Anthropological Theory: An Introductory History

Anthropological Theory: An Introductory History

Hardcover(Sixth Edition)

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The sixth edition of this market-leading introduction to anthropological theory offers 43 seminal essays from 1860 through the present day. Accessible introductions and commentary provide necessary background information and historical context of each article. This edition features a new timeline, recommended additional readings, and six new essays.

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ISBN-13: 9781442257016
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 07/29/2016
Edition description: Sixth Edition
Pages: 784
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 10.22(h) x 1.33(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

R. Jon McGee is professor of anthropology at Texas State University. He is author or editor of numerous books, including Watching Lacandan Maya Lives, Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology: An Encyclopedia (edited with Richard L. Warms), and Sacred Realms: Readings in the Anthropology of Religion (co-edited with Warms and James Garber), now in its second edition.

Richard L. Warms is professor of anthropology at Texas State University. In addition to his books with McGee, he has co-authored (with Serena Nanda) the best-selling textbooks Cultural Anthropology, now in its eleventh edition, and Culture Counts, now in its third edition.

Table of Contents

* indicates new to the sixth edition

Part I: Historical Foundations of Anthropological Theory
Nineteenth-Century Evolutionism
1. Herbert Spencer: The Social Organism (1860)
2. Sir Edward Burnett Tylor: The Science of Culture (1871)
3. Lewis Henry Morgan: Ethnical Periods (1877)
4. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: Feuerbach: Opposition of the Materialist and Idealist Outlook (1846)
The Foundations of Sociological Thought
5. Émile Durkheim: What Is a Social Fact? (1895)
6. Marcel Mauss: Excerpts from The Gift (1925)
7. Max Weber: Class, Status, Party (1922)

Part II: Culture Theory in the Early Twentieth Century
The Boasians
8. Franz Boas: The Methods of Ethnology (1920)
*9. A. L. Kroeber: On the Principle of Order in Civilization as Exemplified by Changes of Fashion
*10. Ruth Benedict: The Science Of Custom: The Bearing of Anthropology on Contemporary Thought (1929)
11. Margaret Mead: Introduction to Coming of Age in Samoa (1928)
12. Benjamin L. Whorf: The Relation of Habitual Thought and Behavior to Language (1941)
13. Bronislaw Malinowski: The Essentials of the Kula (1922)
14. A.R. Radcliffe-Brown: On Joking Relationships (1940)
15. Max Gluckman: The Licence in Ritual (1956)

Part III: Theory At Mid-Century
The Reemergence of Evolutionary Thought
16. Leslie White: Energy and the Evolution of Culture (1943)
17. Julian Steward: The Patrilineal Band (1955)
18. Morton H. Fried: On the Evolution of Social Stratification and the State (1960)
19. Marvin Harris: The Cultural Ecology of India's Sacred Cattle (1966)
20. Eric Wolf: Peasantry and Its Problems (1966)
Structure, Language, and Cognition
21. Claude Lévi-Strauss: Four Winnebago Myths: A Structural Sketch (1960)
22. Harold C. Conklin: Hanunóo Color Categories (1955)
*23. Eugene Hunn: The Tenejapa Tzeltal Version of the Animal Kingdom (1975)

Part IV: Late Twentieth Century Developments
Sociobiology and Behavioral Ecology
24. Edward O. Wilson: The Morality of the Gene (1975)
25. Rebecca Bliege Bird, Eric Alden Smith, and Douglas W. Bird: The Hunting Handicap: Costly Signaling in Human Foraging Strategies (2001)
Feminist Anthropology
26. Sally Slocum: Woman the Gatherer: Male Bias in Anthropology (1975)
27. Eleanor Leacock: Interpreting the Origins of Gender Inequality: Conceptual and Historical Problems (1983)
Symbolic and Interpretive Anthropology
28. Mary Douglas: External Boundaries (1966)
29. Victor Turner: Symbols in Ndembu Ritual (1967)
30. Clifford Geertz: Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight (1972)
Background to Postmodernism
31. Pierre Bourdieu: Structures, Habitus, Practices (1980)
32. Michel Foucault: The Incitement to Discourse (1976)
33. Renato Rosaldo: Grief and a Headhunters Rage (1989)
34. Allan Hanson: The Making of the Maori: Cultural Invention and Its Logic (1989)

Part V: Trends in Contemporary Anthropology
35. Lila Abu-Lughod: A Tale of Two Pregnancies (1995)
36. David Valentine: ‘I Went to Bed with My Own Kind Once’: The Erasure of Desire in the Name of Identity (2003)
*37. HollyWardlow: Anger, Economy, and Female Agency: Problematizing "Prostitution" and "Sex Work" among the Huli of Papua New Guinea (2004)
38. Arjun Appadurai: Disjuncture and the Difference in the Global Cultural Economy (1990)
39. Theodore Bestor: Kaiten-Zushi and Konbini: Japanese Food Culture in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (2006)
*40. Jonathan Friedman and Kajsa Ekholm Friedman: Globalization as a Discourse of Hegemonic Crisis: A Global Systemic Analysis (2013)
Agency and Structure
41. Philippe Bourgois: From Jíbaro to Crack Dealer: Confronting the Restructuring of Capitalism in El Barrio (1995)
*42. Sherry Ortner: Power and Projects: Reflections on Agency (2006)
*43. Ruth Gomberg Muñoz: Willing to Work: Agency and Vulnerability in an Undocumented Immigrant Network (2010)

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