Anti Inflammatory: Best Inflammation Cures: 4 in 1 book

Anti Inflammatory: Best Inflammation Cures: 4 in 1 book

by Beran Parry


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This 4 in 1 Bundle contains:

Book 1 Getting Into the Anti-Inflammatory Paleo Keto Zone Diet

Book 2 500 Anti Inflammatory Recipes

Book 3 Fix Your Immunity

Book 4 The 10 Day Inflammation Reduction
In a world where millions of people suffer from an over-active inflammatory system, this book collection represents some of the best news to appear in decades. And this is far more than a gesture of hope. This is the practical and wholly natural approach to healing that flows from the intelligent application of smart nutrition. Welcome to the exciting world of healing an over-active immune sytem through natural food selection. This is immensely significant becausefar too many people are dependent on their prescription medications and the drugs that only suppress the symptoms and fail to address the underlying cause of the problem. The fact is that we live in a world of chemical and biological pollution, our foodstufs are highly processed and often contaminated, the air we breathe carries harmful substances and our bodies are protesting at this impossible burden of toxicity. The answer? It really couldn't be simpler. Change the way you eat. Eliminate the harmful and toxic substances. Cleanse your body. Re-balance your digestive system. Feel unblievably well! And the answer can be found in the food on the end of your fork.

This comprehensive four-book collection delivers everything you need to know about the practicalities of cleansing and re-balancing your body, turning down the inflammatory response and recovering your health at every level. The material has been carefully selected to give you the knowledge and the guidance to get you from a standing start to the nutritional super-highway of total health. Amongst a wealth of essential information and life-changing advice, you can learn how to:

Take control of your health needs by modifying your nutrition
Identify all the products that are harming your wellbeing
Spot the tel-tale signs of chemical additives
Break down your nutritional requirements into convenient and easily planned meals
Economise by preparing meals in advance
Switch on your fat burning metabolism and banish your belly fat forever
Cleanse your body at a cellular level and eliminate the harmful toxins
Use a powerful ten-day de-tox to free your body from accumulated poisons
Select the exact supplements tfor your body hat will accelerate your recovery
Add sublime variety to your diet with a flavour-rich assortment of super foods

This four-in-one book collection has been written and designed to bring your body into balance and eliminate the underlying causes of an over-active inflammatory response. The tools and methods have been thoroughly researched and explored and represent the latest developments in nutritional understanding. Harness the power of super-smart nutrition to free yourself from the burden and affliction of an over-active immune system. This may be one of the most moments in the development of natural healing techniques. Download your copy today to experience all the benfits of a naturally re-balanced and healthy body.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/22/2017
Pages: 826
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