Anxious Gardener

Anxious Gardener



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ISBN-13: 9780711226630
Publisher: Lincoln, Frances Limited
Publication date: 11/25/2007
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.37(w) x 8.07(h) x 0.76(d)

Table of Contents

Autumn: The anxious gardener...
Broods on window boxes     8
Fears for the future of her bulbs     11
Makes excuses     15
Repulses an invader     18
Discovers change is possible     22
Lives to regret mail order     25
Is perplexed by planting     28
Longs for the unobtainable     33
Struggles with a rose sucker     36
Needs space     39
Has doubts about mulching     41
Grows concerned about clematis     45
Spring: The anxious gardener...
Falls victim to violets     50
Gives up on grass     52
Manages parthenogenesis     56
Sows the seeds of desire     59
Has a stab at spring pruning     62
Searches for a solution to snails     65
Confronts repetition compulsion     68
Listens for applause     71
Is haunted by failures     74
Hesitates to cut back     77
Confronts unpredictability     79
Fears the void     82
Turns to natural born killers     85
Is unhappy with helianthemums     89
Procrastinates     92
Summer: The anxiousgardener...
Is overwhelmed by bindweed     96
Steers clear of variegated varieties     99
Suffers horticultural amnesia     102
Weeds in ignorance     105
Is led into temptation     108
Hungers for originality     111
Copes with the collapse of a sidalcea     114
Abandons hope     118
Pursues the perfect rose     121
Dreads seeming dated     125
Is allergic to yellow     128
Wants to be ecologically sound     131
Takes against pinching out     134
Insists on monogamy     137
Takes up arms against a sea of climbers     10
Accepts ageing unwillingly     142
Dislikes July     145
Has a moment of optimism     148
Fails to leave well alone     151
Encounters envy     154
Gets depressed     156
Acknowledgments     160

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