Orationes Fictae Valentino Nider 378

Appendix: Contiones. Printed Anthologies of Speeches (1473-1699) Juan Carlos Iglesias-Zoido Victoria Pineda 401

Bibliography 456

Index of Names 520

Index of Subjects 538

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