Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World

Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World

by Sigrid Faath (Editor)




Anti-Americanism is a far from homogenous phenomenon, even in the Islamic world, where the press would sometimes want to convince us that a near-unanimous hostility to the United States exists. This book, by dint of on-the-ground research into Muslim views of the "Great Satan", shows that far more sophisticated explanations are called for. Traditional respect for America's role in the world remains strong in several countries,

while in others deep antagonism remains. The key determinant of the latter is US foreign policy. The contributions to this book range widely over the underlying causes, manifestations and recent development of anti-Americanism in the Middle East, the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Among the topics discussed are the historical antecedents of fear or hatred of America, the cultural and economic aspirations that bind many Muslims to the American model despite entrenched prejudices and official

attitudes, and the diversity of opinion on the costs and benefits of emulating the American way of life. From this comprehensive account it emerges that the tide of opinion does not flow in a single direction, and there are many opportunities for mutual respect and understanding to grow between the United States and some of its more vocal critics.

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Publication date: 07/28/2006
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The Contributors

Introduction: The Problematic Topic of Anti-Americanism—Sigrid Faath


The Maghreb States: Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco—Hanspeter Mattes

Egypt—Ahmed Abdallah

Sudan—Albrecht Hofheinz

Saudi Arabia—Guido Steinberg

The Arabian Gulf States—Christian Koch

Yemen—Frank M�nzner

Iraq before the Fall of Saddam Hussein—Henner F�rtig

Jordan, Lebanon, Syria—Ulrich Vogt

Iran—Wilfried Buchta

Pakistan—Dietrich Reetz

Sub-Saharan Africa—R�diger Seesemann

Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia)—Andreas Ufen

Conclusion and Outlook: Between Anti-Americanism, Criticism of America and Americanism—Sigrid Faath and Hanspeter Mattes



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