Aphids: Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control

Aphids: Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control


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ISBN-13: 9780444426307
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 03/28/1987
Series: World Crop Pests Series
Pages: 450
Product dimensions: 8.66(w) x 11.42(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1. Morphology and Systematics. Morphology of aphids (M. Miyazaki). Forms and morphs of aphids (M. Miyazaki). Systematics (F.A. Ilharco, A. van Harten). 2. Anatomy and Physiology. Alimentary tract (M.B. Ponsen). Nutritional physiology (P.N. Srivastava). Symbionts (E.J. Houk). Nervous system (J. Hardie). Neurosecretory and endocrine systems (J. Hardie). Sensory system (M. Anderson, A.K. Bromley). 3. Reproduction, cytogenetics and development (R.L. Blackman). 4. Biology. Way of life of aphids: host specificity, speciation and distribution (A.F.G. Dixon). Host plant finding and acceptance (F.A. Klingauf). Feeding, adaptation and excretion (F.A. Klingauf). Polymorphism and morph determination (K. Kawada). Parthenogenetic reproduction and rate of increase in aphids (A.F.G. Dixon). Evolution and adaptive significance of cyclical parthenogenesis in aphids (A.F.G. Dixon). 5. Aphids and Their Environment. Dispersion and migration (Y. Robert). Seasonal development in aphids (A.F.G. Dixon). Feeding process of Aphidoidea in relation to effects on their food plants (P.W. Miles). Galling aphids (J.M.S. Forrest). Ant aphid mutualism (J.H. Sudd). 6. Evolution. Palaeontology and Phylogeny (O.E. Heie). Morphological structures and adaptations (O.E. Heie). Evolutionary estimation of taxa (G.Ch. Shaposhnikov). Evolution of aphids in relation to evolution of plants (G.Ch. Shaposhnikov). 7. Organization (structure) of population and species, and speciation (G.Ch. Shaposhnikov). Index.

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