AP Success: English Literature and Composition

AP Success: English Literature and Composition


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ISBN-13: 9780768912630
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 11/28/2003
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Quick Reference Guideviii
Table of Literary Worksix
Red Alert1
10 Strategies for Acing the Test1
10 Facts about the AP English Lit Test3
Scoring High on the AP English Lit Test6
Practice Plan for Studying for the AP English Lit Test10
The Panic Plan14
Suggested Reading16
Why Take the Diagnostic Test?21
Diagnostic Test23
Answer Sheet24
Section I25
Section II37
Question 137
Question 239
Question 341
Answers and Explanations42
Suggestions for Essay Question 151
Suggestions for Essay Question 252
Suggestions for Essay Question 353
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays55
Chapter 1About Answering Multiple-Choice Questions57
Practice Plan57
Basic Information about the Multiple-Choice Section58
Setting Priorities59
Attacking the Questions: Practical Advice61
Analyzing the Types of Questions61
Chapter 2Answering Multiple-Choice Questions about Prose64
Recommendations for Acing Prose Questions64
Sample Questions on Prose68
Answers and Explanations73
Practice Set 177
Multiple-Choice Questions77
Answers and Explanations79
Practice Set 282
Multiple-Choice Questions82
Answers and Explanations85
Practice Set 388
Multiple-Choice Questions88
Answers and Explanations92
Practice Set 495
Multiple-Choice Questions95
Answers and Explanations98
Chapter 3Answering Multiple-Choice Questions about Poetry101
Recommendations for Acing Poetry Questions101
Sample Questions on Poetry106
Answers and Explanations109
Practice Set 1112
Multiple-Choice Questions112
Answers and Explanations115
Practice Set 2117
Multiple-Choice Questions117
Answers and Explanations120
Practice Set 3122
Multiple-Choice Questions122
Answers and Explanations124
Practice Set 4126
Multiple-Choice Questions126
Answers and Explanations130
Chapter 4Writing a "9" Essay132
Practice Plan132
Basic Information about the Essay Section133
Good Writing134
Planning and Writing Each Essay: Practical Advice136
Chapter 5Writing a Free Response Essay on Prose137
What Will You Be Asked to Do?137
What Will You Need to Do?137
Reading the Material138
Writing the Essay about a Prose Selection139
Analyzing Prose140
Sample Essay on Prose142
Suggestions for Sample Essay on Prose144
Practice Essay 1147
Essay on Prose Selection147
Suggestions for Practice Essay 1149
Practice Essay 2150
Essay on Prose Selection150
Suggestions for Practice Essay 2152
Practice Essay 3153
Essay on Prose Selection153
Suggestions for Practice Essay 3155
Practice Essay 4157
Essay on Prose Selection157
Suggestions for Practice Essay 4158
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays160
Chapter 6Writing a Free Response Essay on Poetry163
Reading the Material163
Writing the Essay about A Poetry Selection164
Analyzing Poetry166
Sample Essay on Poetry168
Suggestions for Sample Essay169
Practice Essay 1172
Essay on Poetry Selection172
Suggestions for Practice Essay 1173
Practice Essay 2174
Essay on Poetry Selection174
Suggestions for Practice Essay 2175
Practice Essay 3176
Essay on Poetry Selection176
Suggestions for Practice Essay 3177
Practice Essay 4178
Essay on Poetry Selection178
Suggestions for Practice Essay 4179
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays182
Chapter 7Writing the Open Essay185
What Will You Be Asked To Do?185
Preparing for the Open Essay186
Evaluating Literature188
Sample Open Essay190
Suggestions for Sample Open Essay191
Practice Essay 1192
Open Essay192
Suggestions for Practice Essay 1193
Practice Essay 2194
Open Essay194
Suggestions for Practice Essay 2195
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays196
Chapter 8A Quick Review of Grammar et al198
Grammar for the Multiple-Choice Questions198
Some Practical Advice on Writing Your Essays200
Chapter 9A Quick Review of Literary Terms208
Free Response Worksheets217
Planning and Writing Your Free Response Essay: 10 Easy Steps217
Practice Essay 1--Prose218
Practice Essay 2--Prose222
Practice Essay 3--Prose226
Practice Essay 4--Prose230
Practice Essay 1--Poetry234
Practice Essay 2--Poetry238
Practice Essay 3--Poetry242
Practice Essay 4--Poetry246
Open Response Worksheets250
Planning and Writing Your Open Essay: 10 Easy Steps250
Practice Essay 1251
Practice Essay 2255
Practice Test 1259
Answer Sheet260
Section I261
Section II273
Question 1273
Question 2275
Question 3276
Answers and Explanations277
Suggestions for Essay Question 1286
Suggestions for Essay Question 2287
Suggestions for Essay Question 3288
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays289
Practice Test 2291
Answer Sheet292
Section I293
Section II304
Question 1304
Question 2305
Question 3307
Answers and Explanations308
Suggestions for Essay Question 1318
Suggestions for Essay Question 2318
Suggestions for Essay Question 3320
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays321
Practice Test 3323
Answer Sheet324
Section I325
Section II337
Question 1337
Question 2338
Question 3339
Answers and Explanations340
Suggestions for Essay Question 1350
Suggestions for Essay Question 2350
Suggestions for Essay Question 3351
Self-Evaluation Rubic for the Advanced Placement Essays353

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