Antigone (SparkNotes Literature Guide)

Antigone (SparkNotes Literature Guide)

by SparkNotes, Jean Anouilh

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ISBN-13: 9781411473959
Publisher: Spark
Publication date: 08/12/2014
Series: SparkNotes Literature Guide Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 737,499
File size: 165 KB

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Antigone (SparkNotes Literature Guide Series) 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&#9835 Name: Trisha &#9835 Age: 13 &#9835 Gender: Female &#9835 Looks: Raggy clothes, and tangled carmel surly hair. Brown eyes. &#9835 Persona: Since her parents died, a tomboy, but very shy and easy to hurt her feelings. &#9835 Theme Song: Breathe It In by Switchfoot &#9835 Family/History: Good question. Unknown./Making it. &#9835 Likes: Nice friends, teddy bears, and cutting herself. &#9835 Dislikes: Bullies, action figures, and trading cards &#9835 Anything else, well, there really isn't anything else. &#9835
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name : Zelda McRowell. <br> Age : Looks 6, but you should ask. <br> Gender : &female <br> Race : Scottish. <p> Appearance : <br> Hair : A long, wispy honey blond, very tangled and dirty. <br> Eyes : Bright cobalt, like a deer-in-headlights'. <br> Skin : Very pale, with a few scattered freckles. <br> Stature : 4'0" and about 42 lbs. <br> Apparel : Dirty mahogany dress, ratty Mary Janes, a cerulean ribbon. <p> 'Malformities' : Has anorexia. Is deaf in one ear. Hallucinates occasionally. <p> Family : <br> Scarlet Rowell Brannick, mother, former actress. <br> Status : Deceased. <br> Grant Frederick Rowell, father, physicist. <br> Status : Missing. <br> Thalia Opal McRowell, elder sister, former college student. <br> Status : Arrested for defacing government property. <p> History : After her mother died, and her sister was thrown in jail, Zelda was simply tossed out on the street by her father, who soon after disappeared. She finally wound up here, who knows how. <p> Name : Ms. Kyra Minh. <br> Age : 24 years old. <br> Gender : &female <br> Race : Korean and Mongolian. <p> Appearance : <br> Hair : A smooth, impeccably straight coal black, embellished with a single streak of indigo through her bangs. <br> Eyes : A small, warm almond-color, with hints of more toffee-like hues. <br> Skins : Olive, a slight tan. <br> Stature : Stands at about 6'5", and 138 lbs. <br> Apparel : Bright, vivid colors of T-shirts and dress pants. <p> Family : Does not know or honestly care. <p> History : That's personal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name :: Pepper (Peep) <br> Age :: 12 <br> Gender :: &female <br> Special :: She is actually just a normal girl. <br> Appearance :: <br> -Hair: Mousy brown, falling in gentle waves to her shoulders. <br> -Eyes: Deep chestnut brown, glowing like amber in the sunlight. <br> -Skin: Semi-tanned, a splash of freckles crossing the bridge of her nose and splaying across her cheeks. <br> -Build: Looks frail, but is a wild tomboy. She has a lean, willowy form. <br> Other :: She acts like she detests dresses, but she secretly loves them. She is often the ringleader of mischievous acts. <p> Name :: "Jingle" Daniel <br> Age :: 8 <br> Gender :: &male <br> Special :: He is a master of crafts and has a "very secret" secret. <br> Appearance :: <br> -Hair: Slicked back black, curling around his ears. A small curly sprig sticks to his forehead. <br> -Eyes: Strange, brilliant amber with copper flecks. <br> -Skin: Pretty tanned. . . <br> -Build: Medium form, kind of on the short size. <br> Other :: He is the strong, silent type. <p> Name :: Jagg <br> Age :: 6 <br> Gender :: &male <br> Special :: Besides the shapeshifting? Nothing, really. And his acute love for sailor hats. <br> Appearance :: <br> -Hair: Curly blonde <br> -Eyes: Brilliant sky blue, square-rimmed glasses on top. <br> -Skin: Semi-pale <br> -Build: Normal form and height. <br> Other :: He seems fierce, but is quite cuddily. <p> Name :: Ms. Jennifer Caldwell <br> Age :: 21 <br> Gender :: &female <br> Special :: Nothing. 'Cept a certain special schooling. . . *hides wand behind back* <br> Appearance :: <br> -Hair: Straight, light brown hair with copper strands. Often pulled up or braided. <br> -Eyes: Sharp mint green. <br> -Skin: Peachy <br> -Build: Athletic. . . <br> Other :: None.