by Bob Drake


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Release Date: 05/05/2017
Label: Rer Megacorp
UPC: 0752725038126
catalogNumber: 1


Disc 1

  1. Charge
  2. No Title
  3. Conductor
  4. Leach Field Coyote
  5. Dust Bowl
  6. Haunted Land
  7. Unlit Galaxies
  8. Outside Influences
  9. The Graveyard Variations
  10. The Unattended Funeral
  11. Shed, Cans
  12. The Glory
  13. Ends of Time
  14. Same Old Story
  15. Little Nameless Sonata

Disc 2

  1. They Live in the Well
  2. The Skull Mailbox
  3. The Tower
  4. Cellar of Madness
  5. The Box in the Orchard
  6. In the Tomb
  7. The Shocking Efflorescence
  8. Attar of Roses
  9. The Miraculous Reliquary
  10. The Wig Screamed Murder
  11. Fearsome Heads, Pt. 1
  12. Fearsome Heads, Pt. 2
  13. The Horrible Garden
  14. Some Accursed Things
  15. You Can't Outwit That Thing
  16. The Demented Statuary
  17. It
  18. The Unmentionable Inhabitant
  19. The Tragic Seance
  20. Something's Coming
  21. Calla Lily
  22. Spirit Drapery Veils the Hiatus
  23. The Hideous Portraits
  24. Spirit Drapery Reprise
  25. Crepuscular Vestibule
  26. You STILL Can't Outwit That Thing
  27. The Medium's House

Disc 3

  1. Chase
  2. Foam II
  3. Abandoned Thermal Establishment Blues
  4. Rtuuf
  5. Ten for a Dime
  6. Move the King
  7. In Case the Insulator Fails
  8. Griffin-or-an Erotic Dream
  9. Pechan and Willy
  10. Spicules
  11. Plinth Shriveller
  12. Building With Bones-or-a Thing
  13. And the Sun
  14. Foam I

Disc 4

  1. The Shunned Country: An Introduction
  2. Something Was Wrong Down There at the Graveyard
  3. Just Ask Mr. Smith
  4. Toolshed
  5. Bad Reputation
  6. Hand of Saint Anne
  7. The Megalith of Forgotten Purpose
  8. Rot of the Stars
  9. The Tunnels
  10. Nobody Knows What to Do
  11. House by the Swamp
  12. By Then It Was Much Too Late
  13. Ash Tree - First Movement
  14. Ash Tree - Second Movement
  15. A Certain Slab
  16. Profound Musings
  17. The Flopper
  18. Puppy
  19. They All Told Him Not to Plow That Certain Field
  20. Another Abandoned Farmhouse
  21. The Crumbling of the Monuments
  22. House in the Dreary Hills
  23. Yeah
  24. Song Made Whilst Awaiting a Summer Thunderstorm Which Never Arrived [In
  25. Ask Anybody Around There
  26. The Sun Slants Strangely
  27. The Cloud (Intro)
  28. The Cloud
  29. The Dynamistograph
  30. Miracle
  31. The Text on the Cover of Nandor Fodor's "Encyclopedia of Psychic Science"
  32. They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
  33. Bear
  34. Modest Listing of Some Haunted Places
  35. The Hounds
  36. It Has No Name
  37. October 22 1910, Paris
  38. Another Unusual Cloud
  39. Yet Another Unusual Cloud
  40. Treatise on the Natural History of the Animal Life of the Mississippi V
  41. The Cruncher in Semi-Darkness
  42. Notebook Found in Deserted Hotel
  43. Splishing
  44. The Persecuting Engine
  45. Lo, the Colour
  46. Limerick Composed in a Dream
  47. The Thing on the Roof
  48. November 18 19911, Paris
  49. Kaziah's Pet
  50. The Shunned Country Theme
  51. Your Visit to the Shunned Country
  52. The Shunned Country Coda-or-a Bit of Last Minute Advice

Disc 5

  1. Keep Light Away From This Product
  2. Recreational Guide to the Solar System for Humans
  3. Don't Ask a Cat
  4. Pardon My Varmint
  5. Sad and Indifferent Animals Wearing Scarve
  6. Lesser-Known Explorers of the Arctic
  7. Everybody Wants to Meet My Raccoon
  8. Earthquake Light
  9. Phantom Forerunner
  10. A Sunny Day in Nairobi
  11. Swimming Pool
  12. Gone Gone Gone
  13. Biting of Glory
  14. Some Advice About Zombis
  15. A Sunny Day in Nairobi
  16. Earthquake Light
  17. Don't Ask a Cat
  18. Lesser-Known Explorers of the Arctic
  19. Some Advice About Zombis
  20. Sad and Indifferent Animals Wearing Scarves
  21. Pardon My Varmint
  22. Everybody Wants to Meet My Raccoon
  23. Keep Light Away From This Product
  24. Recreational Guide to the Solar System for Humans
  25. Biting of Glory

Disc 6

  1. The Unused Announcements
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Untitled Song No. 1 From 2015
  4. Untitled Song No. 2 From 2015
  5. I Should Have Listened to You
  6. Pleasant Valley
  7. It Wasn't Meant to Be
  8. Badgered
  9. Trashcan of Love
  10. Someday
  11. Going Nowhere
  12. Post-Shunned
  13. Arx Pilosa All at Once

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bob Drake   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals,Noise,Glasses
David Campbell   Bass,Vocals
Fred Hess   Saxophone
Dave Kerman   Drums,Vocals
Maria Moran   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Chant
Mike Johnson   Acoustic Guitar
Anna Williams   Improvisation
Kavus Torabi   Guitar,Vocals
Doron Silashi   Trumpet
Mark Bradford   Organ
Geoffrey Landers   Noise,Glasses
Eveline Ketterings   Voices
Sharon Bradford   Percussion
Olivier Tejedor   Mellotron

Technical Credits

Dominic Frontiere   Composer
Chris Cutler   Layout
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer   Composer
Bob Drake   Arranger,Composer,Engineer,Instrumentation,Layout
E.M. Thomas   Cover Art,Cover Photo
Bruce Odland   Composer
Tim Schwartz   Layout
Steve Courtright   Composer
Nick Hvostik   Booklet Design,Cover Drawing
Ray O'Bannon   Paintings,Cover Painting
Tim Gadd   Composer
Mike Kazaleh   Cover Art
Caroline Foley   Drawing
Dick Verdult   Composer

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