AP Environmental Science Crash Course Book + Online

AP Environmental Science Crash Course Book + Online

by Gayle Evans


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ISBN-13: 9780738609317
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 10/17/2011
Series: Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course
Edition description: First
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 224,747
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 16 - 18 Years

About the Author

Gayle Evans has a reputation among her students for her enthusiasm and passion for teaching about the environment. In the course of her career at Gainesville High School, in Gainesville, Florida, she has taught nearly every science course possible including AP® Environmental Science, AP® Biology, as well as Anatomy & Physiology and Physical Science.

Ms. Evans earned her B.A. in Biology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and her M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She is also National Board Certified in Biological Sciences.

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ABOUT THIS BOOKREA’s AP Environmental Science Crash Course is designed for the last-minute studier or any AP student who wants a quick refresher on the course. The Crash Course is based on the latest changes to the AP Environmental Science course curriculum and exam.Written by an expert who has been closely involved with the AP Environmental Science course since 2004, our easy-to-read format gives you a Crash Course in the major concepts and strategies in AP Environmental Science. The targeted review chapters will prepare you for the exam by focusing on important topics frequently seen on the AP Environmental Science exam.Unlike other test preps, REA’s AP Environmental Science Crash Course gives you a review specifically designed to zero in on the “big ideas” tested on the exam. Each chapter highlights the important themes and terms to keep in mind as you prepare.Part I gives you the Keys for Success, so you can tackle the exam with confidence. It also gives you a review of basic math and science concepts as well as some key terms that you absolutely, positively must know. Part II presents essential information about Life on Earth from geological concepts, organisms, and atmospheric conditions.Part III discusses how humans use and change the Earth—from pollution to energy resources to species extinction—the author concentrates on what you need to know for the exam.When you’re ready to prepare for the exam, REA’s AP Environmental Science Crash Course will show you how to study efficiently and strategically, so you can boost your score!To check your test readiness for the AP Environmental Science exam, either before or after studying this Crash Course, take our FREE online practice exam. To access your free practice exam, visit www.rea.com/crashcourse and follow the on-screen instructions. This true-to-format test features automatic scoring of the multiple-choice questions and detailed explanations of all answers. Our diagnostic analysis will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll be ready on exam day!
Good luck on your AP Environmental Science exam!

Table of Contents

About This Book
About Our Author
Chapter 1: Keys for Success on the AP Environmental Science Exam
Chapter 2: Basic Science and Math Concepts
Chapter 3: Key Terms
Chapter 4: Geology Concepts
Chapter 5: Air and Water
Chapter 6: Interactions of Matter (Soils and Cycles)
Chapter 7: How Life Is Organized
Chapter 8: You are What You Eat (Literally!)
Chapter 9: The Only Constant Is Change
Chapter 10: Human Population Dynamics
Chapter 11: How We Share Earth’s Natural Resources
Chapter 12: Feeding Earth’s People
Chapter 13: Providing for Material Needs: Forestry and Mining
Chapter 14: Managing Our Public and Private Lands
Chapter 15: Energy Basics
Chapter 16: Nonrenewable Energy Resources
Chapter 17: Renewable and Perpetual Energy Resources
Chapter 18: Environmental Toxicology and Pollution
Chapter 19: How Human Activities Affect the Atmosphere
Chapter 20: How Human Activities Affect Earth’s Water
Chapter 21: Solid and Hazardous Waste
Chapter 22: Changes in Earth’s Climate
Chapter 23: Species Extinction and Loss of Biodiversity
Chapter 24: Relating Economics and Environmental Issues
Chapter 25: The Most Important Environmental Legislation
Chapter 26: Strategies for the Multiple-Choice Questions
Chapter 27: Strategies for the Free-Response Questions

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